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When to cut a Bud – mind the color of trichomes

Patience we have for the whole marijuana growing period and, of course, we do not want them cut a day or two before the nugs get to their most potent state. “When to cut a bud” question arises, and here we give an answer and a couple of considerations to understand the whole idea. The […]

The importance Marijuana genetic library as a matter of home growing

Growing a plant from a single seed is every time a magic moment, as you contemplate all the beauty of Creation, and you love a plant from the first small leaves appearing till the last moment you CUT AND BURN it for same of get yourself HIGH. A phylosophical question if the latter is a […]

The Root Of All Good

What we smoke? The buds. And this is why we think about buds when trying to analyse the quality of future harvest of (hopefully) marvellous pot. We check buds, we apply actions to the buds, sharing photos of buds to friends, but wait… Where it starts from? The roots of course! We often forget (yet […]