Marijuana Stoners Make Websites HIGH

What are Terpenes

Taking a walk and smoking in the environment where weed is still disgraced can become inconvenient enough because of that famous smell. The weed in your pocket or a backpack or smoked produces smell in a way that you cannot help it. We would wish to be discreet at times, but the scent is strong […]

How to make your own RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)

RSO — the Rick Simpson Oil, is now a very popular and efficient concentrate thanks to Canadian engineer Rick Simpson, the inventor and that is why his name is here. While his work in a hospital as an engineer managing the boiling room. He was not kin to cannabis those days, but his job occurred […]

The Cannabis Math Unveiled

This is only for fun, and it does appear funny — the mathematical equation for cannabis leaf is now discovered! Sounds quite ridiculous, but looks so-o-o cool… a true author of this is not much known, or better say “not found”. But then — it is published in Wolfram MathWorld and officially called a CANNABIS […]