Marijuana in Asia 2019 update – Thailand and South Korea

Mon, 25/Feb/19

Marijuana in Asia is traditionally a tough nut to crack by all means.  For possession or consumption of marijuana in Asian countries (or simply for “being stoned” at times, like UAE law suggests to charge any amount in blood or urine as possession) the death sentence is still a “normal” experience along with a lack or none of distinguish between a joint, a kilo, a wild mushroom or a poppy seed in a breakfast bun. I have been once searched in Jakarta, Indonesia for — HAVING A TICKET TO AMSTERDAM! Ta-dah!! Be careful, they do not practice sense of humour.

While the western world is slowly cancelling the Prohibition (thank you, Barack Obama) since 2013 for 6 years already, the Asian nations controversially execute tourists and outlaw wild mushrooms in Indonesia (wow! how the mushrooms feel themselves I wonder), ruthlessly raid Ayurvedic shops in Sri Lanka — suddenly in 2015 after few thousand of years since these shops exist for sake of healing. Not to mention the tragic elimination of 4,000+ fellow-citizens by the name of “War on plants” in Philippines…

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Yet, there is a hope! It is a biggest surprise for all the marijuana industry that namely South Korea and Thailand are now on the white side, or on the green side to be precise. I would never bet that any of these two would be ever the first in a whole Asia who allow medical marijuana use!

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Thailand Government is officially buying weed from home growers, Forbes says

Thailand Government Speeds-up Pioneering Marijuana legal market of South East Asia

Medical Marijuana in Thailand

Democratic government in Thailand democratically voted “166” to “0” for allowing medical marijuana use. Right before the western New Year in the end of December 2019 stating that:

“This is a New Year’s gift from the National Legislative Assembly to the Thai people”, — Just a little bit ridiculous for the nation which celebrates a traditional new year on 14th of April, when Sun enters Aries according to the zodiac system… It is officially year 2562 now in Thailand… okay, whatever.

Thailand gains recognition nowadays as one of the leading countries in the region for medical care, offering very affordable prices for the very high level of treatment in dental care, pregnancy and birth care, cosmetic surgery (of course!) and organ transplantation, and, and, and — pretty everything. My personal experience is that they do have the best hospitals in the world: I was using one in Bangkok by the reason of birth-care and it was the outstanding experience, I must admit! and I’m already thinking why not make another baby and go to Thailand, especially if there’ll be weed, heh!

Besides, Thai people are a friendly-beyond-imaginable nation by themselves, at least until the day when they take a gun and go to streets to shoot those kids who traffic weed in a way of smoking a single joint. Anyway — you practically in love with the medical personnel and their level of professionalism and the way they are doing is state of the art I’d say. While tourism is already a huge and welcoming industry in Thailand, and the Thai weed strain is famous enough among stoners, I think they really-really have 200% chance to offer the coolest-ever dank-resorts, remarkable on the world map, hopefully, in the nearest future.

Medical Marijuana in South Korea

I love South Korea for Colours! This is Seoul, some building ten years ago

I love South Korea for Colours! This is some sky-scrapper somewhere in Seoul, year 2008

As for South Korea, the beautiful nation and the beautiful land, have just applied very recently the appropriate changes to the Narcotics Control Act in November 2018 becoming the first Asian nation allowing theoretical marijuana use. By that South Korea is overtaking Malaysia, the latter announced in September 2018 its desire to be the first Asian follower of US cannabis policy but occurred to be late and Korea wins the race!

Medical marijuana products in South Korea are supposed to be tightly restricted, but the law approval is already seen as a breakthrough in a country many believed would be the last. The Government intents to start import of THC and CBD-based medications in the first half of 2019, and the imported cannabis products by far must be approved by the health agencies in certain countries or EU and USA.

We all glad for things are changing in Asia whichever reasons have led them to the decision, and hopefully they’re keeping a clear intention to continue the liberation of plants in its world famous Asian way — at the full pace.

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Discover Happy Pizza, The Phenomena of Cambodia

Sun, 18/Mar/18

It’s not well-spread information, and it even surprises us, that the weed is virtually legal in Cambodia, in a form of weed pizza. Technically speaking even in Amsterdam it is not much legal to the date to possess and consume, but imagine that in Cambodia it is ‘allowed’ to cultivate in a household a reasonable amount to use marijuana as a spice for cooking the traditional Cambodian food recipes. So weed is widely used, and this is the way how they offer the product to tourists without a hide.

Cambodia’s Weed Pizza Is Called Happy Pizza

It’s not easy to find all of the legal information about the weed pizza as soon as the official sources are mostly in their language, while other media sources state quite contradictorily to each other. Just do not let yourself to forget that the country is foreign to you, and like any country of the world it have its own issues. But it is so easy to forget everything in such a friendly place: We have tried once this weed pizza in Hospital Avenue in Seam Reap (a small touristic town in Cambodia by the border with Thailand), and it is an UNBELIEVABLE experience especially in the reality of Southeast Asia

Cambodia Weed Pizza a.k.a. Happy Pizza

Happy Special Pizza in Seam Reap (Cambodia) is a highly recommended restaurant in blogs for serving the weed pizza. We’ve tried one, and we’ve felt ourselves higher than heaven! Unbelievable in the reality of Southeast Asia

They serve weed pizza stuffed and topped with marijuana leaves and flowers, they bring it to you with generously-dominating green colour. The digestion is slowing down the effect dramatically, and the weed of Cambodia – I must admit – is damn rich under the Cambodian Sun! And it is not exactly “cultivated” by the Western meaning, in other words, pretty wild… pretty wild… Some people over the cannabis blogs even suspect that the weed pizza providers add a small bit of opiates, which is also “virtually legal” for Cambodian traditional cooking recipes, and for cultural and religious ceremonies.

Seam Reap is a new hotspot for Marijuana tourists is becoming popular and is likely to grow one day to be a New Amsterdam of Asia

Okay, this weed pizza was a very cool experience anyway! No regret! No doubt!

Happy Elephants — Weed Pizza Providers

Imagine: They Even Offer Happy Hours For Happy Pizza! Isn't it cool?

Only imagine that: They even offer Happy Hours for the Happy Pizza.

In the touristic places of Phnom Penh, the capital of the country (yet not the best city of the world to spend holidays), and Seam Reap, which is much-much better, a small touristic town next to Thailand border where the Angkor Watt rests in a jungle… the streets over there are flooded with the snack-bars and restaurants serving openly the weed pizza: Happy Angkor, Happy Elephant, Happy this and Happy that. And this is quite well-represented in the online maps too.

Use “Happy” As A Keyword When Ordering For Getting Your Potion of Weed Pizza

For expressing your intention clearly to restaurant’s staff you may openly use the wording “happy” while ordering the weed pizza. Use it in any way you wish, because they do really understand why you are there. Something like “make it happy” (the one we used), and they’ll understand you perfectly.

Otherwise they bring a regular pizza, which is also legal in Cambodia 😉

Cambodia Weed Pizza Report - Seam Reap is a new hotspot for marijuana tourists

Seam Reap is a new hotspot for Marijuana tourists is becoming popular and is likely to grow one day to be a New Amsterdam of Asia. Image is a courtesy of Happy Special Pizza’s website (Seam Reap)


Weed in Southeast Asia

Sun, 07/Jan/18

If you want go East,
Do not use the road leading to West

(by Ramakrishna 1836 – 1886).

About one half of humankind live in South East Asia, overcrowded huge cities, extraterrestrial street-food, hundreds thousands years of history, a huge territory covered by the same culture:

Beautiful and Glorious Southeast Asia

Jump down this page to:
BangladeshCambodiaSri Lanka

It’s said in legends that while the prehistoric war between humans and apes for the dominance on the Planet (this story is depicted on the walls of Angkor Watt and also in Ramayana epic) while the last battle of Lanka (we do not state that hereby but there is a version) few ape-generals fell down from sky and became ancient Kings of Asia. Few of them obviously hit their head too hard on the way down.

Let’s find out what’s up there about weed from legal point of view:


In short – forget about, and never think again. They use death penalty, and there are rumors that they have a sort of directive that a cop may execute a consumer right in place without a trial and no further evidence is much required to prove his “mistake”. We never heard any evidence for this one, but maybe something happened to all “witnesses”? In the end of the day there is a reason for such a desperate move from government and the rumors do not come from nowhere. However they do experience selling psilocybin in a form of shrooms in resorts in bars, but technically same punishment is applicable. It’s also illegal in the country being stoned, so that one should not even possess a joint or a mushroom to “enjoy” the trouble in full.

If you ever decide to step this path we’d better recommend start from learning Thai language, which is fun, and may make you inspired without any dope. The country is one of the best to explore however, full of discoveries, highly developed, and one of the safest in the region. They just do not like smoking and smokers.

Update: Thailand and South Korea 2019-2020 update


In short – stay away, until better change. The country’s “super hero” was fighting for freedom and safety against gangs before the elections, and is famous for making Davao the safest city on Earth after Kyoto and Tokyo, but after the elections the policy has suddenly changed to practice reckless war on plants. “Without a trial” is also a common scenario over there and – even more – encouraged by government.

They report a national problem which is alcohol, and they report a national problem which is not-working men exploiting women, and they use volunteer squads entitled to hunt marijuana related population. Make a call to an Embassy of Philippines and negotiate only for fun about investment to the country, or come up to meet them for a better interview, ask questions, and some answers maybe make you hair moving and stand on end, and this gonna be only the official part of information.

Now imagine: always drunk low-educated and armed “volunteers” without proper salaries are desperately hunting in the streets at night for whatever their heads can consider as a “drug abuse” inspired by “president” to deliver 32 heads per day. Nothing to add here.

Update: Philippines passed Cannabis Bill (Bill No. 3961) in the end of December 2020 which will allow cultivation, export and retail in the country. Good news for Philippines, congratulations brothers.

Now let’s go to a better place:


They practice the death penalty for tourists from time to time. While reports are not numerous, but we are sure it may not be a consolation. Before 2015 the psilocybin was completely allowed and widely available in the street markets, but since 2015 it is completely banned with the same punishment for violation. There are islands however that officially are not controlled by government, easy to find them on map, and quite easy to get there, but then think that it’s not controlled by all means. A little bit extreme vacation may happen to be, while nobody complained by far.


Both de-juro and de-facto weed is allowed, yet not a reason to carry a kilo in a backpack. The government once stated that they have million problems with economy, climate, housing etc. etc. and marijuana is not in a focus at all, neither enforced. Being a part of culture for few thousand years, “war on plants” is not considered as a priority. Sources say that there is no local law in this regard at all. People say one may ask for an ounce right in a farmer market, but with precautions of course, because it’s said million other issues in the country do exist.


Cambodia Man driving Elephant (Weed in Southeast Asia)

Photo by Jordi Ganduxe

Allowed. Available. Most of locals will run from you when you ask, but technically it’s allowed for cooking as a spice, and even more – served to tourists in a form of weed pizza infused with cannabis! It’s called happy pizza and numerous shops offer this happy pizza openly in touristic areas of Seam Reap and Phnom Penh, just find them on google maps, wink to waiter and ask to make your pizza “happy”. That’s it!

Maybe the second easiest place after Amsterdam in this regard

Some sources state that the opiates can also be added into happy pizza along with cannabis, and as soon as consumed via digestions please take precautions if you ever decide to try. And keep in mind: the fact can’t be ignored that the generation of so-called Red Khmers is still there, once they were thinking that wearing glasses or reading a book was a crime resulting immediate execution. Wrong heads are always a problem regardless of culture or laws, aren’t they?

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Sri Lanka.

Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity, was a patron of the island for ages, he smoked weed due to the legends and basically blessed both medical and recreational marijuana to be used by people, but after few thousand years he happened to be helpless to resist US economy. The weed is recently banned in 2015 to disgrace Ayurveda, the ancient herb medicine, which is now loosing popularity and a number of such doctors “isolated from society”. Now the country cultivates marijuana for international trade, but for public it is still not allowed.

Maybe the youngest Prohibition in the World is in the country ironically having oldest tradition of consumption of cannabis

Locals also say that one can easily find a plant in a wild and there are no law enforcement but just be sure there are snakes, gorillas (Lankan ones are very beautiful animals by the way), various predators and damn big insects and damn big spiders. I know for sure I would not go this way for a puff.