Copa Cannabis Montevideo (Uruguay) 2017

Mon, 16/Oct/17

From 14 to 15 of October 2017 the annual Cannabis Weekend, former Copa Cannabis (Cannabis Cup) Montevideo yet containing the Copa Cannabis as a part of a program, have been taking place in the beachfront of Montevideo, in Plaza Mateo, in Uruguay. And I believe we are the first in all the internet throwing a small report about the event.

Copa Cannabis Montevideo (Uruguay) 2017

Certainly the most remarkable cannabis show of the year 2017, not just for the new products (of which there were plenty) but for the atmosphere of complete friendship and peace and safety: in the “communicational clouds” the exhibitors and guests have been testing the latest puffing equipment all the time, checking the quality of various rosin-extraction techniques all along, and sharing stuff willingly to the visitors (for the demonstration purpose of course).

Yes, you read right, the big part of the show this time (except the puff) was technology – and a little bit lack of attention to anything else alike new fancy strains or growing techniques or whatever else related to cannabis business. And totally nothing in regard to the industry-wise legal services as if all possible cannabis business issues have all gone by 2017 (hey, isn’t it too early?) or at least for the days of the show.

Numerous implementations of rosin-extraction machinery has been obviously the main eye-catcher of the show. Pretty all or almost all participating cannabis merchants, mostly from South America of course, have deployed their own “battering ram” for rosin. And there were few truly beautiful concepts I must admit.

Our website have got a nice record in the history of Copa Cannabis 2017 in Uruguay too, but this time by placing two very cute and stunningly beautiful “ganja girls”. Very special thanks to all the visitors avalanching our girls with camera-shots and we hope we shall discover another thousand of images in social media and a proper amounts of likes.

AngryBud's Copa Cannabis Girl Montevideo 2017 behind the scene AngryBud's Copa Cannabis Girl Montevideo 2017 the beginning's Body Art Beautiful Girls Painted in Copa Cannabis Montevideo 2017's Body Art Beautiful Girl in Copa Cannabis Montevideo 2017
Give a like to owners of the event: they’ve got a nice facebook page and I’m sure they are rolling out the report of their own. Meanwhile, enjoy our few photos:

Hard to be a media guy on a cannabis show

Media Guy Interview BodyArt Model at CannabisCupMontevideo 2017

A lot of work:

Media at Cannabis Cup's weed weekend in Montevideo Uruguay cannabis bodyart art show

AngryBud BodyArt Artists at Work at CannabisCupMontevideo 2017

Sleeping beauty. Maybe stoned a little

Sleeping Beauty - A Woman with AngryBud Logo BodyArt'ed

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Passion To Marijuana Is Rarely Rewarded

Tue, 05/Sep/17

It’s easy to imagine an average consumer of alcohol, tobacco, sleeping pills. They are all around us every day enjoying their right of freedom to choose and whatever freedom it is in this particular case. And it is no surprise to see mothers and fathers loaded with the next-door pharmacy’s pills, of all kinds stimulating effects, in mind and behaviour. Even cigarette smoking even in the presence of children is not as denounced by the public as a simply harmless joint containing half-a-gram of medical marijuana, and absolutely no harm to the surrounding public and never in the middle of a cafe of course. More likely hiding in the far corner of a park area or some abandoned embankment, smoking marijuana you could gain a “strike” from anyone, the same citizen as you on the same street. May I ask – Why so?

Passion to Marijuana - Ganja Girl

Through decades, the information (sometimes inappropriately misinterpreted, sometimes really out of the context whether intentionally or not) has been indeed, well spread incorrect knowledge. Not involved in any cannabis activity, an average person has no idea about the “culture of consumption”. It’s a long way down the road to change it back.

Click the image to find more about the first nation in mankind’s known history experimenting with “legally regulated” marijuana:

Marijuana club operator Marco Algorta (by Nick Miroff/The Washington Post)

Marijuana club operator Marco Algorta is seen growing a strain known as “Colombian Red” in a rooftop greenhouse on June 22 in Montevideo, Uruguay, the world’s first nation to fully legalize cannabis. (Nick Miroff/The Washington Post)