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Asteroids Cannabis Game
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Chef420 Cannabis Stoner's Cookbook App
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Loderunner ZX spectrum html5 javascript game

Stoner’s games, stoner’s apps, and marijuana recipes in the edible stoner’s cookbook app.

Get the Stoner’s Cookbook app: Chef 420’s edible recipes and marijuana cooking tutorials+ free download

Recipes from marijuana edible professional chef, the app works offline. A fast, easy, beautiful everyday cooking app (as long if you cook some infused candy edibles everyday)

Stoner's Cookbook download without pdf reader

Get Cookbook from Play Store

Cannabutter, cannabis oils, step by step tutorials and professionals tricks. Comprehensive: cannabis infused candies, cbd gummies, thc gummies, marijuana gingerbreadmen, thc-infused cheesecakes and the whole variety of brownies, all in one cooking edible app. Free download handy collection for marijuana cooking at home

Loderunner HTML5 webgame version + 150 levels of the retro console game experience (NB: requires keyboard)

HTML5 javascript version of the Lode Runner console game is certainly a gem in this stoner’s  game collection. That’s the HIGHest stoner’s game, the true oldschool (or should I say ‘retro’) game experience. This version of the game fits for desktop/laptop, any browser, and does not (yet) work best for smartphones: because you need a keyboard.

Try it, it’s from the golden era of games:

Loderunner javascript webgame

Click to Play Loderunner Online

Loderunner game, originally created for Apple II in 1983, and then for every next console of the golden age of gaming: NES, Amiga, Atari, SEGA, Playstation, Windows, ZX Spectrum, etc, etc, and now loderunner is a Javascript webgame. God only knows how many people devoted endless hours to make it thru 150 levels of the Loadrunner – the best retro game.

Flying Croc free app download + by stoners for stoners: totally MAD weed fantasy, Handcrafted pixelart, Dope soundtrack

This game is the marijuana fantasy for Android smartphones, loaded with pixelart fantasy creatures: the flying croc, and the brazilian toucan, and the green plum fairy. Beautiful work of art, one click quasi dynamic gameplay, and the reaxation stoner’s soundtrack

flyingcroc cannabis game for android

Download from Play Store Download .apk file

The downloadable apk file is here, outdated but should work: (apk file) totally safe, no worry, the worst thing may happen the app not working, but it should.

Goose Game is a trip, and the true stoner’s boardgame. Try it for yourself or for a company

Not another stupid goose but the mind-blowing funtime for stoners. The online game with no download required, as soon as you have a connection, make a bookmark to play it in company when next time bake with friends. The sounds are dope, and the gameplay may hook for long, hit on the image to have a closer look.

Goose Game Cannabis Board Game Online

Play Online

This is the goose game featuring a very stoner’s gameplay, proven in time, the oldest ever game type deriving from Senet of the Ancient Egypt: it’s 3100 B.C. So good and so old. For an offline reach an android beta is here: download Goose Game apk

Classic Asteroids game and the perfect stoner’s timekiller, mobile optimized, HIGHlighting the HIGHly dynamic one touch easy control

Crash All Asteroids Android Stoner's Space Game

Download from Play Store

This is the perfect stoner’s time-killer, the Space game. Classic asteroids gameplay ready for android, fast working 3D game scifi 3D graphics, one touch controls. Space Shooter HIGHlights the beautiful visual effects, big bangs and explosions, classic gameplay. Small in size app, quick download, fast performance, perfect fit for any android phone. Dope!

Car Rush Racing Retro. It’s a Car-R-R-R! the best retro racer, for heart and soul the classic videogame is here to play online

A sunny day in a yellow sport car with a hot sexy blond on the passenger seat. What else? The HIGH-end HIGH-speed adventure, retro gameplay is now the browser online game. No download required, play it online from this page, click on the image.

Retro Racer Cannabis Game

Play Online

If internet is slow, you will wait a minute or two to start the online game, like the Car-R-R-R or the Goose, they are well optimized, small in size and worthy. We are stoners we do for stoners.

Wait… wait… what else interesting you can find here?

Taste the weed fine-art wallpapers, exclusive on this website, the real artist got really baked! Free, HD+ & Beautiful. Enjoy’em all, get’em all, taste’em all, by the link: Wallpapers

download free marijuana wallpaper Hydroponic Farm Girl download free marijuana wallpaper Happy Pizza Cannabis Girl download free marijuana wallpaper Cannabutter King download free marijuana wallpaper Cannabis Fantasy Girls

Wallpaper cartoon images, croco game’s images, virtual characters are the property of, and free of charge for the private use by anybody, the fair use we also appreciate. Chef 420’s logo, Chef 420’s virtual character, and also the spelling is the courtesy and the property of website. Find more of canna-beautiful stuff here:

Loadrunner javascript webgame is published as a good will, free of charge, bearing no commercial application, for the purpose to honor one of the best gaming title of the past, and its influence upon the whole culture of video games. This verson is a fork of the opensource software project (GitHub). Neccessary modifications applied. Contact information.