Decarboxylate Weed For Weed Edibles, it’s essential

Decarboxylate weed is the crucial step, especially if you are about to cook your buds (or shake – stems and leaves) to make weed edibles, which are a lot of varieties: CBD or THC tinctures, or THC infused candies, brownies, cheesecakes or whatever else eatable: find weed recipes in our cookbook app – anyway they all require the weed, the buds or shake – stems and leaves and they work good too, to be decarboxylated in advance, and packed into a butter or oil for storage and for further use in weed edible recipes.

Weed Decarboxylation

Decarboxylation (as it follows from the name) is a chemical process that removes a carboxyl compounds and mainly releases from the cannabis plant carbon dioxide which is CO2. The reverse reaction is called carboxylation and is basically a part of photosynthesis, which is the addition of CO2 to a compound.

When you cure cannabis it is decarboxylation that happens, when the THCA acid (where “A” stands for “acid” and it is not yet a THC) which dominates in trichomes in a raw plant, slowly turns to be a THC. You smoke – this is the same chemical process, but we need now to make the half-way, to generate THC, and keep it, but not to burn or otherwise destroy it. This is a simple yet comprehensive guide on how to activate THC in your stuff for cooking the best cannabis edibles from it.

Why do I need to Decarboxylate weed?

Sometimes referred as “to decarb” – sort of a fancy word:

— Hey dude! for how long d’you decarb in the oven, man?

It is already a very well known information that it’s heat you need to activate THCA in cannabis, by burning it down you convert THCA into THC, consequently the latter one is affecting the consumer’s brain in the desirable way but not THCA itself. Technically speaking there are two processes running when you bake it, firstly the THCA-molecules turn to be a THC (decarboxylation) and then secondly under more heat THC changes from solid state into gas (vaporization) and you puff it and it absorbs into body and then blood delivers it into brain and finally it hits into your mind! Bham! The same release of water and carbon dioxide naturally occurs during the drying process (curing) and the same runs but instantly when you burn one down.

It’s alright when puffing, yet it’s still recommended to decarboxylate weed for smoking too, and this is called to cure. Why so? Because it’s a waste of material: burning in flame in a blunt is too fast and too hot, a whole lot of your THCA does not react. When you cure before smoking you get more of THC in the same blunt, which evaporates completely kind-of skipping Phase-I. It’s also important to worry about trichomes’ colour when you grow as it is milky or amber by the reason.

For the edibles decarboxylation is even more critical, and without it it’ll be waste of time and material. Unless you want just a yummi, but obviously you’re not for that reason here. Long story short, the Decarboxylation will allow your edibles and tinctures to be potent.

How to Decarboxylate weed?

Basically it’s heat that your need. Not too hot to prevent THC from being destroyed and this temperature limit is 350℉ (176℃), neither too cold in order to ignite the THCA conversion into THC compound. And you wish to hold it around 220-235℉ (105-112℃) during the entire process. Because the heat regime is sooo critical, I’d recommend using your own calibrated cooking thermometer (the one used for candy-making or steaks) and be in charge when doing, consider rolling in advance before you start, hahahaha ))


The note is that the main factor is temperature. Prepare everything ready in advance, grind buds gently, do everything with care – and keep an eye on temperature. Since its value lies between 220-235 Fahrenheit (104-112 Celsius) and all will be fine. Do not hesitate to use a cooking thermometer, maybe the most useful gear for cannabis edibles. And a quick stir every 10-15 minutes may be helpful for the best decarboxylation too.

Step 1. To start it – Grind your stuff. Unless this is a trim or shake by itself already, which btw can fit to all your CBD/THC edibles very nicely (and recommended at times!) with the pretty same effect but just a bit more of stuff you need to get the same high amount of THC or CBD whatever of these two you’re chasing, or both XD

Decarboxylate weed for marijuana CBD edibles - notes, directions, edible recipes
Image – a courtesy of The Chef 420TM

Step 2. Preheat the oven to 220 Fahrenheit which is about 105 Celsius. It is always preheated for marijuana edibles. For regular edibles it is very often too (as soon as you start being a gourmet, and you are! because you read this page). Some sources state 240℉ as the main temp, anyway it is lower than a cannabis vaporization point. Keep it below 240℉, and starting from 220℉ is just safer.

Cooking slowly is always the proper approach for the cannabis edibles as soon as they are sooo critical to heat you’d better still do experiments bravely but applying some caution. Keeping notes is another perfect idea to master your skills.

Step 3. Place a sheet of parchment paper on your baking sheet and spread your cannabis trim out over it into a one fairly thin layer. It may not dry out properly if you crowd it.

Step 4. Place the baking sheet into the oven and let it hang out for 25-35 minutes. Always stay below 235℉ (112℃) it’s important. If a trim is dry enough it rarely takes longer than 20-25 min, but for a completely raw plant, it may take even a double amount of time. As many 420 Chefs, as many tricks and opinions, and you try experimenting by yourself to discover the best way of your own. It’s only you who knows your stuff well, an it’s you having preferences for your favourite CBD edibles.

Once the cannabis appears nice and dry in the oven, take it from there, and let it rest in room temperature until being entirely cooled. Now you can use your great decarboxylated weed for whatever cannabis cooking application!

CBD edibles A Ganja Girl Is Consuming Weed Pizza Passionately
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2019 Marijuana Market Trends – CBD Everywhere

Due to latest professional opinions the legal marijuana market is reaching $50-75 billion by 2030, all the time increasing for the whole next decade, except maybe one point – that specifically the CBD market can stagnate some day. While the THC products shall certainly keep raising and eventually boost at full-speed as soon as the recreational use will be legalized and regulated nation-wide in USA. Consequently the geographical expansion will start spreading fast and vast over the other potential marijuana markets of the world.

Until such happened – this year 2019 is the age of technology for hemp products, so we suggest the compilation about what to expect and where to apply the efforts to stay afloat for everybody playing this game.

Traditional industries are expanding into marijuana market

It’s traditional farmers in USA at the first place. Practically begging for decades to regulate the hemp-production (It’s A Rope Not A Dope – remember?) and now they’ve got their hands untied thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018 passed in Senate late last year, classifying hemp as a commodity crop if the amount of THC <0.3%.

Due to National Hemp Association — the hemp production shall count 1 million acres of hemp crops in 2019, and it is a great increase comparing to “virtual zero” in 2013 and only 75,000 acres of hemp crops in 2018. The Bill also suggests, that hemp producers will not be guilty in committing a drug crime if the 0.3% limitation exceeds, but must submit a plan to correct the number instead. Therefore – anything related to genetics, education and infrastructure shall grow up along with the hemp/CBD farming itself.

CBD Everywhere

“This may not be the best possible Bill. But it is the best Bill possible,” said Senator Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican. And indeed the CBD is now pretty everywhere, in the offline retail and flourishing in internet either. While the so-called “traditional sin industries”, alcohol and tobacco, experience the significant decrease:

Marijuana Market Trends 2019 - alcohol vs marijuana
Young adults shifting from Alcohol to Cannabis.
Source: CNBC

The pharmacy, the alcohol tycoons and the beer makers, they all start emerging to this brand-new marijuana market – with CBD pills, CDB oils, or weed-infused beer. Not only because of opportunities but trying to turn the strong and obvious rival into an ally. Somewhat reasonable, obvious & predictable too.

Durban Poison - cannabis infused beer
Durban Poison Beer – source: The Southafrican

A long story short – focusing on CBD is the key in 2019. Just the Durban Poison is not the best example to demonstrate this idea, being absolutely not a CBD-oriented stuff, when for growing (>20% of THC ft. 60% of Sativa) but it pretty much demonstrates the willingness of beer companies to win a certain piece of the pie.

Microdosing weed shall gain its niche in a life-style

I’ve been to Amsterdam for the first time in my life in 2008, while working for a company those days. And I puffed a good big joint minutes before my next business meeting. Oh Dios! That meeting was practically ruined due to my fatal underestimation of the Amsterdam’s dope, and that joint was not even close to those in my usual place… not at all… not at all.

The number of marijuana products grow fast like a weed, and so does the social recognition of the drug. We are not a bunch of hippies any more, we are businessmen, scientists, fathers and mothers, respectful retirees… There is a high demand in microdosing in the current state of the marijuana market in USA and Canada for to stay relatively high yet operational for whatever a person is going to be busy with.

Those products may be: low THC strains in pre-rolled joints, for example, or low THC strains for weed growing at home, along with dabs for vaping (on the picture below), drops, oils, rosin, cannabis infused buns and brownies or even a THC infused beer.

A Dab - marijuana market trends
Image Source:

Colorado reported there was a 83% increase for the microdose dedicated products

Hope, they are not going with “defused” joints as far as the alcohol-free beer!

Cannabis Tourism – Marijuana Travel Trends

Little bit early to call the weed tourism a growing trend, but there are few remarkable facts and numbers which deserved an attention. First of all, it’s the recreational marijuana market revenues in Colorado, USA, the weed pioneering state:

Marijuana market retail sales report in Colorado 2019 USA
Marijuana Market – Colorado, USA. Source:
  • Recreational Marijuana Revenues increase, but slowing down a little due to the liberation of the dank in other states;
  • While the Medical Marijuana Market chart stagnates.

However, the natural decrease of “medical marijuana demand” may happen even sharper as soon as recreational weed becomes well-regulated & totally de-scheduled from the Controlled Substances Act, and that shall mean the complete legalization of marijuana in USA on federal level. And I think till that happy day (hopefully in 2019) the CBD market and the full CBD industry is challenging to shape and stabilize itself to survive such a stress – and this is quite a reason of the delay. So we shall wait.

Marijuana market - Medicinal Fried Chicken, South Park, Colorado
“Medicinal Fried Chicken” Episode of South Park series – demonstrates well the nature of the medical marijuana market demand, which can go down sharply as soon as recreational weed becomes well-regulated and de-scheduled from Controlled Substances Act in USA. 

Marijuana Tourism in Asia

Secondly, the latest update about weed in Asia has arrived earlier this year, and many were shockingly excited that South Korea and Thailand are the first countries in the region entering the Medical Marijuana Market officially. Except Cambodia where the use of weed for tourists is the ongoing thing, yet more likely ‘not enforced’ rather than ‘completely legalized’.

Thailand, however, being already famous for its wellness tourism and spa of outstanding quality, will most probably (or willing to) offer the medical marijuana treatment for the tourist the soonest possible. Think, that there can be no other reason why such a tourism-oriented country like Thai suddenly looses its strictest cannabis laws – and the weed tourism may certainly serve as an answer.

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