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WHO, World Health Organization Has Recognised The Whole Cannabis Plant

Holly Mary Mother Of God! FINALLY and we were waiting for long, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently recognised cannabis, and has provided recommendations (to whoever is yet listen to the recommendations) to unblock the international trade and to reschedule the whole plant. So it appears very much they were totally wrong with their previous “policy” on cannabis plant, and they now acknowledge the fact, which is a good news for he canna fam community.

WHO has recently recognized cannabis as a whole plant, and has provided rcommendations to unblock the international trade.

Thank you very much, you are in time and in a shining armour as always: it is already ongoing, and already the hottest topic with and the biggest the bravest expectations that the legalization will hit its final target in 2019-2020: the whole worlds waits now when weed is becoming legal on the federal level in USA and that shall most probably mean: the worldwide legalization. Check the trends: the whole world expects in tremble when it is eventually done.

The Farm Bill  in USA

The situation by now however – the cannabis is still illegal, but not the whole thing. The Farm Bill 2018 issued in the USA in the end of 2018 legalized the hemp crops and the use of hemp as you wish unless the thc is absent (below 0.3% which is practically none). The remarkable victory against the Prohibition the farmers of the US started in late 70s, almost 50 years from today, the bill supports medical marijuana as long as it is “cbd medical” translating to the huge variety of cbd-products, cbd oils and concentrates along with the famous “rope” from “it’s a rope not a dope”.

A goood news but still a job to do

Don’t be messed up, the thc is still illegal and is still in the Schedule I, and the substances over there are described as no medical use, no scientific interest, dangerous for health, etc, etc. – yes, you got it right, a very unpopular opinion in 2019, and that is why they discuss it so much nowadays, and we wait.

2019-2020 in US (many predict) and 5 years more for UK

Many opinions predict the full scale marijuana market legalization soon in 2019-2020 in US, yet our brothers in UK shall wait longer: British MPs stated (after their visit to Canada for a master class, for a show case, when an MP for the first time in History has tested marijuana shooting his “buzz” on camera) well, they have stated that it’s 5-10 years more they need to realize the dank and everything around it, to prepare the whole country’s infrastructure to accept it in the best efficient way. Hopefully that was a joke about 5 to 10 yrs  and it is taking much shorter in reality.