What we smoke? The buds! Right and this is why we think about buds when trying to analyse the quality of future harvest of hopefully marvellous pot. We check buds, we apply actions to the buds, sharing photos of buds to friends, but wait… Where it starts from? Right! The roots!

angrybud20 169x300 - The Root Of All Goodangrybud4 169x300 - The Root Of All GoodAngrybud3 169x300 - The Root Of All Good

We often forget yet it is very logical that we must take care about roots all the time. And it may save you hundred potential dangers to the buds in future. Keep in mind that it is quite late to worry about the roots when your buds are already bad-looking. Start from the beginning: Roots are the reason for buds, and the buds mirror perfectly of what is happening to roots. Attention given to roots is always worthy.

Transparent Trichomes on a Leaf of Cannabis Plant