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Cannabis Poems Update: Maria Juana Your Charms Make Inspire…

The fresh Growing Tricks from the marijuana network are below in this page, scroll it down if no keen to poetry today. We present the epic-poetic update, two more entries into our beautiful marijuana poems collection, as it is an expression of our holiday mood, under obvious influence of the holiday buds. The latter is […]

We don’t want pain

Hay fellow st’owners! How’s life?=) Have you already frightened all your readers about pains and cancers and all sorts of other spooky-schmooky stuff? hahaha // Only remember this is a private web site and we suggest to stay away if you are here by any reason other than curiosity for reading my off-deck (or is […]

Sativa vs Indica — making the right choice, and why Cannabis Ruderalis is important playing its role

Cannabis is divided virtually into two groups: Indica and Sativa. This is where we start, the axiomatic rule. Nowadays the most of commercial strains are the mix of the two, however the wording stays and now it mostly indicate the future effects: calmness, thoughtfulness are for “indica”, where creativeness and energy is for “sativa”. Watching […]