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Cannabis automatic apps and stoner's cookbooks collection

Retro Racer Cannabis Game
Car Rush
Goose Game Cannabis Board Game
Flying Croc Sim Cannabis Game
Flying Croc
Asteroids Cannabis Game
Power Shooter
Chef420 Cannabis Stoner's Cookbook App
Chef420 Edibles

Do you love games, apps and marijuana cooking? Pick one for yourself, scroll this page.

Get the Stoner’s Cookbook app: Chef 420’s edible recipes and marijuana cooking tutorials + free download

All recipes from canna chef, works offline, fast and easy the beautiful everyday app

Stoner's Cookbook download without pdf reader

Get Cookbook from Play Store

Cannabutter, canna oils, step by step colourful tutorials and professionals tricks. Comprehensive! Candies, gummies, gingerbreadmen, cheesecakes and a whole variety of brownies, all in one cooking app and for free, the handy collection for the everyday marijuana cooking at home

Check also our marijuana books collection

Flying Croc free download + by stoners for stoners + Totally MAD Weed fantasy! Handcrafted pixelart, Dope Soundtrack

This is THE marijuana fantasy for Android, loaded with funny fantasy creatures, Flying Croc always stoned as hell, his friend brazilian Toucan the charming little bird, and the ever Green Fairy, she is funny hot and she is dope

flyingcroc cannabis game for android

Download from Play Store Download .apk file

The direct download link for the apk-file is here: (direct apk link). In case you want the installation and use of software apart of google play store, sorta other privacy, no registration, when doing so. Little bit for “advanced users” yet it’s easy and anyone can enjoy

Goose Game is a hard trip, and a true stoner’s boardgame. Try it solo or for a company + play online

No, it is not another stupid goose. Mind-blowing funtime for stoners. Online and no download required. Also a hotseat game for playing with friends or Vs. CPU, making odds for fun that is how we use it, hahaha. Sounds are crazy, play online from this page (no download required).
Goose Game Cannabis Board Game Online

Play Online

This is goose game + A very stoner’s classic gameplay, based on senet of the Ancient Egypt, discovered by scientists, the oldest ever game style from 3100 B.C. Good Old Dope Game!

Classic Asteroids Game. Perfect stoner’s timekiller + mobile optimized one touch easy control, HIGHly dynamic

Crash All Asteroids Android Stoner's Space Game

Download from Play Store

This one is the Spicy perfect stoner’s time-killer, the Space game! Classic asteroids alive, for android, under modern 3D graphics 3D game, easy one touch controls. Spicy Space Shooter, the S-S-Shooter + Proven professional gameplay you will not regret. Beautiful visual effects, Big Bangs and Explosions. Small in size, fast performance, perfect fit for android phone. It’s Dope!

Car Rush Racing Retro. Car-R-R-R! the best retro racer + play online the dope story, for heart and soul the classic videogame

A sunny day and a yellow sport car, and the hottest sexy blond on the passenger seat. What else to wish? This is a HIGH-end HIGH-speed adventure, retro gameplay for heart and soul, the colourful graphics. Play online from this website (no download required).

Retro Racer Cannabis Game

Play Online

If internet is slow, you will wait a minute or two to start the online game, like the Car-R-R-R or the Goose, they are well optimized, small in size and worthy. We are stoners we do for stoners.

Wait… wait… what else you can discover for fun here?

Taste the weed fine-art wallpapers, exclusive on this website, the real artist got really baked! Free, HD+ & Beautiful. Enjoy’em all, get’em all, taste’em all, by the link: Wallpapers

download free marijuana wallpaper Hydroponic Farm Girl download free marijuana wallpaper Happy Pizza Cannabis Girl download free marijuana wallpaper Cannabutter King download free marijuana wallpaper Cannabis Fantasy Girls

Wallpaper cartoon images, croco game’s images, virtual characters are the property of, and free of charge for the private use by anybody, the fair use we also appreciate. Chef 420’s logo, Chef 420’s virtual character, and also the spelling is the courtesy and the property of website. Find more of canna-beautiful stuff here:

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