Buen Dia Happy Frog - Angrybud.com Official Cannabis Wallpaper HD

Yes. Finally. We have moved and restarted. The website is under new management since mid 2017. And the good news is that the website stays private and independent as far as the latter is possible in XXI century. We are happy to express a strong intention to drive this website to be great again, and we proudly share:

A Gift

To all our followers, newbies and newcomers, to all and every of random visitor and hard-core professional growers! Behold this marvellous work of art, a hi-definition marijuana wallpaper, free to use for a private purposes, which may be simply enjoyed or even set it as a wallpaper (we hope you choose the latter as we strongly believe the image is very nice). It is up there in full resolution, just ‘Save as’ it or click to enlarge.

And the original photo was

The green angry bud of buen-Dia new cannabis strain & a plastic frog on a baby thermometer

We confess that the artistic transformation happened of course after ‘you know what’, the name of ‘you know what’ was Buen Dia, a very new and a highly scientific product with a nicely blended smell of tangerine and a little bit of blueberry, and this is also the beginning and a new life of this proud & glorious website!!

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