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Amsterdam Coffee Shops – any news yet or any new issues?

News about the cannabis liberation in USA and Canada are now flooding the internet media. And does anybody remember the good old Cannabis Mecca? the world famous¬†Amsterdam coffee shops? It is not a big secret already that marijuana is actually illegal in Netherlands, and it’s not already a breaking news that Dutch authorities have been […]


Deep Space Music – Recorded by NASA’s Hubble Telescope

I just could not help myself from sharing this piece of art created by the Nature itself, or God whatever you prefer better. The deep space music has been recorded by the NASA’s Hubble Telescope! If this is true then it’s far beyond anything I could ever imagine in my mind. How it works: the huge individual stars visible on […]


Marijuana in Asia 2019 update – Thailand and South Korea

Marijuana in Asia is traditionally a tough nut to crack by all means.  For possession or consumption of marijuana in Asian countries (or simply for “being stoned” at times, like UAE law suggests to charge any amount in blood or urine as possession) the death sentence is still a “normal” experience along with a lack or none […]