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Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds, Feminized Seeds, Autofems Explained

There are few theories how the auto flower marijuana seeds have appeared to the world, and yet an army of home weed growers nowadays thankfully prefer this totally automatic process, the easy growing techniques, and much less of deep “agricultural headache”. What if one would glad to dive into totally but not having time, or […]

Best Rosin Press Review

If you have discovered the joy of using dabs, creating your own rosin is the next step in the process as it means you’ll never run out of the very best product for your vaporizer. Rosin is a premium product and offers the most intense and flavorful experiences, but you’ll need a piece of equipment […]

COB LED Light — Illustrated

The latest technology in LED-lightning is COB, Chip-on-board LED light. Full of benefits, except the price, it fits much better into a smaller growing space: a closet or a tent; it emits narrower beam resulting more light onto area (read: more herbs!!). Economic, powerful, beautiful and expensive. COB (short from Chip-on-Board), is a LED packaging […]