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Cannabis Butter Recipe. Why we want Cannabutter for edibles

THE CANNABUTTER, sometimes called also ‘cannabis butter’ or ‘marijuana butter’, is the regular butter infused with marijuana. Cannabutter is used as a component for almost all edible recipes, except those where cannabis oil is used or more rarely raw decarbed weed (like in smoothies). Also the cannabutter, or cannabis oil, is yet another perfect way […]

Complete Guide To Using LED Lights For Growing Marijuana

Using properly LED lights for growing weed indoors is the essential and vital for the plants and for the quality of the future marijuana harvest. Read how to avoid the common problems, how to choose a led-light for the best efficiency and how to install it properly inside a home growing space: proper distance, proper […]

The Best Ways to Store Your Bud

Trying to keep your weed funky fresh? It’s important to consider where you are storing your stash, especially when dealing with larger quantities. Weed is like wine, it can get better with age, and keeping it in the right conditions makes all the difference. There are a plethora of storage containers and accessories on the […]