Evolving Trends for Cannabis in 2018

Many agree, that this year that will turn the tide in the favor of the cannabis industry. Legalization of cannabis, both for medical and recreational use has boomed the cannabis industry in a huge way. The relief it gives you is exceptional. If you are excited to know how you can use cannabis in more ways than one, read on.


Cannabis medicinal benefits and applications to certain diseasesare some of the major developments. Healthcare professionals around the world are slowly incorporating cannabis in their medical treatment. Studies show that cannabis is effective in treating medical conditions like nausea, muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis and nerve pain in general. You can find Florida Marijuana doctors who can recommend the right dosage for cannabis for medicinal usage.

Pet Food and Treats:

Cannabis is not only beneficial to human beings, but to pets too. Medical advantages of using hemp formulas found by pet owners are increasing and so is the demand. Companies are trying to produce and sell marijuana-related wellness items.

CBD Oil dispensary, oils, liquids, vaporization
CBD Oil, a cannabidiol a chemical found in the marijuana plant doesn’t cause any side effects associated with marijuana use, is showing up in a lot of beauty and wellness products today.

CBD Oil Wellness Industry:

Cannabidiol a chemical found in the marijuana plant doesn’t cause any side effects associated with marijuana use. Because of this, CBD oils are now used in medical marijuana to treat pain or the symptoms associated with chemotherapy. With the development in research on marijuana in the field of medicine, the use of CBD oil industry is expected to have a boost. CBD oil is showing up in a lot of beauty and wellness products today.

Growing frosty cannabis at home, read 800-pages the complete marijuana growing bible or download the book in pdf
Practically SHOUTING Marijuana classes, tons of tours, online books and tutorials can be taken by consumers for learning about using and growing medical marijuana.

Cannabis Education:

The advancements in the medical and recreational market of cannabis have resulted in certain states offering marijuana-related college courses. Marijuana classes and tours can be taken by consumers for learning about the differences in using marijuana medicinally and recreationally.

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Sports organizations have agreed that marijuana has helped players to improve their nervous system and to treat sports-related injuries. In fact, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has now allowed their players to use marijuana. Given that the NBA is one of the most recognizable sports organizations in the world, it won’t be long before other organizations will also follow their lead!

Fashionable accessories:

With the de-stigmatization around cannabis, we are seeing all sorts of innovative trends falling into place.New accessories and products are constantly being invented with new and improved ways to consume the herb. Online stores have started coming up with new smoking accessories. Innovative ways to consume cannabis like coffee mugs, golden rolling papers, blunt cases, and nebulizers has been launched.


As cannabis is getting acceptance across the country, cannabis couture is burning bright. New launches like the pot leaf t-shirts, gaudy glass pipes and candy-colored hemp purses associated with college stoners.Luxury handbags and chic clutches, delicate bell rings, headbands etc. are few stylish options available for the sophisticated taker.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries along with the weed products offer a variety of cannabis gear too
The cannabis dispensary sells e-juices, stash boxes, rolling trays, grinder, jars, roach clips, bongs, pipes, rolling accessories, and much more.

Retail store:

Soon, cannabis stores will become commonplace. The cannabis dispensary will start selling e-juices, stash boxes, rolling trays, grinder, jars, roach clips, bongs, pipes, rolling accessories, and much more. These cannabis stores offer something extraordinary for every cannabis lover out there.

Home delivery, Anyone?

With the increasing awareness and legalization, one way of purchasing would be getting it delivered to your doorstep.

Marijuana Seeds find coffeeshop near me
Wide availability of cannabis seeds with certain genetics, amateur and automatic, almost a guarantee for getting wether a level-up in THC or higher CBD concentration for a medical use

Marijuana Seeds:

Owing to the low concentration of THC (which brings the “high”) in marijuana seeds, they will be soon appearing in a few more places in the form of beauty products to well-known food items and CBD water. Due to the falling prices of cannabis and marijuana seeds, they are turning out to be more economical and easily available than before.

A wide variety of hybrid seeds like White Rhino seeds, Purple Power seeds, and many more are available throughout the world. These hybrid seeds have specific physical and chemical characteristics.

Growing Marijuana From Seeds vs. Growing From Clones

It is a pleasurable hobby first of all, not a drug plantation for God’s sake. And it is a wonderful journey full of admiration to learn how to grow from the very beginning up to very end, and to give all your attention to an every single plant growing from a seed, pretty same how it is in the natural conditions, right?

Creation of a new life is fun, and learning all mistakes and successes and discoveries — is another nice benefit that you may gain from a seed, either from a cannabis seed or from your own when it comes to another form of life, you don’t want to clone yourself, you prefer to make it “from a seed”, right? (hahahahahaha). Growing from a clone is a kind of skipping the first stage, while growing from seeds is authentic, more “manual” if you wish.

I think, if you know the full way already perfectly, you will certainly deal perfectly with the cannabis clones too. I think: before breaking the rules, one needs to learn how to follow them.

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A totally personal choice to cook the food from raw ingredients from a farmer market, smell every unit, choose only the best then pass to preparation and so on; alternatively there is always an option to apply for a half ready and nicely packed and frozen food from a supermarket. I do prefer the full way from-seed-to-weed. It gives more fun in a process and tasty in the end: all mistakes are your mistakes, you can fix next time, and you know or you can guess what are they. For clones you obviously meet only the result of other men’s mistakes.

Why Do We Clone Marijuana Plants?

Nothing Unique Marty from Madagascar Movie
from Madagascar Movie

We clone them from female plants to be sure that the new plant (new clone) shall be a female plant too. Significantly smaller chance for this when growing from seeds. But it may be the main reason in copying a hundred of other traits of the plant you clone: taste, resistance to pests or to the weather if growing marijuana outdoors, flavours, number of trichomes (Of course!) and the consequent amount of THC, along with many many other properties that MUST be exactly the same when cloning (and this is the very idea of clones), while no plant ever can be exatly the same when growing cannabis from seeds.

Playing God

Playing with genesis (or creation of life) in a form of planting clones or other means of genetic engineering, one must keep in mind and (better if) completely realize that:

We know shit about biology,

this was once mentioned by Craig Venter, a leader in the Human Genome Project. Along with copying the “expected traits” like a 30% of THC, we also copy the full bouquet of unknown traits. Unknown to us, but some of them may be not known to science at all, by far.

Marie Curie, the physicist (1867-1934) who discovered the existence of X-rays, famous for sacrificing her health to the Science when her exposure to radiation while her researches lead to death. So it was not in a form of sacrifice, but in a form of lack of knowledge, as it was she who unveiled the X-rays to humanity and much much later we’ve got to know how x-rays affect a human body.

Think about 😉

Marijuana Cartoon Zombie - Cannabis Genetic Engineering and Cloning Illustration

After all there is a reason why natural cannabis having the wild but nice genetic does not contain 30+ percent of THC. Technically speaking you raise a cripple with a help of modern technology of cultivation, fertilisation, light systems and other fancy climate controllers.

Cannabis plant is a living creature:

? Do you want your puppy or kitty to be a cripple?

? Do you want it to be a unique character or a clone?

The inventor of teleportation ((yes, it is invented)) said he will never step into a teleportation cabin…

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Growing From Seeds

More authentic, they say… more unique character, they say… but what are the real-life benefits which seed growing may give to a newbie grower at once?

1. Seeds are available in the market. You can easily obtain a selection of predictable strain via Internet with a secure delivery to your home ((check the related laws of your country before doing so)). I don’t think that the clones can be in your home as easy as seeds may do, only few days, as long the postal delivery takes.

2. Seeds can be stored up to 3 years and still be viable.

3. You cannot escape from seeds. Sooner or later you will need to learn that the cloning from one mother is limited, and cloning from clones may work only 2-3 generations, and it is less than 1 year. Then you will need your own “designs” as soon as your agricultural knowledge will grow, and then you will look for better efficiency, and then you will inevitably come to seeds. Why not begin at the beginning? From seeds.

4. Cannabis plants raised from seeds are in general stronger. More resistant to environment and more naturally can survive, while their lab-created “sisters” are weaker and delicate, more light sensitive, and in general require more attention as soon as any condition of your garden suddenly alters. Simply compare a country-side guy to a megapolis nerd: which one do you personally prefer to smoke?

5. Plants from seeds can contain the dank amount of THC. It’s not a privilege for clones.

These are autofem seeds below:

Autofems - these are both feminized and autoflowering seeds, the best and the easiest solution to grow weed at home

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And click the image (above) to shop for the best premium quality seeds right away.