Marijuana Autoflowering Feminized seeds, or autofems, make the beginner grower life much easier with his (or her) first ever harvest. Many use it for sake of laziness though...
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There are few theories how the autoflowering feminized seeds have appeared to the world, but an army of home weed growers nowadays thankfully prefer such a solution the totally automatic process and the easiest growing solution which only the autoflowering seeds and specifically the feminized ones can offer. By that you get everything from growing weed by yourself yet not diving too deep into agricultural knowledge on professional level.

What are Feminized Seeds

These seeds produce exclusively female-plants only which makes the full marijuana cultivation process much easier. Feminized seeds are scientifically developed resulting from numerous breeding cycles, practically each time you want them but not once and forever. This may also mean that they never occur naturally, and they are relatively expensive. For us, for end-consumers, for the amateur home growers — one headache less after all, why not pay a tip for that.

These are ‘feminized seeds’ below:

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What is Autoflowering

The best solution for the beginner grower’s take-off is the autoflowering cannabis seeds. It’s said these autoflowering strains inherit some features of cannabis ruderalis (the latter is most probably originating from Chuy Valley in Kazakhstan), and by that they are able to switch to flowering automatically with age opposed to ‘flowering with the light cycle’, this is when the lightning hours change. You can purchase some the most comprehensive Growing Bible to know everything about growing weed… Anyway, using autoflowering marijuana seeds for yourself you’re totally free of the light-regime issue, neither read about nor do anything about it, while the buds are growing full of rosin at the same exact time, because the female-plant turns its energy into producing flowers not seeds.

Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

‘Autofem’ is short from both together: autoflowering and feminized. These ones include both traits simultaneously— being all females all the time while you’re growing your stock of weed out from them, and they all start flowering automatically with the age of a plant, but not light cycles (and giving you a shorter from-seed-to-weed overall cycle, by the way).

These are ‘autofems’ below:

Autofems - these are both feminized and autoflowering seeds, the best and the easiest solution to grow weed at home
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The easiest way, yet efficient. 7 (seven) days only and it’s done! Right in the privacy of your home there shall be pounds of the dankest bud, with a zero skill-level at the very beginning. Easy, eh? Imagine now? Just do not forget to check the legality before doing so, and as soon as it is all ok, consider to have a proper weed grow book

The price of autofem seeds perfectly reflects the benefits they give

The ‘autofems’ suggest the conditions idyllic enough for those who only start the weed-growing, or for those who simply feel lazy about learning marijuana cultivation science too far. And of course we pay a small extra to enjoy this highly technological scientific miracle (like we always do to the scientific miracles of all kinds).

Well, compare cannabis seeds prices by this link

And it’s too early to reject such a price yet

Count that you will need less pots to isolate females, you can start from big pots even skipping small pots part at all, and less space is required too, and of course less stress you get from your small beginner’s faults here and there, and maybe more important that you are seriously increase the chance to HAVE the harvest as soon as this is one of your first tries. Think that using the auto-flowering feminized seeds can be quite a price-effective way and by some means more pleasurable in the end of the day.

– With the limited growing space (like a balcony, or a closet, or even a small backyard) you have no rush on separating female and male plants from each other, and that shall mean one growing space, and less attention needed to this ‘problem’ you shall gain too; Right because they are all females by definition and this precisely what you pay for when buying the seeds which are feminized;

– Besides, the great deal is that in general autoflowering-feminized seeds take less to progress full way to become a smokable weed. Say, 7-8 weeks like with Early Miss Cannabis Strain instead of regular 10-12 is a significant benefit while growing weed in home just for yourself;

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