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Weed Vaporization

Vaping weed is what we basically do with weed, and it has a lot of methods, from vaping by just burning a joint, or vaping by literally vaporizing a concentrate dab. Vaporization is the conversion of solid or liquid material by affection of heat into gas, that we inhale, when we smoke or vape. Vaporizer […]

Marijuana Body Art Gallery

From 14 to 15 of October 2017 the annual Cannabis Weekend, former Copa Cannabis (Cannabis Cup) Montevideo yet containing the Copa Cannabis as a part of a program, have been taking place in the beachfront of Montevideo, in Plaza Mateo, in Uruguay. And I believe we are the first in all the internet throwing a […]

Cultivating Proper Trichomes

Many cannabis growers are in love with what they grow. It’s natural to be proud of one’s achievements, especially when their development is dependant on so many factors: light, air, environment, watering, etc. etc. But rather than focusing purely on the size of the cannabis plant and the number of flowers it produces, it pays […]