Organic Fertilizers For Cannabis + How To Spend $0.00

Let us open the February set of articles with the very seasonal information. It’s Spring coming in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s time to raise a plantation of Cannabis, the weather is never promising there and they desperately need “helpers” for the dankest harvest. And it’s Summer ends in the Southern hemisphere, so that people start thinking about in-door gardening. We talk about Organic Fertilizers! They are pretty free of charge, they are easy to have, still not attracting too much of attention, and we do not like wording “organic fertilizers” we’d prefer them to be “natural fertilizers”!!

The full industry all around the growing one portion of medical marijuana at home is delivering hundred of techniques along with a wide range of fertilizers for better grow of cannabis plants and, of course, all kind of soil types and, of course, the Fertilizers. This all is way too helpful specifically for the beginner grower. And this all saves a lot of effort too!! Let’s just see the alternative ways to fertilize, at least for the sake of understanding what is happening and this also can be helpful when you next time select the components for your desired small home plantation.

The Conception is N-P-K

Nitrogen. Phosphorus. Potassium (it’s “K” in chemistry symbols from “KALIUM” in Latin and in a few of modern languages also). These three are extremely essential for a healthy plant to make it rich with the proper elements. It also works perfectly for other plants, no exclusivity for cannabis hereby. A simple Rose or a becoming-popular Canna Lily shall also say “thank you” if you’ll be trying the listed-below ideas for them.

Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are rich with Nitrogen, precisely the nitrogenous compounds. Coffee beans are seeds by themselves and by definition contain a full set of elements to begin a new life. Use them from the start. Just crush a handful of coffee beans into soil. Better use beans, so you know for sure it’s only a coffee that you use, and of course not a Nescafe or Italian Mocha, and none of a kind. I would not call this solution absolutely a Gratis one, considering the price and this is a “luxury good”, but it’s something that is right in the household available.
Banana Peel is Best Organic Fertilizer for Home Growers. Rich with Potassium and Magnesium it is an Essential for Cannabis Plant

Banana Peel — The King Of Fertilizers

Bananas and their peel are extremely rich with Potassium, so essential for the strength of the roots and resulting a stronger stem and stronger everything. Cut banana peel into the smallest pieces possible (there is also an option to dry them or little bit burn in the oven) and then add into the soil. After some time, and it’s quite quick if pieces are small, the “blend” shall form so-called “compost” rich with Potassium inside the vase where the cannabis plant grows. And in addition banana peel as a fertilizer that provides quite a stable PH Level, which is considered to be around 5.0, and this is a sort of idyllic environment for cannabis, many sources say. Quite a FREE fertilizing solution, eh?

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You can also use banana peel in raw right away, but at times it is better to dry it up with the heat a little bit. Specifically for the case if mold and fungus are present in your region, or city with old buildings, or in the particular household. In the cold countries (by “cold” I mean “with snow”) it may be a smaller problem but nothing wrong to consider it.

Magnesium Makes The Green Stuff Green Enough

Besides, bananas also contain the amount of Magnesium, which stands for formation of Chlorophyll, the exact thing that makes the stuff green enough, and resulting better photosynthesis while contacting the light.

Fish is Rich with Phosphorus, and Phosphorus is Essential For Flowering Stage of the Cannabis Home Grow Fertilizers

Fish Skin And Fish Bones

Fish is rich with Phosphorus. It’s said this is the very reason why fresh fish in Sashimi glows little bit if very fresh. Basically when “still alive” like they serve it in Japan or Korea.

Phosphorus is essential on the Flowering Stage

And the Phosphorus makes the seeds more viable, and as soon as seeds come from flowers, it makes flowers and flowering better. Therefore it is essential on the flowering stage. And we remember from the school times about the Phosphorus as recommendation for the enhancing the brain activity. Your marijuana plant needs Phosphorus too, and to make it delivered to the plant: crush the fish bones into almost-powder, dry the blend and fertilize and it is again FREE of charge as soon as fish is in the ration. Just do not use it along with the cooking oil, take off the bones BEFORE cooking the fish.

Bones by their nature are also rich with Calcium, once called a “trucker of all minerals”. In general it gets into roots and stems and “helps” to transport the other minerals up, making at same time the full structure stronger (similar to that why our bones are strong). A regular chicken eggshells crushed into the soil may serve same purpose. That is exactly what birds do to receive Calcium, I once have had a canary bird as a pet and he has been eating eggshells like crazy! Try it with plants then.

The Most Disgusting Fertilizer

The whole world shall agree that it sounds disgusting, I personally would never go for it, I cannot even imagine HOW — for the love of the God — to provide the Human Urine to the plants!

But then, let us just try to open the mind, and think again: for example, there is a baby in the household, if so then it’s already not that far disgusting, right? Why not then? And the thing is obviously more pure, say, more “virgin” so to say. Still containing quite enough of Nitrogen so required by Cannabis along with few more minerals. In the wild nature the weed gets it naturally from the whole surrounding, and when you smoke the wild one, from Kazakhstan or Sri Lanka, you hardly think that the squirrels pee on it all the time. How far you are fond of scientific experiments with medical marijuana? 😉

BONUS! A Coconut Soil – A Free Hydroponic?

This one is another replacement for a hydroponic soil. The latter is specifically designed to give more Oxygen and Water to the roots. It is made from small “stones” that there is no need to loosen the soil. Some growers add just a bulk of small stones, which also serves the same need. And another way is to crush Coconut shell: It’s again more “organic” and obviously more “natural” and it’s FREE of charge, as soon as you normally use coconuts in your daily ration.

The coconut shell is a part of a plant by itself and contains small portions of the required NPK-bouquet also. It is also used widely to produce the active carbon. Don’t by shy, add it into the soil too.

All About Bong

When it comes to smoking weed, there is no shortage of ways to explore, however for aficionados of cannabis one of the top options has to be the bong. No other method has such a long and illustrious pedigree as this bong device which dates back to pre-historic times.

Head image by S M K B R K

Used as a filtration device for smoking tobacco and marijuana together with other types of herbal smoking blends, the bong works by making the smoke move over a greater distance, helping it to cool and become more pure. Experts are all in agreement – using a bong is one of the most pleasurable ways of enjoying weed.

Bong Is Sexy At Times:

Bong Smoking Girl - by S M K B R K

By S M K B R K
Girl is Smoking Bong | How To Grow Dankest Pot

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Where Have Bongs Come From?

There is some debate about where the word “bong” comes from and where this device originated. It is believed by some that the word originates from the Thai language, where the word “boang” means “wooden pipe”. On the other hand, others believe that the concept originates from Africa and is related to the hookah.

Water pipes are certainly very ancient, and date back to at least the time of the Ancient Egyptians, and perhaps further. Traditionally used in Asia, they were also often seen in Africa. A nomadic tribe called the Scythians which ranged from Asia across to Europe were known to use them to smoke cannabis, among other substances.

How Do Bongs Work?

A hookah is certainly the most famous derivative of the ancient bong. Hookah is an immobile water pipe which features a hose from the pipe to the mouthpiece. A hookah enables several people to share flavoured tobacco or herb in a group. Bong apparently is the individual thing, yet it does not mean that you can’t pass it when in company but by means of the original idea it is kinda individual.

Old-school Thai Classic Bong for weed

Bongs are available in a wide choice of sizes and shapes, and can be made from various materials such as acrylic, glass, ceramic or bamboo. They work by sending the smoke through water to remove the toxins and other particles which could be otherwise inhaled. Some studies seem to have shown that water filtration could be an effective method of reducing the user’s exposure to carcinogenic compounds, making it a healthier method of intake. As the water also cools down the smoke, it is also easier to inhale without causing irritation to the airways.

Types Of Bong

Ceramic and acrylic bongs are generally smaller and more robust than the more fragile, larger bamboo and glass versions. This means that they are ideal for use outdoors or while traveling. Although glass bongs are more likely to crack or break, they are still a favorite device of regular smokers thanks to their transparency and their attractive aesthetic. As they are see-through, the user can see clearly when the water should be changed to get a clean hit.

420 Bong Experience - Smoking Lady

The straight-tube version features a bulbous, large base paired with a tubular, long mouthpiece. However, there are also multi-chamber bongs that have 2 chambers rather than one. Since the second chamber is able to filter the smoke another time, these device ensure an even cleaner hit than the straight-tube version. There are also percolator bongs that filter even more strongly and produce a cooler smoke as well as carburetor bongs which offer the user an intense hit.

Bongs Or Joints?

When you try smoking weed from a bong rather than a joint, you’ll immediately experience the difference. The main reason why lots of marijuana users prefer to use a bong is the filtering effect which the water has on the smoke. There is no tar or ash to go directly into the lungs as all of these particles become trapped inside the water at the bottom of the bong. Water pipes (hookahs) are also capable of trapping up to 90% of toxins for a healthier experience.

Head image by S M K B R K