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Drug Policy

This Website does not encourage the use, supply, production, delivering or trading of illegal drugs or controlled substances in any way. All information on this Website is provided for educational or entertaining purposes and express only the personal opinion of Us and in no way is a call to action.
We do encourage discussion and research into drug policy, favouring those with a strong harm minimization agenda, and reduced emphasis on criminal justice systems.
Please be aware that smoking or other means of consumption the referred substances can seriously damage your health and can be fatal, and is not encouraged by this Website. We recommend and we’d insist on asking a Doctor, a Legal advisor or other related professional before any decision made in this regard.

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Beta Testing Cannabis Apps

We provide the below urls leading to direct APK files for the testing purposes only, for alpha-, beta-, release-testing or any other means of performing software tests. Do not click nor install it until you completely realize what you’re doing and have clear instructions from the owners of the app which you are going to download.

Chef420 Edibles Cookbook App

Chef420 Canna Smoothies App