Space Game Asteroids – Classic Stoner Gameplay for Android

Asteroids Power Shooter game is the fast and the furious retro gameplay from the early era of gaming of 80s in a new cartoon style - this time for the android games
This is a new cool cartoon version of the famous, the bravest retro-style Asteroids game for your android. It is so Fast and Furious and Mad! it is surely one of the best Stoner’s gameplay and one of the biggest fun idea coming from the very early Era of Gaming: now we know how to spend an hour or two shooting, shooting, shooting in this fancy cartoon Galaxy Star War!

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Hey? Does Asteroids count as a Weed Game?

– Yes, of course it counts! How many hours have I spend in such things, being so mad for gaming all life through – this gameplay, folks, is one of the most engaging and most involving. Remember the Star Dust for PS3? Maan, this happened to be too much for me, all levels all difficulties and the sleepless nights, baking, baking and shooting, shooting all those God damn asteroids and the freakiest aliens. Wanna one in your pocket now? And you’ll love the thing, man, have a copy, you’ll enjoy.

Asteroids Space Game for Android shows the Stoner's Gameplay from retro gaming Era of 80s!

Yes you see it right, we have given the names to some of the spaceships to honour the marijuana strains and by that to contribute a little to the Rastafarian culture and to all the ever green marijuana market too. We can put your brandname into the game if you wish – feel free to use our contact details below in this page to talk about it.

Anyway the Asteroids game is all about aliens and star wars and just my stoner’s heart find it way to funny, and this is certainly one of the best android games ever the humans have created by far.

Asteroids Space Game for Android is the cool implementation of a stoner gameplay which may count as a weed game - yeah!
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