Growing a plant from a single seed is every time the magic and the magnificent moment. Seeds are the basis of the genetic storage, or genetic bank whatever you call it. And every seed is a unique piece of Universe, like every of us – an individual carrying individual properties. And every seed shall grow individually and shall be giving individual reactions on what kind of next agricultural knowledge you are going to apply to it.

Cannabis Very Healthy and Good Looking Clones. They Shall Grow to be First-class Marijuana in three months!

Here lies the problem with the seeds – you actually never know what is best for your ongoing plant: level of PH? type of fertilisers? You actually never know the plant and maybe too short of time to understand each of them that deeply. Imagine twenty pets or one hundred pets and every is a unique character, sometimes a naughty type of character.

Genetics and the Cloning like those perfect warriors in the Star Wars series

The Genetics Will Set You Free

Here we go how to solve this “problem”, and it is a problem. The answer is Genetics and the Cloning like those perfect warriors in the Star Wars series. All are perfect and no one unique. This is what happens when you grow your medical cannabis plant not from every unique seed but cloning a baby-plant from mother-plant every time, again and again. Same perfect level of Marijuana you shall get.

Marijuana Genetic Library is Essential

For a professional cannabis grower (and every of us is a professional as soon as medical agriculture and pot farming becomes your best hobby, consumes your time and gives you tons of discoveries) it is essential to have a genetic library, or genetic bank, whatever name you like for it. This shall solve the other essential problems like which temperature fits the best, what kind of light and soil and fertilisers shall affect the best number of trichomes – now having cloning you have plenty of time to discover the best recipes to grow that mentioned ‘perfect warrior’.