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Passion To Marijuana Is Rarely Rewarded

It’s easy to imagine an average consumer of alcohol, tobacco, sleeping pills. They are all around us every day enjoying their right of freedom to choose and whatever freedom it is in this particular case. And it is no surprise to see mothers and fathers loaded with the next-door pharmacy’s pills, of all kinds stimulating […]


Cultivating Proper Trichomes

Many cannabis growers are in love with what they grow. It’s natural to be proud of one’s achievements, especially when their development is dependant on so many factors: light, air, environment, watering, etc. etc. But rather than focusing purely on the size of the cannabis plant and the number of flowers it produces, it pays […]


Where To Get Medical Cannabis When Visiting Jamaica (2017)

Even though weed and Jamaica have been inextricably linked for generations, it is only in the last couple of years that the local laws regarding its use have been relaxed. While Rastafarians were permitted to use marijuana as part of their religious ceremonies, other citizens were still prohibited from using the drug by law, and […]