Creative Designs for Cannabis and Beyond

Proudly — our best picks of the cannabis Graphics and Art portfolio, where words are needless, have a look through the collection. Hope you gonna love it. Let’s start.

Rastafari Croc Design | Pixelart

Croc Simulator - android game - How doth the little crocodile, improved his flying style
Flying Croc video game

Flying Croc is a rastafari character for a game, featuring pixel-perfect pixel-art animation crafted with love. Imagine a Jamaican soundtrack along with his flight. Charming communication strategy.

Canna Smoothies | Cannabis Cookbook Logo and Splash Screen

Healthy Infused Smoothies. Cannabis logo design, creative creations for cannabis and beyond
Smoothie Stoner’s Cookbook

Handy stoner’s cookbook highlighting infused smoothies, loaded with vitamins, seeds and buds. The book contains the best practices from Chef 420 and colorful images of fruits and cocktails. Positive and fresh.

Cannabutter King | Cannabis Character Design

Cannabutter King inspired by Shaka, the legendary King of Zulu. Creative cannabis designs
The Cannabutter King

This is the brand character and the total fusion of King SHAKA of Zulu and the butter poem of Alan Alexander Milne. CANABUTTAAAH!!

Jamaican Bongman | Cannabis Character Design

Jamaica Man a hard stoner, creative designs for cannabis and beyond into social media ARGH!!
Rastafari Bongo man, Jamaica

One of my favourite images, one of the first ones, this website started from this image, highlighting the rastafarian culture. Selassiel!

Porro | Cannabis Logo Concept

Porro is a street name for marijuana in hispanic countries, like Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, all Latin America and Spain itself
Porro is a street name for marijuana in Hispanic cultures

This design of porro logo has happened to be a pure inspiration, the letters come from Roman Empire’s branding symbols, as for “P” and “R”.

Marijuana Girls | Cannabis Designs

Led lights and grow tents highligh marijuana girl creative designes for cannabis and beyond
Indoor Compact Marijuana Garden

A design agency having no girls in the portfolio is not a design agency. The very exclusive image showing the installation of a grow tent.

Cannabis Designs Marijuana Girl Fahrenheit 350 smoking painting
Fahrenheit 350

THC vaporizes at 350 fahrenheit (about 175 celsius) that is why we’d better have a thermometer when cooking weed edibles. She is hot and we named the whole picture “Fahrenheit 350”.

Happy Pizza | Cannabis Design

Happy Pizza of Cambodia - ganja girl - creative designs for cannabis and beyond
Happy Pizza in Cambodia

The real place is depicted: a small touristic resto in Seam Reap (Cambodia) where they serve “happy pizza”, where the pizza got infused with cannabis for real, but the ganja girl was the imagination. Hahahaha.

Gummy Bears Brotherhood | Creative Cannabis

cbd gummies cry the weed is over need an immediate refill
Gummy bear brotherhood

I find it funny. I was baked as f** when shot it. Even though the camera was rubbish but the plot was beautiful. Used then for “404” page.

THC “Cheesecake” in High Seas | Edible Cookbook’s Flagship

A Tall Ship Loaded with Weed: THC Cheesecake in HIGH Seas
THC “Cheesecake” in HIGH Seas

HIGHly romantic, a tallship. We call her THC “Cheesecake” (mimicking HMS, USS and other abbreviations for the ships). She is the support image for the stoner’s cookbook app. Lovely!

Marijuana Sisters | Artist’s Impression

Ganja Girls - Cannabis Art - they are cannabis sisters in the marijuana indoor garden
Marijuana Clones, Twin Sisters

Artist’s impression on the marijuana clones, genetic libraries. They are clone twin sisters — and they are the plants. So beautiful and brave.

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The Cannabutter King by - Cannabis designs
The Cannabutter King by Angrybud

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