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Hydroponic Cannabis Growing Made Easy Guide
Due to the legalization of Marijuana across many states in the USA and Canada, the cannabis industry is progressing at Read more.
What are Terpenes and Why You Should Consider Them When Choosing the Right Strain?
Taking a walk to work or using the subway can be inconvenient primarily due to the pungent smell; the weed Read more.
Anthocyanin in the Buds, Why your Weed is Purple?
Grow Potter
Purple color of weed come from Anthocyanin pigment, a universal plant colorant responsible for the red, purple, and blue; evident in Read more.
Easy tricks on Cannabis Soil you apply for better yields
Grow Potter
This is already a small scientific job for a true hobbyist, if you feel passionate enough to maximize yields greatly Read more.
Sativa vs Indica — Making The Right Choice (CBD Matters!)
Capt. Cook
Whenever you decide getting closer wether to a Marijuana recreational culture or a Cannabis way of medicine or meditation, this Read more.
Common Cannabis Plant Problems: Seeds, Roots and Stems
Grow Potter
Cannabis plant may suffer a certain amount of problems and sicknesses, and this troubleshooting guide we have compiled as a Read more.