Nasty Girl Eating Happy Pizza in Seam Reap in Cambodia
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It’s not well-spread information, and it even surprises us, that the weed is virtually legal in Cambodia. Technically speaking even in Amsterdam it is not legal to possess and consume, but imagine that in Cambodia it is more-or-less allowed to cultivate in a household a reasonable amount to use marijuana as a spice for cooking traditional food. So it is used, and this is the way how they offer the product to tourists without a hide.

It Is Called Happy Pizza

It’s not easy to find all of the legal information while the official sources are in their language only, and some media sources state quite contradictorily to each other. Just do not let yourself to forget that the country is foreign to you, and like any country of the world it have its own issues. But it is so easy to forget everything in such a friendly place: We have tried once a happy pizza in Hospital Avenue in Seam Reap (a small touristic town in Cambodia by the border with Thailand), and it is an UNBELIEVABLE experience especially in the reality of Southeast Asia

Happy Herb Pizza in Seam Reap in Cambodia, infused with Cannabis flowers
Happy Special Pizza in Seam Reap (Cambodia) is a highly recommended restaurant in blogs. We’ve tried one, and we’ve felt ourselves higher than heaven! Unbelievable in the reality of Southeast Asia

They serve pizza stuffed with cannabis leaves and flowers, they bring it to you with generously dominating green colour. The digestion is slowing down the effect dramatically, and the weed that they use grows damn rich under the Cambodian Sun, and it is not exactly “cultivated” by the Western meaning. In other words: Pretty wild… pretty wild… Some people in blogs and forums even suspect that the pizza-cookers add a small bit of opiates at times and this is “virtually legal” too for traditional cooking and cultural and/or religious ceremonies.

Seam Reap is a new hotspot for Marijuana tourists is becoming popular and is likely to grow one day to be a New Amsterdam of Asia

Well. It was a very cool experience anyway! No regret! And no doubt!

Happy Elephants

Imagine: They Even Offer Happy Hours For Happy Pizza! Isn't it cool?
Only imagine that: They even offer Happy Hours for the Happy Pizza.

The touristic places of Phnom Penh, the capital of the country (not the best one to spend holidays), and Seam Reap, which is way much better, a small touristic town next to Thailand border where the Angkor Watt lies in jungle, streets are flooded with pizza snack-bars and restaurants which serve the “happy pizza”: Happy Angkor, Happy Elephant, Happy this and Happy that. Quite well-represented in the online maps too.

Use “Happy” As A Keyword When Ordering

For expressing your intention clearly to restaurant’s staff you may openly use the wording “happy” while ordering, in any way you wish, they really understand why you are there. Something like “make it happy”, and they understand it perfectly! Otherwise they bring a regular pizza, which is also legal in Cambodia 😉

Seam Reap is a New Hotspot for Marijuana tourists is becoming popular and is likely to grow to be one day a New Amsterdam of Asia
Seam Reap is a new hotspot for Marijuana tourists is becoming popular and is likely to grow one day to be a New Amsterdam of Asia. Image is a courtesy of Happy Special Pizza’s website (Seam Reap)