Moroccan “love candy” called Majoun, brilliant storms of laughter

Populated by Alice B. Toklas, also known by the movie “I love you Alice B. Toklas” from 60’s, the explorer, the author, she gave a cookbook to the world as an ultimate summary of her adventures. The book includes a hashish recipes among other yummies, and is also a biographic cookbook. Might be dope!

Moroccan Hashish Candy

However many link this Alice B’ Toklas recipe to the Moroccan traditional candy, and we know or at least we have heard thousand times how rich with hashish is the Moroccan dessert, supported by Berber culture: people live in desert, smoke dankest dank, they call it kif, make candies and ride camels over sand dunes glowing orange in the sunset, and no single stranger around – totally romantic. This is what she says in her book about that hashish love candy:

Euphoria and brilliant storms of laughter; ecstatic revelries and extensions of one’s personality on several simultaneous planes are to be complacently expected (from Alice B. Toklas cookbook)

The candy named Majoun, some say it is in Arabic a “love potion”, I do not know Arabic, let us believe it’s a true translation, no problem, sounds trustworthy enough. In Sri Lanka, in their Ayurvedic, they also use cannabis for aphrodisiac. And many stoners know for sure why it is so, hahahaha! Okay…

Here’s the recipe of Majoun Hashish Candy

1) Take dry marijuana bud, or shake (stems and leaves, but you’ll need a double amount of it rather if buds) and toast them over very low heat until the aromas are released. It is a good idea to use a cooking thermometer, if you’re up to cooking, and to cannabis cooking specifically, the thermometer is the tiny investment which helps you to master the THC output off your cannabis cookies. The process is called Decarb, which is the most important thing in cannabis cooking, it makes your weed POTENTIAL.

2) Mix the leaves with raisins, walnuts, nutmeg, anise, ginger, honey, and water, adding more water if the mixture is too dry and crumbly.

3) Simmer together until the mixture is soft and thick. Mash by hand. Some sources recommend a food processor to blend, using several short pulses, however cooking marijuana edibles is a mystery and a joy for the heart: like rolling blunts manually you enjoy it the best, when grinder is the only allowed machinery, cooking by hands always give fruits. Doing any cooking, even if not cannabis, by hands you feel it better, you are part of the process, and you master it every single time. Also you lose an amount of bud material in a blender.

4) Stir in cannabutter, spoon into a jar, and refrigerate for storage. Spread on crackers or plain cookies, or use as a filling for stuffed cookies. Majoun will keep for about 2 to 3 months refrigerated, people say.

You will also need cannabutter, the tutorial is here: Free Edible Cookbook

(always careful with edibles, they are as potent as they are tasty)

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