It’s official! Thailand Gov’t is now buying weed from home growers, Forbes says

Thailand fresh update is here. As said in Forbes, and I believe it’s already anywhere else said, that Thailand government shows again very serious intentions toward medical marijuana market, and they are doing fast! Thai Officials already promised few months ago, that the whole Thailand shall gain from legalization, now it is surprisingly coming true. Recently the Minister of Health of Thailand stressed twice in a speach, that “We are in the process of changing laws to allow the medical use of marijuana freely. We have high confidence that marijuana will be among the major agricultural products for Thai households. We are speeding up the law changes.” (due to Forbes)

The Thai Weed

Sweet! I’m checking tickets to Thailand. I ever loved this country from my first visit, and now they are going to trade weed freely. Of course, I think, the households may obviously lack in growing technology, they could hardly hold a very accurate thc limitation. I think, we are having beautiful Thai weed all around for the next couple of seasons hopefully. Don’t be much in a rush, no deadlines set yet, but they speed up, speed up, speed up. Check where the situation is now before going to Thailand if weed is the purpose, don’t go tomorrow morning asking marijuana in airport – still the bad plan.

According to Asia Times, Maejo University researchers planted 12,000 new medical marijuana seedlings in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai, while government’s Department of Medical Service officials have provided provided the seedlings and are now supervising the grow.

Officials expect the plants will produce medical marijuana within six months, Forbes says.

Thai Weed to be a Bordeaux of marijuana?

Read it here – Frenchy Dreams of Hashish (originally posted by Frenchy Cannoli)

Longterm Thailand Visa

Here is the hint for staying in Thailand longer: In Thailand many backpackers stay for long to try their fortune. Freelancers, online workers, like writers, designers, developers and stuff. If anyone meets a coin miner, ask him how’s Thailand in his field, we can add coin miners to the list )) It may be something changed, but as for my last check it was always extremely easy to have an education visa in Thailand. You apply to one of Thai language schools, which are numerous in the country and in Bangkok specifically, and I think it’s even fun to learn Thai a little, and by such they allow you to stay in the country for few months while the course lasts, there is some minimal requirement for a visa-run, like you need to make it once in a while but not often (requires a double-check). Having this permit you’ll be visiting the immigration office monthly or bimonthly, they may ask some “how are you” in Thai to see that you really study it, even if badly. They also perform random checks in class that you really attend it. Pretty much a system like we all have had in school, hahaha. And the good news that instead of Thai language you can alternatively apply to an English course, or some Thai Food Cooking course, and still you are having the same educational stay permission. I think you can do either in your own country, or right from the country. All works. Tested. Very easy.

Thai immigration website: (there is English version)

On the head photo – Intamara neighbourhood, in Bangkok.

South Korea Has Legalised Weed, Indeed

South Korea already became the pioneering country in South East Asia allowing medical use of cannabis, that was about 1 year ago. The other country was Thailand, and both practically did in the same moment, considering that one or two months are one second when it comes to political decisions. However, the historic record suggests Thai is the first while Korea is the second.

Thailand behaves rather enthusiastic about medical weed, promising a plant in every family to let the whole Thailand gain from weed tourists, every family and every person, hm, okay. Everyone heard about Golden Triangle, so there should not be a problem neither with technology nore supply, and many heard you can buy even shrooms in bars in Samui over the counter, while at the same time it’s a death penalty for such it demonstrates the attitude. And < this is not a guide, neither advice, and all information is nothing but opinion, and it can be inaccurate or outdated; briefly: this is a private blog, and you waive us, you are the one responsible for your decisions exclusively; I also believe in dragons and a world snake, but we all choose our beliefs on our own, alright? otherwise leave this page imeddiatelly and forget everything but our homepage url )) > I have just read it somewhere in ggl some time ago. Anyway, Thai ppl look like they do welcome marijuana, and express plainly the certain commercial expectations, and officially we speak about the medical use. Cannabis is good for treating practically any malfunction of a body, like diarrhea, for example – so why not prescribe a spliff if a street food in some night market of Bangkok was not good for you just once (honestly they offer a very high quality of food in those night markets, all is very clean and tasty, better than in Europe, I swear, especially in Bangkok, but shit happens however). No-no, I’m serious, all travellers and digital nomads know this is the issue you at least once can meet in Asia sooner or later…

Seoul, Insandong, Tourist stuff street market

This is the “address” where the funny guys from the picture live – in Insadong, the street market in Seoul, a very touristic attraction, half an hour walk from Koreana Hotel or City Hall, and it’s minutes in taxi (the cheapest and the BEST metropolitan taxi in the world!). A must see place anyway, no doubt. Look at their happy faces, isn’t it sweet, aren’t they telling us the weed is legal in Korea?! Yuppi! I love South Korea, I was living there for long, I’m happy our brothers in Korea have now a medical use, not yet implemented, still medical, but already legal.

That was a joke about Insadong, no weed I found there, and I would never try neither recommend to any one to search. It’s fuck dangerous and it’s fuck stupid, it’s not supported by society, you can enjoy Korea by other thousand ways and the place is marvellous and you’ll be high from it without any dope, 100% guarantee!. Keep in mind that the recreational use is not legal in South Korea and, sources say, just very similar to Emirates Korean ppl also think the thc in a body is the same level of offence as if a kilo in a backpack, read: traficking. We shall wait, np.

Enjoy the photo, it’s nice !! ; ) )