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The Collection of marijuana books and cookbooks, here you will find the selection of Growing books and a whole library of strong walkthrough guides, free pdf, free stoner’s cookbooks, etc.

Jack Herrer The Emperor wears no clothes pdf free download cannabis books
J. Herrer’s “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, historical, free pdf – click on the image above, or you can also have it free from
Marijuana Hashish Book 1977 PDF
K. Grivas’s “Cannabis: Marijuana & Hashish”, 1977, free pdf
SLang of the 60s ebook pdf
“Slang of the ’60s”, free pdf
Cannabis Infused Smoothie Recipes free PDF Book
Cook with real Chef-420, Cannabis Smoothie Cookbook, free pdf

Find every possible detail: how to operate hydroponic farm, how to make flowering faster, exclusive hints and tricks, and every aspect of the marijuana growing, answers to all questions for possible beginner grower problems, and all the crucial information you need to discover how to grow the pounds of the very own frosty nug harvest.

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Real Chef-420’s Marijuana Edibles Cookbook

Comprehensive collection of marijuana edible recipes in one book. From cannabutter to cheesecakes, cannabis candies, cbd gummies, and why you want the thermometer! – everything! And it’s so yummi! have it free of charge

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Notice: For “Cannabis: Marijuana and Hashish” (1977) book by K. Grivas, The original publisher’s website responds with the expired https certificate, as for november2019. We found this file somewhere in repositories. Yet the author express the nature of this book like a great contribution to the world (and it is!), we make it available for download it as a good will, exclusively. Contacts are here just in case: @captcook Hope their site will recover soon. Same for “Slang of 60s”, a beautiful collection and a ton of curious slang words, no author found as we searched, in case of having any inforrmation or other thoughts – pls contact us