Flying Croc Simulator – Cute Pixelart Adventurous Weed Game

Croc Simulator - android game - How doth the little crocodile, improved his flying style

The weed game: Flying Croc Simulator - android game - How doth the little crocodile, improved his flying style

This is our favourite android weed game: the best classic one-touch runner, which is now totally themed as 420 weed game. Exclusive cartoon pixel graphics, professional soundtrack — this weed game is made by stoners and for stoners.

weed game for android - The Flying Croc Simulator - game dev design screenshot for android
weed game choose the flyer The Flying Croc Simulator for android

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These are the pixel art design portraits of the characters from our cannabis weed game that we are delivering to you today. The List of Heroes! You’ll drive any of them flying through the weed jungle, while your gaming character collects buds and you’ll enjoy the beautiful soundtrack, trying to score the best score by collecting small flying cannabis-fairies (like one animated above on this page) they will turn into a danky buds and this is pretty much the goal of the game.

Flying Croc portrait pixel art - the weed game for androidThis is the main guy in the whole weed led rainforest, Mr. the Flying Croc, and this is he who gave the name to our weed game. He is a hard stoner and a gamer  – just look at his eyes! but he says he wants more and more buds for the medical purpose of course.

How the flying croc flies in this weed game?

– With the help of small green weed fairies – This is how he flies! They have their small wings and they support him in the air. Typically four fairies do the job (see on the below image).
weed game flying croc simulator for android

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We have no idea if there is any Math or Physics behind his gorgeous flight, but the fairies obviously are the strong ganja girls anyway. Download the weed game now, because it is a small size file and the very energy-efficient app, and more important – containing the wonderful world of marijuana fantasy.

Enjoy the game! It’s free!