Creative Designs for Cannabis and Beyond!

Croc Simulator - android game - How doth the little crocodile, improved his flying style

Welcome fellow site st’owners to the very special page for business and entertainment. We keep our best creative works here, and we think they are the best designs in all cannabis market. Have a look, make your own opinion. Contact us: @captcook

Cannabis Game Flying Croc. Creative designs for cannabis and beyond

The head image is a famous Flying Croc ganja character of a very special cannabis game, all-purpose, mostly for loyalty rather than monetisation in itself. Old-fashned pixel graphics, exclusive, hand crafted, with love! The dummiest plot and a stoner’s soundtrack make this game absolutely charming. Click on the croco logo to reach the game and download it’s free.

Canna Smoothies | Cannabis Branding Design

Handy stoner’s cookbook, infused smoothies, protein smoothies loaded with seeds, best practices from Chef 420. Many colours and images of fresh fruits inside. Have a look, this logo drives me mad, my favourite work, so positive and so fresh and yummy:

Healthy Infused Smoothies. Cannabis logo design, creative creations for cannabis and beyond
Healthy Smoothie Cookbook Logo

Cannabutter King | Cannabis Character Design

This is a very nice and pooositive image we made inspired by the history of King Shaka: I was playing a game for Shaka in Civ’5, when writing about cannabutter, multitasking, and then it was a poem about a king and a butter in my head, remember that old one by A.A.Milhn? find it here, and enjoy the image, CANABUTTAAAH!!

Cannabutter King inspired by Shaka, the legendary King of Zulu. Creative cannabis designs
Cannabutter King

Jamaica | Cannabis Branding Design

This one I like a lot. Useful for social media, I’d recommend to everyone doing with websites and social media to have couple of such. It was created as a branding image, and is widely used by us for exactly this purpose. Nothing to add, have a look, hell effective!!

Jamaica Man a hard stoner, creative designs for cannabis and beyond into social media ARGH!!

Canna Tits | Cannabis Design

A Design agency having no tits in portfolio is not a design agency. Herewego! The very exclusive images, enjoy the artwork, it’s a lot of details to discover. Watch it longer, and even more you shall see.

Led lights and grow tents highligh marijuana girl creative designes for cannabis and beyond
Grow Weed At Home

THC vaporizes at 350 fahrenheit (about 175 celsius) this is the most important thing you need to know for cooking marijuana edibles. You’d better even have a thermometer, read all advices here in a cookbook, and don’t you go too hot when doing weed sweets for yourself.

Cannabis Designs Marijuana Girl Fahrenheit 250 smoking painting
Fahrenheit 350!

Happy Pizza | Cannabis Design

Inspired by Happy Pizza Phenomenon, and it is a real place shown on the image, one of many happy pizza restaurants in Seam Reap in Cambodia, next to Thailand border. The pizza was real, but the girl was the imagination. She is gorgeous, I will draw how I’ll marry her, hahahaha.

Happy Pizza of Cambodia creative designs for cannabis and beyond
Happy Pizza in Cambodia, Seam Reap

Keep Your Social Media Unique | Creative Cannabis

This one below is WAY useful. For alerting into social media when the weedstock is over and an immediate refill is required. I find it funny! I was baked as hell when made it, even tho the camera was rubbish yet the plot is hot enough.

cbd gummies cry the weed is over need an immediate refill
CBD gummies cry the weed is over, asking an immediate refill

THC “Cheesecake” in High Seas | Capt Cook’s Flagship!

Yet another social media image. HIGHly romantic, a tallship! We call her THC “Cheesecake“! She is the support image for the stoner’s cookbook app being highlighted in social media. Love it! And love cheesecakes!

A Tall Ship Loaded with Weed! THC Cheesecake in HIGH Seas
THC “Cheesecake” in HIGH Seas

Marijuana Sisters Inspiration | What Can Weed’do for you?

Artist impression inspired by the cannabis cloning idea, and these two are the cannabis clone sisters. They are beautiful, the art style is brave! nothing to add, make an impression of your own…

Ganja Girls Cannabis Art, inspired by cannabis clones, they are marijuana clone sisters
Cannabis Clone Sisters

What can weed’do for you?

The Cannabutter King by - Cannabis designs
Cannabutter King by

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