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Car Rush The Goose Game

Hello there! Do you love games and do you love marijuana? Indeed, these two form together the biggest PASSION of my life! I play games all the time, years and years. My first computer was in 1992 and my first marijuana-joint was in 1995… That was a wonderful time of Warcraft II and Tomb Raider (damn! she was beautiful!!)… And then the Total War series entered this world (thank you, SEGA!!) and suddenly I realised: Gaming is my life. I think I’ll never stop.

1. The Goose Game

No-no-no, it is not just another stupid goose. It’s cool! Try it… and here is a hint for smartphones: toggle the full screen button inside the game, and turn the screen to landscape for the best experience. No download required, now ads, play it.
Stoney Games - GOOSE GAME - based on Ancient Egypt's SENET for smartphones one of two oldest games ever discovered and known to man by far

Stoney Games - SENET

This is how humanity started to play, based on SENET, discovered by scientists in the Ancient Egyptian Tomb, one of the oldest-ever games, dated 3100 B.C.

I am a gaming professional now, I delivered games to millions of people. And I’ll be honest with you: I hate candy-smashy rubbish flooding the smartphones, they do not even much appear to be a game by definition. I do not think advertising should ever corrupt the Sacred Virtual World of a Gamer. And there are no thousands of online games under one roof. I’ve just once discovered few nice titles, they were so beautiful and engaging and this made me thinking: “Hey! It’s a stoney games conception” 😉

2. Car Rush

A sunny day, a yellow cabriolet and a hot sexy blond next to you… What else to wish? High speed adventure! Fancy graphics! Do not drive when stoned, but taste this speedy game instead… do not forget to toggle the in-game full screen button if using smartphone for the best performance. No download, no ads, just play it.

Yellow Cabriolet and a Hot Sexy Blond sitting next to you - taste this fancy speedy CAR RUSH game for mobiles
Stoney Games - SENET
Enjoy our stoney games collection, come back and play again. They are all free and require no downloads and no annoying ads, nothing may ever ruin your gaming entertainment. You get everything in in full for your personal joy free of charge and for a better trip of course 😉

Internet-data charges may apply as usually everywhere with online games. But then after the first use the core shall cache itself, and the next launches shall flow really fast with less data consumption. They are about measly few tens of megabytes each.

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