Best Rosin Press Review

Tue, 14/Aug/18

If you have discovered the joy of using dabs, creating your own rosin is the next step in the process as it means you’ll never run out of the very best product for your vaporizer. Rosin is a premium product and offers the most intense and flavorful experiences, but you’ll need a piece of equipment to produce it.

The rising popularity of rosin means that there’s now a great choice of rosin presses available for sale. But which one is the best? We take a closer look at the three top contenders below.

The Rosin Bomb Rocket

Rosin Bomb are one of the leaders in the rosin pressing industry, continuously offering innovation, and the Rocket is one of their most recent machines.

Rosin Bomb Rocket is the most compact rosin press from the Rosin Bomb company, the leading manufacture of the extraction equipment

This rosin press is one of their most portable designs as it’s just 10 inches tall and weighs only 15lbs. This means if you want to toss it in a backpack and carry it a few blocks, you won’t break your back in the process.

This press throws out 1800lbs of force and is capable of handling 5g of raw material at once. This is a decent amount for a small group and with just 10 minutes to heat up, you won’t have to wait for too long.

The Rosin Bomb Super Rosin Press

The Super Rosin Press is a mighty powerhouse and another superb offering from the much-respected Rosin Bomb. Standing just 16 inches tall, it would be tempting to dismiss this as lacking in strength and capacity but that would be a huge mistake.

Powerful solution for the rosin exctract, the Super Rosin Press from Rosin Bomb, the most respectful company in the field

The Super Rosin Press is a mighty machine, capable of processing up to 14g of material at once. This makes it ideal for when you want to produce larger quantities or if you want to enjoy some fresh dabs with your friends. The time it takes these mighty plates to heat up is the only drawback, with about 30 minutes needed to get to full working temperature.

Once in use, the Super Rosin Press releases 5500lbs of force, squeezing the material hard to release all the possible rosin. This press comes with some handy mesh bags too, this makes sure no unwanted plant material gets mixed up with the rosin and impedes the quality.

Although the Super Rosin Press is fairly unobtrusive in size, it’s a heavy weight at more than 35lbs. While it would fit into your backpack, you’d have to be pretty muscly and strong to be able to drag this machine from one place to the next. This means it’s far more suitable for those who simply want to use it at home.

Rosin X Auto Compact Press

If you loved the original Rosin X Mini, this is the machine for you, delivering all of the same quality but upgraded to offer greater efficiency and product.

This press is simple to use, just plug it in, place your herbs in a fold of parchment paper, heat and release. It takes around 7-10 seconds to produce the rosin before you release the plates to reveal what’s underneath.

Rosin X Auto Compact Press, an exotic portable solution for the resin extraction, from the powerful Rosin Bomb, the leading and the famous one too

The Rosin X Auto Compact certainly lives up to its name as it can only process around 1.5g of material per press. This means it’s great for personal use but a bit limiting if you’re hoping to create some fresh dabs for you and your friends. You might be tempted to squeeze more into the plates but while it’s true that there is more room, it will inhibit the process. This means you won’t get the same yield and will just be wasting some of your raw material.

Despite its diminutive size, this press isn’t short of power, exerting a magnificent 500lbs of pressure while in use.

At 1250g it’s very lightweight making it a portable rosin press, but the limitations of the production amount mean it’s not the most sociable presser to use.

The winner?

The best rosin press really is a matter of personal preference and for what you’re planning on using it for. If you need large quantities then it’s difficult to argue with the Rosin Bomb Super Press. However, at 30 minutes to warm up it’s not the most convenient rosin press you’ll find.

In contrast the Rosin X Auto is beautifully compact and ready to use in just 5 minutes. The drawback here is the small production capacity, only able to process 1.5g each time.

This means that for many the Rosin Bomb Rocket is the top pick, offering a compromise of portability and large quantities. There is a generous capacity for your herbs but you’ll only have to wait for 10 minutes to get started. It’s portable, powerful and is backed by one of the top manufacturers in the industry. That’s why, for the versatility and ease of performance, the Rosin Bomb Rocket is the top pick here.


Copa Cannabis Montevideo (Uruguay) 2017

Mon, 16/Oct/17

From 14 to 15 of October 2017 the annual Cannabis Weekend, former Copa Cannabis (Cannabis Cup) Montevideo yet containing the Copa Cannabis as a part of a program, have been taking place in the beachfront of Montevideo, in Plaza Mateo, in Uruguay. And I believe we are the first in all the internet throwing a small report about the event.

Copa Cannabis Montevideo (Uruguay) 2017

Certainly the most remarkable cannabis show of the year 2017, not just for the new products (of which there were plenty) but for the atmosphere of complete friendship and peace and safety: in the “communicational clouds” the exhibitors and guests have been testing the latest puffing equipment all the time, checking the quality of various rosin-extraction techniques all along, and sharing stuff willingly to the visitors (for the demonstration purpose of course).

Yes, you read right, the big part of the show this time (except the puff) was technology – and a little bit lack of attention to anything else alike new fancy strains or growing techniques or whatever else related to cannabis business. And totally nothing in regard to the industry-wise legal services as if all possible cannabis business issues have all gone by 2017 (hey, isn’t it too early?) or at least for the days of the show.

Numerous implementations of rosin-extraction machinery has been obviously the main eye-catcher of the show. Pretty all or almost all participating cannabis merchants, mostly from South America of course, have deployed their own “battering ram” for rosin. And there were few truly beautiful concepts I must admit.

Our website have got a nice record in the history of Copa Cannabis 2017 in Uruguay too, but this time by placing two very cute and stunningly beautiful “ganja girls”. Very special thanks to all the visitors avalanching our girls with camera-shots and we hope we shall discover another thousand of images in social media and a proper amounts of likes.

AngryBud's Copa Cannabis Girl Montevideo 2017 behind the scene AngryBud's Copa Cannabis Girl Montevideo 2017 the beginning's Body Art Beautiful Girls Painted in Copa Cannabis Montevideo 2017's Body Art Beautiful Girl in Copa Cannabis Montevideo 2017
Give a like to owners of the event: they’ve got a nice facebook page and I’m sure they are rolling out the report of their own. Meanwhile, enjoy our few photos:

Hard to be a media guy on a cannabis show

Media Guy Interview BodyArt Model at CannabisCupMontevideo 2017

A lot of work:

Media at Cannabis Cup's weed weekend in Montevideo Uruguay cannabis bodyart art show

AngryBud BodyArt Artists at Work at CannabisCupMontevideo 2017

Sleeping beauty. Maybe stoned a little

Sleeping Beauty - A Woman with AngryBud Logo BodyArt'ed

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Cultivating Proper Trichomes

Wed, 16/Aug/17

Many cannabis growers are in love with what they grow. It’s natural to be proud of one’s achievements, especially when their development is dependant on so many factors: light, air, environment, watering, etc. etc. But rather than focusing purely on the size of the cannabis plant and the number of flowers it produces, it pays (literally) to dedicate time to help the plant produce the most rosin, and therefore the most potent trichomes, which it can.


Trichomes are small sugar granule-like crystals made from the rosin the plants excrete to thrive in its environment. Some of the oils repel pests, while others attract pollinating insects. Like various glands in a human body, the glands of a plant (trichomes) contain all chemistry the plant produces, and this includes all terpenes and flavonoids and, of course, cannabinoids. The following growing weed at home tutorial is focused on what you, the home cannabis grower, can do to stimulate rosin production which, in turn, is what forms those sparkly trichomes. When you master the art of cultivating proper trichomes the results will be evident in the lab-testing stage where you will notice higher concentrations of CBD, THC, terpenes, and other desireable cannabinoids.

Marijuana Leaves Buds Trichomes Indoor Cannabis Farm

Males And Females Of Cannabis Plant

There are male and females of the marijuana plant, and it’s only females being producing flowering buds that can later be smoked or turned into an extract. If you start with feminized seeds, all of the seeds you germinate have the potential to produce potent flowers but none feminized seeds will have to be sorted out in the flowering phase: Both males and females will sprout buds, but they will appear different on either plant—females with their long, whitish hairs, and males with hanging “balls.” Remove the boys immediately before they pollinate the females or you won’t get as big a harvest.

And another thing to remember and not to forget:

The Hermaphrodite Alert

Because of sudden changes in the environment of the plant the female plants can become shocked into becoming hermaphroditic if you don’t keep the growing conditions consistent and that’s a big waste of time and energy.

Encouraging trichomes in the flowering phase

Switch the light to 12-hours on and 12-hours off to signal to the plants that it is the “end of summer” and that harvest time is around the corner. Now is the time for them to switch from their vegetative phase to the flowering phase.


Even something as simple as keeping each cannabis “cola” bathed in good air flow, right to the end of the flowering stage, will help to increase bud size and rosin production. The end stage is the most challenging when it comes to stimulating rosin production and trichome growth. The plants are crowded in their space, vying for light and air and nutrients, but it’s not the time for you to quit and be satisfied with the trichomes that already exist. This is the final stretch, after all! Cannabis is a plant that relies on wind to pollinate, but it also knows when it’s futile to waste energy on buds that won’t be passing on their genetics. The cannabis plant will, therefore, save its energy so that it can put it toward buds that are exposed to a breeze. This is the optimal time to separate plants a little more, give them plenty of space, and kick that airflow into gear without making the room into a wind tunnel. Remember, the more energy a plant expels in the adult growth stage, the more rosin-filled the yields will be.

Transparent Trichomes on a Leaf of Cannabis Plant

Transparent Trichomes on a Leaf of Cannabis Plant

Trichomes Matter

Trichomes are small hears (coming from Greek “trichomes” are translated as “hairs”). They are on the epidermis (“skin”) of a plant. Technically they are glands, and plants use them for many chemical purposes: whether it is attacking a prey for a carnivorous plant or a psychedelic message to humanity or maybe only a medical help.

Like various glands in a human body the glands of a plant (trichomes) contain all chemistry the plant produce, and this includes all terpenes and flavonoids and of course THC. A combination of these mentioned contents indeed determines the quality and the properties of marijuana and quality of a cannabis plant. This makes trichomes of cannabis plants to be so important. Same importance as the weight of dry buds.

No trichomes? Don’t freak out

Allow your marijuana plants to have 2-3 months of time to flower to their fullest. Even if they have beautiful big buds, you won’t see full trichome expression on the leaves and buds until the end of the flowering phase. Check with your seed provider for an idea of how long you should wait; each genetic strain is different. You can also tell when the flowering phase is over and the harvest is ripe by observing the white hairs on the flowers turn a red or orange-tinted brown. The buds should be frosted with trichomes and will likely emit a powerful odor.

Preserving trichomes while harvest & trimming

Cut the whole plant just above the soil but avoid touching the sticky buds lest you lose precious trichomes doing so. Use small, sharp scissors to clip the leaves, often called “trim,” away from the buds and toss those leaves away. They are not suitable for smoking, but some people will juice them (resulting in a non-psychoactive, but nutritionally delicious drink). Then, clip the smaller, frosted, leaves that are closer to the bud and use a pollinator to agitate the trichomes off of them; ideal for pressing into hash or extracting with oil or butter for edibles. What’s left is the perfect little bud, just like you see at a dispensary but it’s still too moist to smoke.

Curing cannabis with trichomes in mind

Curing is a slow, tedious process but it will leave you with buds that burst apart between your fingers and burn beautifully. Do not use forced heat to cure your cannabis; leaving the buds in the oven or drying them with a hairdryer will rob it of oils and terpenes, completely ruining the taste and overall effect of the bud.

Simply leave the buds alone in a dark, dry room for about seven days. Move the buds to a glass jar in the same room, returning daily to take the lid off for about 20 minutes each day to release any humidity. When the stems snap quickly but still have some moisture inside, it means the curing process is nearly done. A hygrometer will help monitor RH levels, or Boveda packs will control the RH to the degree you desire. Store cannabis in a UV safe container for another 2–4 months to allow the chemical processes in the weed to slow down completely and for the THC and other cannabinoids to finish developing.