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420 Day. The 4/20 date and the year 420 – from funny to serious facts in history

The 20th day of April is today, which means Happy 420 Day or “Marijuana Day”. We’ve pretended to be original with this post to support the event, and you judge if we really are. Anyhow, this is our best try to research what happened in the year 420 and on the date 4/20 in history […]

SAFE Banking Act 2019 Suggests Banking Services for Legal Cannabis Businesses

The US House Financial Services Committee has approved the updated version of SAFE Banking Act 2019 which it is not yet a law but a benchmark for the cannabis regulations providing the protection and guidances for banks and payment providers who are willing to work with legal cannabis businesses. S.A.F.E. is the abbreviation which stands for […]

Deep Space Music Recorded by NASA Hubble Telescope

I just could not help myself from sharing this piece of art created by the Nature itself, or Gods whatever you prefer better. The deep space music has been recorded by the NASA’s Hubble Telescope! If this is true then it’s far beyond anything I could ever imagine in my mind. How it works: the huge individual stars visible […]