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Happy Hippie Got A Joint

When To Cut A Bud

When to cut the potent buds from the cannabis plant grown with so much love. And the most popular and classic recommendation: When the approximately half of the trichomes change to amber (orange) colour....
Marijuana Clones in the Genetic Bank

The Importance Of Medical Marijuana Genetic Library

Growing a plant from a single seed is every time the magic and the magnificent moment. Seeds are the basis of the genetic storage, or genetic bank whatever you call it. And every seed...
Marijuana harvest is being dried

Uruguay To Accelerate Its Inclusion Into Cannabis Industry

It is no longer the delirium of a good-natured president, the romantic and obsolete opinions against the regulation of the cannabis industry in Uruguay have been left behind. The regularisation of cannabis is an...
Roots are the reason for buds, and the buds mirror perfectly of what is happening to roots.

The Root Of All Good

What we smoke? The buds. And this is why we think about buds when trying to analyse the quality of future harvest of (hopefully) marvellous pot. We check buds, we apply actions to the...
Mould Spotted On Marijuana Bud

How To Dry Marijuana Buds Guide

You know how to grow and you're sure you are good at it. Then you grow a nice clone-plant of nice sativa family full of positive genetics from the proper mother, containing proper number...