Weed in Southeast Asia

If you want go East,
Do not use the road leading to West

(by Ramakrishna 1836 – 1886).

About one half of humankind live there. Huge territory covered by same culture: if you learn how to negotiate in one country, the general “tricks” most probably work in another country of the region. Not even comparable to Europe or Americas. It’s just not that easy to discover these “tricks” in fact. The food at a glance is way too different from country to country, but as soon as it comes to cooking it’s no longer that far different, and this is the personal experience too.

Beautiful and Glorious!
Southeast Asia

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It’s said in legends that while the prehistoric war between humans and apes for the dominance on the Planet (this story is depicted on the walls of Angkor Watt and also in Ramayana epic) while the last battle of Lanka (we do not state that hereby but there is a version) few ape-generals fell down from sky and became ancient Kings of Asia. Few of them obviously hit their head too hard on the way down.

Let’s find out what’s up there about weed from legal point of view:


In short – forget about, and never think again. They use death penalty, and there are rumors that they have a sort of directive that a cop may execute a consumer right in place without a trial and no further evidence is much required to prove his “mistake”. We never heard any evidence for this one, but maybe something happened to all “witnesses”? In the end of the day there is a reason for such a desperate move from government and the rumors do not come from nowhere. However they do experience selling psilocybin in a form of shrooms in resorts in bars, but technically same punishment is applicable. It’s also illegal in the country being stoned, so that one should not even possess a joint or a mushroom to “enjoy” the trouble in full.

If you ever decide to step this path we’d better recommend start from learning Thai language, which is fun, and may make you inspired without any dope. The country is one of the best to explore however, full of discoveries, highly developed, and one of the safest in the region. They just do not like smoking and smokers 😉


In short – stay away, until better change. The country’s “super hero” was fighting for freedom and safety against gangs before the elections, and is famous for making Davao the safest city on Earth after Kyoto and Tokyo, but after the elections the policy has suddenly changed to practice reckless war on plants. “Without a trial” is also a common scenario over there and – even more – encouraged by government.

They report a national problem which is alcohol, and they report a national problem which is not-working men exploiting women, and they use volunteer squads entitled to hunt marijuana related population. Make a call to an Embassy of Philippines and negotiate only for fun about investment to the country, or come up to meet them for a better interview, ask questions, and some answers maybe make you hair moving and stand on end, and this gonna be only the official part of information.

Now imagine: always drunk low-educated and armed “volunteers” without proper salaries are desperately hunting in the streets at night for whatever their heads can consider as a “drug abuse” inspired by “president” to deliver 32 heads per day. Nothing to add here.

Now let’s go to a better place:


They practice the death penalty for tourists from time to time. While reports are not numerous, but we are sure it may not be a consolation. Before 2015 the psilocybin was completely allowed and widely available in the street markets, but since 2015 it is completely banned with the same punishment for violation. There are islands however that officially are not controlled by government, easy to find them on map, and quite easy to get there, but then think that it’s not controlled by all means. A little bit extreme vacation may happen to be, while nobody complained by far.


Both de-juro and de-facto weed is allowed, yet not a reason to carry a kilo in a backpack. The government once stated that they have million problems with economy, climate, housing etc. etc. and marijuana is not in a focus at all, neither enforced. Being a part of culture for few thousand years, “war on plants” is not considered as a priority. Sources say that there is no local law in this regard at all. People say one may ask for an ounce right in a farmer market, but with precautions of course, because it’s said million other issues in the country do exist.


Cambodia Man driving Elephant (Weed in Southeast Asia)
Photo by Jordi Ganduxe

Allowed. Available. Most of locals will run from you when you ask, but technically it’s allowed for cooking as a spice, and even more – served to tourists in a form of weed pizza infused with cannabis! It’s called happy pizza and numerous shops offer this happy pizza openly in touristic areas of Seam Reap and Phnom Penh, just find them on google maps, wink to waiter and ask to make your pizza “happy”. That’s it!

Maybe the second easiest place after Amsterdam in this regard

Some sources state that the opiates can also be added into happy pizza along with cannabis, and as soon as consumed via digestions please take precautions if you ever decide to try. And keep in mind: the fact can’t be ignored that the generation of so-called Red Khmers is still there, once they were thinking that wearing glasses or reading a book was a crime resulting immediate execution. Wrong heads are always a problem regardless of culture or laws, aren’t they?

Read more: Discover Happy Pizza, the phenomena of Cambodia

Sri Lanka.

Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity, was a patron of the island for ages, he smoked weed due to the legends and basically blessed both medical and recreational marijuana to be used by people, but after few thousand years he happened to be helpless to resist US economy. The weed is recently banned in 2015 to disgrace Ayurveda, the ancient herb medicine, which is now loosing popularity and a number of such doctors “isolated from society”. Now the country cultivates marijuana for international trade, but for public it is still not allowed.

Maybe the youngest Prohibition in the World is in the country ironically having oldest tradition of consumption of cannabis

Locals also say that one can easily find a plant in a wild and there are no law enforcement but just be sure there are snakes, gorillas (Lankan ones are very beautiful animals by the way), various predators and damn big insects and damn big spiders. I know for sure I would not go this way for a puff.

About The Weed Vaporization

Vaping weed or weed vaporization has really taken off over the last few years, as more and more fans of herb realize the health benefits that come with this innovative new way of enjoying the green stuff. While it was all around for decades but the true commercial boost and popularity have come just recently. Many switch to “Medical Weed Vaporization” from simple “Cannabis Smoking” at times following only the fancy trend and it is an enough reason for someone, but many do it because the weed vaporization is considered to be more healthy: I’ve asked few random dummies “why do you think so?” and suddenly discovered that they’ve actually never being thinking about. Like if you say on TV that the sky is a huge orange peel and the stars are marijuana seeds and they may believe it.

First of all, vaping may happen to be more healthy than traditional smoking of the same material but then: but just it’s far from being the same material at times. Open up a true cuban cigar and lick the inside of it or chew it or burn it in the end (just keep in mind that you are about to receive its ingredients through the contact with the membrane in the mouth by doing so). For the sake of comparison open up a vape-capsule and… well… I would never recommend to lick it, I would even feel anxious if the contains touch my skin. Much depends on manufacture and the licensing regulations in the country of manufacture of course. But it’s easy to accept that it is not exactly the same. Consider the manufacturer at least when choosing your weed vaporization capsules or whatever other forms of it.

Secondly, When you perform a normal smoking puff: technically speaking it is also a weed vaporization that happens, by physical meaning: converting solid or liquid material into gas by affection of heat. But the temperature differs enough to reason that the smoke delivers another set of “burning products” comparing to the set of “vapouring products”. However it’s another matter of research to find out which set is worse and which is better, including the psychological effects that come up along after rejecting the old good classic smoking method. I think that the best way is always double-check it asking some professional, the one you trust (a doctor, for example, if you ever trust one). For me personally the vapouring did not work and affected the blood pressure badly, but let’s realise that it’s all very individual and nothing from this article can be used or considered as an advice in no way by no one (except that one about asking a professional).

The standard vaporizer mechanism – How this weed vaporization device works

The Cambridge Dictionary states that it is “vaporiZation” and “vaporiZe” while some media uses “vaporisation” and “vaporiser” (with “s” instead of “z”). Sorta piece of a good-to-know information. Well, the classic Nicotine Vaporizer’s mechanism looks pretty like this:

Heating Elements in Vaporiser Give Heat to Herbs To Vapour 'Em

They put a cotton pieces into heating elements (orange colour in the above picture) and the cotton takes liquid inside of itself and this liquid contains nicotine or THC or whatever, and aromatic chemicals. The heating elements heat the cotton and consequently the liquid starts being transformed into gas (vapours) with the proper set of desired compounds in this gas, that is finally all inhaled. Simple.

The Turkish Hookah is good for weed vaporization too except (maybe) the amount of supply which increments

There are also other means of vaporization through the ages of mankind history, along with the aromatisation methods:

Other Means Of Vaporization - the Hookah

This is a classic Turkish hookah (or a water-pipe). Indeed they use in every-day life much higher devices, 1 – 1,5 metres high, put them on floor and they may occur to be significantly higher than a table, considering Turkish use very low tables in a proper cafes. Hot coals are on top of the upper “cup”, the ceramic bowl, isolated with aluminium paper from herb (e.g. tobacco), which is moistened with the juices from fresh fruits and the blend is placed inside this ceramic bowl. The coal plays the role of a heater but not contacting straight to the herb and normally the herb is not on fire. Basically everybody knows the idea.

Weed Vaporization Bongs

Pretty much as an ancient manual vaporizer

The full mechanism of the hookah, including the moisture, the aluminium paper, the long way down the stem to the glass or ceramic vase filled with cold water down in the base of a hookah, and a long-long wooden “mouth piece” that one uses to inhale from, accompanied by an even longer hose — all this works for decreasing the temperature and for extra cleaning from possible “burning products”. Some say it cleans up to 90% of toxins. Pretty same what modern vaporisers do, but with the difference that the heat is regulated manually by amounts of juice, number of coals, their size, and their placement on top of the device which may also alter the amount of air incoming. A bit tricky to learn, but then isn’t it a magical moment? Visit Turkey for a couple of months (I believe it’s their maximum tourist visa period), find a good reliable place, and they’ll disclose all the details and all the secrets how the hookah works and how to use it. Maybe even pick up one on the way back as a souvenir. Just it’s not a pocket device but it’s pretty cool and authentic with its own pros and cons.

Not to say it is often quite a piece of artesian art:

Turkish Hookah

Well I’ve found it curious to discover what is happening when I vape, how vaporisers work, and what to expect from them, there are plenty of curious “pros and cons”. Not to defend smoking (by no means!) but to find out what is the very idea and make a personal choice of mine.