The Best Ways to Store Your Bud

Tue, 27/Nov/18

Trying to keep your weed funky fresh? It’s important to consider where you are storing your stash, especially when dealing with larger quantities. Weed is like wine, it can get better with age, and keeping it in the right conditions makes all the difference. There are a plethora of storage containers and accessories on the market, and a number of DIY tips that will help preserve the freshness and taste of your cannabis. Here are some of our favorites methods for stash storage.

Tips for Storing Your Bud

Ditch The Plastic

Plastic bags and containers are some of the worst ways to store your weed for a few reasons. Static from plastic can destroy the little hairs on the flowers, called trichomes, which can lead to cannabinoid degradation, meaning you’ll wind up with less potent flower.

Plastic bags and containers are neither air or light proof, making your bud susceptible to UV light and undesirable temperatures. This exposure can cause your bud to dry out and lose its potency very quickly. You should only use plastic for short-term transportation of weed, and not as a long-term storage system. We recommend using foil or paper instead of plastic if you’re in a storage pinch.

Maintain Ideal Temperatures

Conditions that are too hot or cold will damage the plant material and result in loss of cannabinoids. Don’t put your weed in the fridge/freezer and avoid storing it in place where the temperature fluctuates. The ideal temperature range for cannabis is 32°F and 68°F.

Control Humidity

The average stoner is more concerned with their weed drying out, but too much moisture can be a problem as well. If your weed is too moist, bacteria and mold can grow on the flowers, ruining your experience and making it potentially dangerous to inhale. It’s best to maintain humidity levels between 59%-63% to avoid degradation from excess moisture or drying. Products like the Bodeva Humidity Pack are great accessories to keep handy for humidity control.

Avoid Extended Light Exposure

UV light is one of the biggest accelerators of cannabinoid degradation. It’s important to store your weed in a cool, dark place where there will be little to no light exposure.

Best Storage Containers for Cannabis

The Classic Mason Jar

If you’re a stoner on a budget, a mason jar is a perfect place to store your bud. Glass is a great material for storing weed, as it does not emit or absorb the smell. It’s important to keep the jar in a cool, dark place to ensure it maintains a temperature between 32°F and 68°F and is not exposed to light to avoid cannabinoid degradation. Humidity is also a factor, so for those that want to be extra careful, we recommend getting a humidity control accessory such as the Herbal Boveda Pack to keep in the jar as well.

Stainless-steel Containers

Stainless-steel containers are more expensive than glass jars, but offer a bit more protection overall. They are made with food-grade materials and have an airtight seal that locks in odor and protects against excess moisture. Stainless-steel containers are also opaque compared to glass, so they safeguard against UV light exposure.

There are a number of stainless-steel products available, ranging from basic tin canisters to larger containers with humidity control additions. We recommend a CVault Cannabis Container if you want a little more from your storage product without spending too much.

Cannabis Humidors

Typically used to store cigars, you can now get humidors made specifically to keep your weed stash from getting moldy or dry. Humidors were originally made from cedar, a very porous wood that absorbs moisture and secretes oils that add to the tobacco flavor. Cannabis humidors are made from more neutral woods such as Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut, which are still very porous but won’t disrupt the natural flavor of the weed. Some humidors also come equipped with a humidifier and hygrometer to further maintain humidity levels.

Cannabis humidors are perfect for a stoner who appreciates the finer things (strains) in life. They are definitely an investment, but their sleek design makes them portable and discrete, and they come in a number of sizes. We recommend checking out Cannador if you’re interested in getting a classy cannabis humidor.

Stash Boxes

Stash boxes are great for a stoner on the move. Cheaper than a humidor, the low-profile, compact container fits all your essential smoking paraphernalia. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some may include additional smoking accessories. They are also smell-proof, discrete, and offer protection from light exposure. Stash boxes help keep all your accessories organized and easy to access. They are not airtight, so we recommend using them for travel or short-term storage.

Silicone Stash Containers

Silicone containers are great for those who enjoy cannabis concentrates. These containers are made of medical-grade silicone and are airtight and odor proof. They are designed to be small and discrete and make using concentrates like wax and oil easy and mess free. Silicone containers are also inexpensive and great for both long and short-term storage.

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Best Rosin Press Review

Tue, 14/Aug/18

If you have discovered the joy of using dabs, creating your own rosin is the next step in the process as it means you’ll never run out of the very best product for your vaporizer. Rosin is a premium product and offers the most intense and flavorful experiences, but you’ll need a piece of equipment to produce it.

The rising popularity of rosin means that there’s now a great choice of rosin presses available for sale. But which one is the best? We take a closer look at the three top contenders below.

The Rosin Bomb Rocket

Rosin Bomb are one of the leaders in the rosin pressing industry, continuously offering innovation, and the Rocket is one of their most recent machines.

Rosin Bomb Rocket is the most compact rosin press from the Rosin Bomb company, the leading manufacture of the extraction equipment

This rosin press is one of their most portable designs as it’s just 10 inches tall and weighs only 15lbs. This means if you want to toss it in a backpack and carry it a few blocks, you won’t break your back in the process.

This press throws out 1800lbs of force and is capable of handling 5g of raw material at once. This is a decent amount for a small group and with just 10 minutes to heat up, you won’t have to wait for too long.

The Rosin Bomb Super Rosin Press

The Super Rosin Press is a mighty powerhouse and another superb offering from the much-respected Rosin Bomb. Standing just 16 inches tall, it would be tempting to dismiss this as lacking in strength and capacity but that would be a huge mistake.

Powerful solution for the rosin exctract, the Super Rosin Press from Rosin Bomb, the most respectful company in the field

The Super Rosin Press is a mighty machine, capable of processing up to 14g of material at once. This makes it ideal for when you want to produce larger quantities or if you want to enjoy some fresh dabs with your friends. The time it takes these mighty plates to heat up is the only drawback, with about 30 minutes needed to get to full working temperature.

Once in use, the Super Rosin Press releases 5500lbs of force, squeezing the material hard to release all the possible rosin. This press comes with some handy mesh bags too, this makes sure no unwanted plant material gets mixed up with the rosin and impedes the quality.

Although the Super Rosin Press is fairly unobtrusive in size, it’s a heavy weight at more than 35lbs. While it would fit into your backpack, you’d have to be pretty muscly and strong to be able to drag this machine from one place to the next. This means it’s far more suitable for those who simply want to use it at home.

Rosin X Auto Compact Press

If you loved the original Rosin X Mini, this is the machine for you, delivering all of the same quality but upgraded to offer greater efficiency and product.

This press is simple to use, just plug it in, place your herbs in a fold of parchment paper, heat and release. It takes around 7-10 seconds to produce the rosin before you release the plates to reveal what’s underneath.

Rosin X Auto Compact Press, an exotic portable solution for the resin extraction, from the powerful Rosin Bomb, the leading and the famous one too

The Rosin X Auto Compact certainly lives up to its name as it can only process around 1.5g of material per press. This means it’s great for personal use but a bit limiting if you’re hoping to create some fresh dabs for you and your friends. You might be tempted to squeeze more into the plates but while it’s true that there is more room, it will inhibit the process. This means you won’t get the same yield and will just be wasting some of your raw material.

Despite its diminutive size, this press isn’t short of power, exerting a magnificent 500lbs of pressure while in use.

At 1250g it’s very lightweight making it a portable rosin press, but the limitations of the production amount mean it’s not the most sociable presser to use.

The winner?

The best rosin press really is a matter of personal preference and for what you’re planning on using it for. If you need large quantities then it’s difficult to argue with the Rosin Bomb Super Press. However, at 30 minutes to warm up it’s not the most convenient rosin press you’ll find.

In contrast the Rosin X Auto is beautifully compact and ready to use in just 5 minutes. The drawback here is the small production capacity, only able to process 1.5g each time.

This means that for many the Rosin Bomb Rocket is the top pick, offering a compromise of portability and large quantities. There is a generous capacity for your herbs but you’ll only have to wait for 10 minutes to get started. It’s portable, powerful and is backed by one of the top manufacturers in the industry. That’s why, for the versatility and ease of performance, the Rosin Bomb Rocket is the top pick here.

COB LED Light — Illustrated

Sat, 04/Aug/18

The latest technology in LED-lightning is COB, Chip-on-board LED light. Full of benefits, except the price, it fits much better into a smaller growing space: a closet or a tent; it emits narrower beam resulting more light onto area (read: more herbs!!). Economic, powerful, beautiful and expensive.

COB (short from Chip-on-Board), is a LED packaging technology that suggests mounting multiple LED chips directly onto a supporting ceramic surface to form a single module, known as COB LED chip. These multiple LEDs tiny in size, wired and packaged together they appear like a bright solid panel and function as a powerful light source:

COB Led Chip is the basic element of the COB LED Grow Light kits and systems for growing the best hydroponic yields indoor
Image Source — Chip-On-Board COB LED Module

The SMD comparable to classic LED “replaces” those long leads of each diode (known as the cathode and the anode) shrinking a total light unit in size significantly. And COB replaces the full circuit making it one ‘solid’ piece. COB even more decrease the size of a unit, offering more ‘led-lights’ per area, therefore more light is emitted, more dense, and less loss in power due to integrity of the piece. The surface where they fixed to is now called the ‘substrate’.

COD and SMD illustrated

First of all imagine an old-school LED = Light Emitting Diode. For example ones shown on the image below form a LED-light. This technology is already an ancient history of LED lights:

Classic LED Light, LED = Light emitting diodes, already the ancient history
This is a simple traditional LED, already the Past.

Then comes SMD = Surface Mounted Diodes, sometimes referred as Surface-mounted devices… I don’t know which is correct, it appears like both exist. Anyhow, this is the Surface-mount technology, and it suggests when a small ceramic panel consists of a number of small diodes mounted onto this surface/panel one-to-each other very closely. A group of such ‘surfaces’ (the SMD chips) then form a LED-light (see the image below). Comparing to classic old-school LED, this SMD provides higher reliability, smaller size, and a neat and cute look too:

SMD LED - Surface Mounted Devices - the most often technology used for LED grow lights, comparing to newer discovery - the COB
This is SMD LED chips, the most popular LED Light technology nowadays.

COB = Chip on Board, is the next great step in LED light development, when they place all into one panel (typically 9 or more chips) and it gives more light, significantly less package size, and even greater performance in terms of amount of light. Looks like a small solid panel of light:

Marshydro COB LED-Light, the Chip on board is the growlight's latest technology, increasing density of diodes (again) increases the overall efficiency (again), saves space in the green-house and offers more light from the same area

— the Chip on board is the growlight latest technology, increasing density of diodes (again) increases the overall efficiency (again), saves space in the green-house and offers more light from the same area

— The COB LED Chip on a COB LED Grow Light! The yellow spot in the middle is the chip, the substrate where to the diodes attached closely to each other altogether to form the LED-light. Fancy, technological, innovative. This is the Mars-hydro’s COB model on the shot above.[/caption]

What else?

The COB LED package appears more like a solid lighting panel rather than multiple individual lights, comparing to the traditional SMD LEDs mounted closely together. See the images above for both.​

COD is more expensive in general than a regular SMD. Roughly $300 against $200. This is simply because it is a fancy-new technology, but then think that it’s always worthy to invest into self.

Smaller space required to place COB light unit. No more headache about how to fix an extra electric box of lights over the plants inside your small green-house (whether it is a closet or a grow-tent or whatever indoor growing space). One small COB led-light now shall give you all the same amount of light.

COB led-light is simply convenient, and we at times pay for the convenience too. Think about, that applying to a new technological thing will give an extra knowledge about the technology in general. Isn’t it fun by itself? Some day the COB lights shall finally replace SMDs which are ‘regular’ now, and by that point you already know everything about it in practice. Sounds cool?

No noise. COBs are fanless.

COB LED Grow Light 100w

Mars CX3590 CREE

Fanless No Noise

COB LED Lights, MarsHydro's Grow Lights

Read user reviews by this link

  • Coverage: 5’x2.5’/ one light ,5’x5’/ 4pcs light
  • Max Yield: 2.0g/watt
  • Replace HID/MH: 150W
  • Draw Power: 110V/110W±5% / 220V/108W±5%