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Jamaica, Reggae and Marijuana

When most people think of Jamaica, they probably think of sun, sea and sand, but there are two other things that come a close second – reggae and marijuana. For generations, the Caribbean island of Jamaica has been associated with reggae music, and also with a thriving weed culture, but how are the three things […]


Copa Cannabis Uruguay, Bodyart Edition (2017)

From 14 to 15 of October 2017 the annual Cannabis Weekend, former Copa Cannabis (Cannabis Cup) Montevideo yet containing the Copa Cannabis as a part of a program, have been taking place in the beachfront of Montevideo, in Plaza Mateo, in Uruguay. And I believe we are the first in all the internet throwing a […]


Passion To Marijuana Is Rarely Rewarded

It’s easy to imagine an average consumer of alcohol, tobacco, sleeping pills. They are all around us every day enjoying their right of freedom to choose and whatever freedom it is in this particular case. And it is no surprise to see mothers and fathers loaded with the next-door pharmacy’s pills, of all kinds stimulating […]