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A 25+ Year Growing Veteran Exposes Top-Shelf Industry Secrets To Quickly And Easily Grow Your Own Killer Marijuana

Hey friend! My name is Ryan Riley. I poured my heart and SOUL into this book and I would never want you to buy anything from me that didn’t bring you great vibes and deep satisfaction.

That’s why I’m going to give you 30 days. If you decide to buy my guide and start growing your own killer herb – try it out for yourself. If you don’t like my book, contact me and send everything back – I’ll refund 100% of your money—no questions asked. That’s right. I’ll refund every single penny.

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That’s my no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee to you.

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Join the thousands of satisfied people who are learning to grow their own and become our next success story. You have absolutely nothing to lose, except that crappy-ass dealer. I look forward to your emails telling me of all the nugs you are getting!

You can return it all even if you don’t like the way I made a punctuation error on page 364. Honestly friend I am SO confident you will LOVE this program and get incredible results FAST. I’ve worked for over 5+ years honing this thing to perfection into what is literally the best system available on the subject available anywhere today. I just know that I have created an incredible adventure for you to embark on from the very first page.

The time to act is NOW. Join the thousands of satisfied people who are learning to grow their own, as what economists refer to as the ‘Green Rush’ rapidly approaches the planet…

There has never been a better time in history like right now to learn how to grow your own killer herb.

And remember…

Keep it GREEN, LOVING and full of LIGHT.


~Ryan Riley

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I knew at that moment I had to share my secret system with others. Distilled down and loaded with all the years of research, all of the books I’ve read, every grow documentary I’ve ever watched, article read, every interview with world-class marijuana growers, magazine back issues, phone calls and grow classes, personal painstaking practice, and all the failed attempts and growing mistakes I’ve learned along the years (the hard and expensive way!)

I created what would become known as the Ultimate Guide to growing your own green.

But did I just get lucky? Was this flawless perfect grow from seed to sensationally stoned in record time by mere luck? I tried to grow it again—I needed to know if this was pure luck or an actual insider secret that hundreds of people had never heard of.

Then I did it again.

And again.

And again.

I was pulling POUNDS of incredibly potent glistening marijuana and the smoke was sensational… the taste… record growth… I couldn’t believe it.

A flawless grow EVERY time. Problem free.

Everything Is Covered In This Extensive Growing System

This would be the ONLY guide to get someone from seed to smoke… The only guide that shaves 10-15 YEARS off your learning curve.

I decided to test it out.

I wanted to share it with others… after all, I needed to see if others could learn, and succeed in doing exactly what I had done.


I received HUNDREDS of calls from people – people who were seeing ounces of sticky, frosty sparkling new buds in record time. People who had NEVER planted a seed in their life, were suddenly growing eye-popping plants from the comfort of their own home.

I began to give local workshops and word got out. Pretty soon more and more people were doing it.

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CLICK the image to get immediate access to the full package of Marijuana Growing System by Ryan Riley. Full of industry Secrets and Free bonuses!

When everyone began calling me almost embarrassingly enthusiastic about their freshly grown eye-popping humongous buds I knew I had stumbled on something very profound.

I had a gift – I could shave YEARS off any marijuana growers learning curve and turn them from a total fumbling nervous newbie who had absolutely no idea where to begin to complete veteran pro marijuana grower with confidence virtually overnight.

I couldn’t keep these all of these dank buds to myself, I had to share what I was learning with other people. My calling from a very young age was to help the others who wanted to grow but didn’t have a lot of money to spend. People like you – fed up with the overpriced shit weed currently available.

Using my easy step-by-step system people wouldn’t have to afford 100+ technical “pieces” books, watch countless hours of DVDs, read how-to magazine back issues, grow journals, take cannabis college classes, etc in order to extract all of the crucial bits & pieces of growing information in a time consuming and expensive manner like I did.

Insider Secrets Of How To Grow Super Grass

The Fastest And Easiest Way To Success

I wanted to teach them how to easily grow some seriously awesome world-class elite marijuana, the easy, fun, and complete idiot proof way!

No stress, frustration, worries, or thousands of wasted dollars on failed germination seeds, ruined equipment, destroyed crops by mold, pests, or any other fatal expensive newbie growing mistakes.

So after 20 years of successfully growing for others, I’ve decided to bring this gift to the community of fellow aspiring world-class marijuana enthusiasts everywhere. I want to show you the ONLY guide that will take you from SEED to SMOKE, regardless of your previous experience. All one needs to do is sit down, follow my easy illustrated guide step-by-step, and then they cannot fail to grow their own very potent mouth-watering nug supply that sparkle & glisten with THC resin crystals from the very first try!

That’s right.

You don’t need years of experience. You don’t need to worry about the stress, aggravation or loss of wasted money on ruined crops, pests, damaged equipment or trash rip-off seeds…

The EASIEST, FASTEST Way To Grow Your Own Top-Shelf Bud

This guide has already helped thousands of people grow their own incredible, amazing, HIGHly potent marijuana to date.

BUT WAIT! If You Order Right Now,

I’ll Throw In These INSANE Bonuses…


Free Bonus #1

The Cannabis Care Manual

(A $34.95 value – NOW FREE)

weed plant problems

What happens when weird mold spores start forming on your precious bud plant? What if the dreaded spider mites decide to creep up and start feasting on and destroying your precious crop? What if spots start appearing on your leaves, or your marijuana plant becomes droopy? No worries, if your marijuana plant has a common problem then the Cannabis Care Manual will certainly solve it.

A complete emergency marijuana plant guide.

Inside You’ll Get…

Fully illustrated, high definition, close-up pictures of every single common pest and nutrient deficiency.

The Quick Marijuana Plant Problem Solver – a troubleshooting guide for rapidly solving ANY problem. Including symptoms & solutions and a complete remedy listing.

Deadly plant stress, the symptoms and exactly what to do about them if they occur, and how to prevent them so that they never afflict your precious herb garden.

Molds, fungi, diseases and more… complete prevention and effective treatment using chemical or organic controls so you get to sidestep the frustration and stress of these garden disasters so many aspiring growers experience on their first time grow.

And much, MUCH more…

Free Bonus #2

The Marijuana Growing Quick-Start Guide

(A $24.95 value – NOW FREE)

grow forums

This quick-start downloadable audio guide contains virtually everything you will need to know to begin growing your very own sparkling THC-rich potent heavy & sticky nugs – TONIGHT.

Inside You’ll Learn…

A complete step-by-step walkthrough of a 12-week marijuana grow – highlighting every key detail of the entire process.

Extremely effective strategies for amateurs to grow chronic bud, the first time they plant seeds, even if you know nothing about gardens or plants!

The secret tactic I use to get instant results with seeds.

How I was able to get dozens of plants to grow in just 30 days after using these secret tactics! (this is so simple once you learn it)

A complete plan for mastering every aspect of watering, lighting and maintaining your marijuana plants.

How you can literally grow your marijuana plants completely on autopilot.

and much more…

Free Bonus #3

The Stoner’s Cookbook

(A $34.95 value – NOW FREE)

how to make your own cannabutter

Have leftover skuff or shake after harvest? Don’t throw it away!!! The leaves or excess “waste” is PACKED with THC-rich resin! Take this nuclear material and use use it to cook in delicious recipes that will have all your friends raving

Awesome edibles made easy. Forget messy kitchens, long complicated recipes, or boring technical 3-hour “cannabis cook books” – featuring some of the most delicious, potent, and easy-to-make (many taking less than 5 minutes!) cannabis recipes available anywhere on the planet!

Get ready to experience some of the BEST foods in the world to eat when high.

Learning to make your very own dank edibles has never been made any easier – or more fun!

marijuana smoking recipes

Inside You’ll Get…

Over 57 delicious pot-specific pot-loaded munchies, for you to bake in minutes and enjoy!

Examples include:

-Hash Fudge
-Rich Chocolate
-Ryan’s Coma Cookies
-Weed Brownies
-Scooby Snacks
-Baked Turtle Cheesecake
-Rice Krispy Treats
-Triple Chocolate Smores Marijuana Pie
-Banana Bud Bread
-Cannacoffee Milkshakes
-Herbal Spaghetti
-Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

And soooo many more!

You’ll also receive your own guide to making your very own THC pills that you can take with you anywhere you go. (pg. 32)

THC drops. Learn how to make your own marijuana tinctures with ease! (pg. 10)

A secret, extremely potent, legendary cannabis recipe born in the heart of Japan that took over 27 years to master and perfect. This is not for the weak willed, it is literally the most potent way to consume and prepare marijuana on the planet in existence today and I am NOT exaggerating one bit. Users who have tried this have reported pulsating colorful lightshows, extreme euphoric spirtual awakeneings, and such unbelievable levels of blissful high that they have never imagined possible… that seemingly lasts forever… some feel knocked out for 8-10 hours on average. Seriously don’t try this, it might even be dangerous – I’ve included the complete step-by-step preparation instruction for reference and research purposes ONLY. (pg. 53).

Free Bonus #4

The Ultimate Strain Guide

(A $19.95 value – NOW FREE)

best marijuana grow book for beginners

Pineapple Punch?




The seed is the base of your grow.

This nearly-complete listing includes over 1000+ detailed descriptions of the most popular, as well as underground incredible marijuana strains on the planet.

You will know EXACTLY what to buy before you go out to waste your cash on bunk seeds.

Choosing from among the many awesome varieties of kickass modern-day marijuana to plant is one of the funnest things ever. It is truly the Golden Age to grow some unreal herb that delivers a divinely sensational smoke that will have your friends weeping tears of joy.

Thanks to generations of talented cannabis breeders, aspiring growers now have access to literally thousands of different seed varieties of incredibly tasting, deep dank smelling, eye popping big fruity buds to produce some of the world’s finest sensational Cannabis Cup winners.

Inside You’ll Discover…

The top 5 best known strains of marijuana in the ENTIRE WORLD.

(Here’s a sneak peak at #1): The first puff has your heart start racing and you immediately feel your eyes glaze over in pink, soon to be a very bright red. You taste kerosene at first, then chocolae and bubblegum on the exhale. The after-taste is that of exotic berries, of many types from around the world. One more small puff and you’ll be cruising for 5 hours. A total of 4 puffs and you’ll be Euphoric for 8-10 hours+ This strain has been to known to fetch $60+ per gram and holds an estimated THC level of 36%. Many actors are requesting this strain and are paying upwards of $60+/gram. They are saying it’s better than the “skinny drug” because the high is more Euphoric, lasts longer with no hangovers, allowing them to work the following day. Also, they are getting 10 times the doses from a single gram at half the cost of the “skinny drug”. When’s the last time you’ve heard of ten cannabis seeds costing $1000? The current King strain on the planet is…. (find out on right now pg. 3)

How to choose a top-grade strain — Includes comprehensive descriptions of Sativas, Indicas, Feminized, Cross Breeds, Indoor, Outdoor, Height, Potency, and Harvest Yield.

How to choose a reliable seed bank so you don’t get ripped off and lose $100 dollars dealing with sketchy companies.

My personal list of incredible strains – this is the list I almost didn’t want to share. Get the full marijuana seed bank reviews and comprehensive seedbank listings.

Over 1000+ full strain listings so you know just what to look for to give you the type of stone and taste you want in your fantasy bud.

Free Bonus #5

Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices

(A $12.95 value – FREE)

homemeade smoking devices

This awesome little do-it-yourself guide contains blueprints, ideas, and instructions for building over 114+ AWESOME pipes and bongs using simple household items. Some of the ideas you’ll get from this book will BLOW YOU AWAY! Featuring fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for making your own homemade smoking devices has never been any easier. Get ready to impress all your friends with these wicked little tokers that rip hardddd.

Inside You’ll Get…

Over 114+ AWESOME pipe and bongs ideas! Fully illustrated detailed step-by-step construction plans. Includes the Bamboo RIpper, Apple Pipes, Scent Hiding Steamrollers, The Chinese Waterfall Bong (The Gravity Bong and how-to use one!), The Trippy Acid Trip Bong, The Magical Lumberjack Pipe, Honey Bear Bong, and so much, much more.

Learn all about bongs including the design considerations, The Water Test, scraping your bong, homemade smoking device aesthetics, materials, safety, liquids, and more!

Blunt Rolling 101: Learn to roll like a pro. This fully illustrated, step-by-step guide shows you the secret technique to rolling Elite Blunts.

Build your own incredibly effective homemade vaporizers! Including complete illustrated step-by-step plans for the classic design and the famous Volcano.

Free Bonus #6

Ganja Etiquette

(A $19.95 value – FREE)

ganja girls smoking

Smoking is a great thing. It brings people together and helps them bond while they are in a “higher” state of consciousness. However, certain unspoken social rules do exist whenever people get together for a good old Ganja sesh.

If you suddenly find no one wants to smoke with you anymore, no worries –we’ll show you how it’s done. Oftentimes the faux pas of a newbie smoker can unknowingly ruin everyone else’s high. For all you know, you may even be the one doing these annoying things and you don’t even know!

If you want to be the go-to guy/girl for a pleasurable smoke, this guide is for you. After interviewing hundreds of regular everyday chill stoners & long-time smokers about their pet peeves and what truly makes an enjoyable social smoke – Ganja Etiquette was born.

Learn the 41 Unspoken Social Rules of Smoking, the things that EVERYONE hates in “that guy”– you know, the one who ruins everybody else’s high. If you smoke with others, you MUST know these!

Free Bonus #7

Deadly Marijuana Growing Mistakes

(A $29.95 value – FREE)

top growing mistakes marijuana

After teaching “newbies” how to grow their own dank for over 20+ years I began to notice the same patterns emerge. Time and time again these growers would all make the same disastrous growing mistakes!!

There’s nothing like spending weeks of your time, hard earned money, and patience only to accidentally make a mistake in the final weeks of harvest and ruin your entire crop with a horrible mould or fungus due to improperly dried & cured buds. Or how about the all-too-common newbie growing mistake of over watering. As more water is added, the cannabis plant will start to droop. To the first-time grower this looks as if the plant is actually being underwatered!

Newer growers will then keep watering their plant not knowing what’s going on – eventually killing it.

There are tons of these little deadly “mistakes” marijuana growers commonly make. Relax, I have created for you the ultimate solution via your instantly accessible downloadable audio guide.

Inside You’ll Learn…

Why 99% of beginner marijuana growers use the worst methods to grow their plants and how to avoid making the same mistakes!

Most new growers kill the first three batches of seeds because of poor watering and germination techniques during the first week! Listening to this audio guide guarantees you a smooth flawless effortless potent grow even if it’s your very first try.

How you can be guaranteed to never lose a single plant. Yes, it’s possible!

The #1 Growing Mistake in the world that almost all first-time growers make.

Most new growers lose $100s of dollars because they don’t buy proper seeds from the right growers!! Find out exactly what to do.

and much more…

Free Bonus #8

Marijuana Security Blackbook

(A $34.95 value – FREE)

marijuana privacy security

Getting caught isn’t an option. It can turn your whole life upside down overnight.

The last thing any grower wants is to get startled and awoken by hearing aggressive pounding on their door at 4 in the morning to find two certain mean men in suits with a special piece of paper in their hand giving them run of the place!

Learn these powerful and extremely effective methods to make sure your garden stays private, secret, safe, completely stealthy, and 100% Secure; so you NEVER get caught!

Inside You’ll Learn…

Grow room stealth. Learn the complete ins-&-outs of the art of growing stealthily undetected, both indoors and out.

All about thermal imaging technology. This intrusive hardware can see inside your home in seconds. Learn how to be 100% protected.

Learn from the pain of others – discover the top most common reasons and pitfalls most marijuana growers get caught… SO YOU DON’T.

Be prepared. Get all the legal facts, know your rights, and stay safe.

Learn how to purchase equipment, seeds & other goodies, online & offline; for maximum privacy, security, and total anonymity.

Electricity spiking, red-flags being sent up, and how you can easily avoid these and other hassles using the included powerful proven Marijuana Security Blackbook techniques so you can grow stress and worry free & be free to enjoy your new awesome smoke without being paranoid in any way shape or form.

And so much MUCH more…

Free Bonus #9

Exclusive 420 Membership Club Card

(A $34.95 value – FREE)

marijuana club card

By securing your copy of Growing Elite Marijuana today, you instantly become a lifetime member of This entitles you to FREE future updates on all products, bonuses, and any other goodies offered here – for life.

Currently this is the fourth version of Growing Elite Marijana. I’m serious when I said that I want this to be the #1 best resource for growing killer bud anywhere in existence today, and that is why I continually work to improve & update it.

Once you come on board, you’ll never need to go anywhere else – guaranteed. Whether updates are made in 6 months, a year, or even 20 years from now… it’s still free for you and you can access it at any time.

grow medical marijuana

I know what you’re thinking – that’s great Ryan, but how much is all this going to cost me? Well, previously I’ve sold this kit for over $275 retail. In fact, we’ve sold some of the bonus materials for almost that cost – but that’s not the cost you’re going to pay today.


You see, I want to help as many people as possible to grow– and that starts by making it 100% affordable for EVERYONE.

That’s why, as my special promotion to you, I’m going to lower the price to only $57!

That’s right, you’ll get my entire 100% comprehensive guide for LESS than 1-2 week’s cost of your bud supply.

But HURRY – This $249.95 NOW ONLY $57 Special Edition Is Being Made Available For A Limited-Time Only, And Subject To Change At Any Minute!!!

So get your complete guide to growing your own, absolutely incredible marijuana now for only $57 – before this offer is gone forever! Don’t forget, you’ll also get access to these incredible bonuses today too – but only while this promotion lasts.. then they’ll disappear too.

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how much weed

Ordering today gives you INSTANT ACCESS to the entire Growing Elite Marijuana Package! AND You’ll also receive your FREE Bonuses! You will be directed to a secure ordering page and will receive the entire program via instant download immediately afterwards.

- Download Marijuana E-Book + Get FREE Bonuses!

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“What Will It Look Like On My Statement?”

We’ve been around the block a few times. We get that a grower’s security and anonymity is concern number one. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to making your purchase as 100% anonymous, safe & secure as humanly possible!

It will look exactly like this:

“GEM, The Complete Bonus Package”… See the Screenshot below:

- Download Marijuana E-Book + Get FREE Bonuses!

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CLICK the image for instant downloading the full Marijuana Growing Bible + downloading e-books, audio-guides and other totally FREE bonuses!

My dream is to spread this incredible system to as many people as possible and spread the green healing herb all over the globe to those that truly need their VERY POTENT top shelf green medicine, but don’t want to go through the stress and confusion of going through the 10-year frustratingly difficult “newbie learning curve”.

I can’t keep this low price up on here for very much longer… Any minute I’m going to put it back to it’s original price of $249.95 USD.

So take action right now and reserve your exclusive Growing Elite Marijuana Special Edition today by clicking on the order now button!