THC: Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol

What is THC in a simple explain. It is an abbreviation from: Delta Nine Tetra Hydro Cannabinol, often referred more shortly as Tetra-hydro-cannabinol, which is already better known as THC. Technically it is a chemical compound, and the main psycho-active component of marijuana, namely the very thing making you high. THC is delivered through trichomes — the holy grail for all home growers (and industrial too).

Below is the formula how the THC compound appears for a chemistry brainiac…

 Here —  the world famous formula of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, well recognised thanks to millions of t-shirts and touristic merchandise:

Psychoactive compound THC and its chemical formula in a doodle style infographics

How It Works

Everybody knows? You close your eyes, relax and imagine a green valley of goodness and a sunshine and a girl. If it goes easy then your mind is open and therefore it works, but the case if not much green or not a valley […] Anyway, this state of mind and body is frequently highlighted in all kinds of motion pictures, in attempt to translate someone’s feelings into graphics and sound, practically this is the definition of art, innit.

Like this one, for example:

South Park. Kenny's cheesing dream girl, the cartoon Steampunk Femme Fatal
Kenny’s Femme Fatale, Psychedelic Cheesing Dream
South Park series by


We’d better wrap it up in a form of:

Frequently Asked Questions about THC:

#1 — Where it belongs

THC, the most valuable out of more than 100+ cannabinols in a regular plant of cannabis, is stored in (or delivered through) trichomes of a cannabis plant. The quantity and the condition of trichomes define the amount of THC in buds, and also by color of trichomes you understand when it’s time to harvest the ready bud. How erect them practically big: find in tutorials, and this is a strong reason why those trichomes are so “photogenic” all over internet. They are the fabric of THC.

Northern Lights Trichomes

These crystal monstrosities are thrichomes (on the picture), magnified, and they still can be seen with a bare eye on a bud of a good quality: trichomes makes bud look frosty. Thrichomes are glands of the plant, they are full of rosin (or resin) and full of thc, thca to be precise, anyway that one eventually making you high.

#2 — The chemistry when you make a puff

On temperature 220-235℉ (105-112℃) carbon dioxide gets rleased from the THC-acid, called decarboxylation, transforming it into THC, and then on more heat on temperature 350℉ (176℃) the THC evapourates: gets from solid condition into gas. This is how THC is delivered into body when you smoke weed.

On molecular low level the molecular of THC has a very proper structure (in that molecular low level) so that THC-particles may perfectly fit to and may interact with specific cannabinoid receptors in human brain, and these receptors are specially designed by nature to accept cannabinoids. These cannabinoid receptors form into groups to be a sort of sites, and these binding sites altogether are an endocannabinoid system (wiki), working 24×7 to exchange cannabinoids. It’s not exactly that human brain or body by itself produce ‘controllable substances’ and have a delivery system and this makes you high free of charge – not that but the idea is something like that. Let me just think that the full system of our body is compatible with THC by luck.

Then THC when achieves one’s brain cells it connects to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and ignites the chemical processes and some of them finally change your behaviour along with way of thinking. The receptors concentrated in the parts of the brain responsible for movement, memory, and frontal cortex – the thing we think with. Obviously these three of your ‘properties’ are being altered when you bake. And it is individual if you loose part of memory or obtain new memorising capabilities for awhile: only remember that THC is not only component of a weed. Tons of them and they are all affect something on some chemical level. Stay reasonable and listen to your body carefully and no rush.

#3 — What is anandamide

Reading some random FAQ’es you often think is it a frequently asked question for real?

“Listen, iam shy to ask dont you know what is anandamide”

– come on it cannot be a very frequent question.


The current study says this is how it works:

image source and a nice article about the subject

By some means, happiness and spirituality is the original purpose of this whole body system and those cells we only enable it working when getting stoned.

image source and an article about brain

#4 — How much of THC in a weed

Think 20-25% of thc is a very good quality for a very good recreational weed somewhere in Amsterdam or in the middle of Colorado. 8-12% of thc is still very good, for a wild weed or some street dunk, pressed into bricks like they do it in Paraguay. In some countries governments practice to deliver official weed into pharmacies with the really low decreased amount of thc, it may go as low as 1-2% like they do in Uruguay (and it is still the recreation is the purpose, hohoho). In hemp, or medical weed the thc in US may not be higher than 0.3% by law.

#5 — How THC has been discovered:

Professor Raphael Mechoulam

The name of the hero is Proffessor Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli scientist, born in Sofia (Bulgaria). He has done to THC science pretty everything: discovered, isolated, fully synthesized, as well as identified the anandamide.

Is Loadrunner a Marijuana game?

The stoner’s mindset is different, like any other mindsets, they are all different, that is why they are distiguished. And yes, Loderunner is one of the most Marijuanish games ever created by man, maybe sharing the glory of perfection to Super Mario and RTW, which are a certain dope too. And this is another beautiful new entry into our stoner’s game collection.

An often mislead that marijuana game is full of marijuana buds, but — nay! If a random stoner likes watching videos when baked, and not exclusively weed-themed movies, growing tutorials, or some seriously cannabis-scientific stuff. More likely they are movies bringing that random stoner higher, of course among others such may include podcasts and science. That is how stoners hang out, and this is the game to hang out!

Nothing can make the lode runner more perfect because it is already the solid perfection – the singularity in platform gaming.

Action Platform Masterpiece the Loderunner

Released for the first time thirty years ago, lode runner has demonstrated an instant success and is now already the OG of gaming, suggesting the immediate engaging for a gamer, you only start touching its simple-as-hell controls and in a moment one hour left behind, 150 levels are now your goal in life, be careful, hahahaha, it is HIGHly addictive.

Loderunner javascript color change
Click to play the game
(for desktops, require keyboard)

Loderunner, the running guy dressed in rastafarian colors above on the screenshot, does not carry any weapon, but he can shoot a hole in a floor and trap the bad guys as the hole refills timely. He can also trap himself or slip through the hole, you need shoot thoughtfully.

There were numerous mimics of lode runner game thru its history, and we think its gameplay is already comprehensive, its graphics is the best fit as it shows the playing field strategically clean, and the original game holds up today. Nothing to re-invent, and nothing can even make the lode runner more perfect because it is already the solid perfection, practically reaching the singularity state in platform gaming, no less.

Lode Runner is the puzzle and is the strategy

The game requires both quick reflexes and quick thinking, this is the action puzzle, you think strategic and you think fast. You see the labyrinth all at once on the screen and that enables the strategic thinking, like if you see the whole battle field, predicting bad guys behaviour as they hunt on you, you solve the certain puzzle just better be really quick in it.

Loderunner Javascript Game
Loderunner requires both Quick reflexes and Quick thinking
click here to play online (and requires keyboard)

You are to regain all the stashes of gold from the labyrinth, and in this version we replaced gold with the bitcoin pixelwork, and it fits the game nicely.

Easy to play hard to master

Loderunner is the type of games which we usually call “easy to play, hard to master”, the player may starts right away, and win soon the first few levels, getting loads of joy, yet even early levels slowly and pretty soon start providing a challenge.

This javascript version fits for desktop or laptop by means that you need a keyboard as a control, we work to add the mobile screen support. The version is from the open source github library, we publish it here to honor one of the best titles in the videogame history.

Loderunner javascript web game online
Loderunner is the Stoner’s game: it’s Easy to play and hard to master. Play online

You need to try it, it’s a dope.

Click any of the loderunner screenshots above to start playing “loderunner”.

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