Asteroids – another game for space stoners, perfect time-killer 3D app

Crash All Asteroids android space game download

The new 3D cartoon’ish version of the worldwide famous Asteroids shooter game.

Fast, Furious, Mad!

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Classic Asteroids is a Stoner’s Game

Of course it is. This all-direction shooting drives me crazy, so simple, so involving, HIGHly dynamic, this is the classic sure way to kill a spare minute,

Asteroids Game Ships with Cannabis Strain Names

For fun, we have given the names to the spaceships to honour the marijuana strains, our modest contribution to freedom and to the rasta culture. Definitely one of the best games invented by humans.

Asteroids Stoner's Gameplay

Click on screenshots or use the button below to get this game from google play store. Downloading will not take long, the game is optimized, small in size and free

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