How to make ur own RSO, get rid of odour the fam concentrate gives

RSO – the Rick Simpson Oil, is now a very popular and efficient concentrate thanks to Canadian engineer Rick Simpson, the inventor and that is why his name is here. While his work in a hospital as an engineer managing the boiling room. He was not kin to cannabis those days, but his job occurred to be way too harmful and the man ends up with cancerous symptoms and the doctors who make things only worse.

Rick Simpson Invention, the RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)

Well, a sad story, but the guy was a beautiful mind. He discovered the effects of cannabis (and that was late 20th century, the dark ages, kind-a 20 years ago they have had not much information, the laws enforced in full everywhere in the world). And he invented how to make it dense, which translates to 97-99% of THC substance, and applied it to his skin, and the skin improved significantly, which was not much supported by Pharma-fanatic doctors, and Rick bumped then legal issues along with cancer issues.

Same old story, but what we have in the end is the RSO – Rick Simpson Oil, which is helpful to millions of users and widely available in the world as a medicine, at the first place, but – my god! – of course it is the 97% of THC thing has the recreational potential too, just think that pretty 100% of pure material: it may hallucinate by itself from itself, whoa…

There is a problem with RSO if you cook it

I’ve recently purchased RSO in 1 gram syringes from a dispensary in FL and found the taste to be unpleasant if not to say: terrible. I can say many underestimate the size of a problem, it’s not some smell that you can survive, it is not strong but it bothers you:

– As if your dank is too oily and you roll it, and in the middle of smoking there’s oil even on your fingers, and the smell of burnt oil calls a headache even; this bad;

– As if you missed a seed or two, and it was very ripe and it burns out inside your blunt: the seeds are what the flour made of, so you get a smell of badly burnt bakery and of burnt oil – together – right with your puff you’ll inhale; very hot; and bad;

Everyone knows – the CBD medicine is rarely smell like roses. Do not underestimate the problem. I did, and the first time cookings were far from being perfect.

RSO – Being a concentrate, the taste is concentrated also, there is not a way to get rid of the taste without loosing much of the thc.

1) Stay Black – did you ever think why marijuana brownies are so popular, and practically the one weed infused edible. How big is it in the edible market? One half maybe? Besides being a universal yummi along with the easiest on Earth recipe it contains a ton of pure chocolate, and the chocolate masks the weed the best.

2) Be Acidic – pineapple, lemon, lime, even tomato, anything acidic covers the taste greatly, but I think you will never get rid of it completely, yet when masked it’s quite fine and even pleasant – it is a CANNABIS after all, agree? ;=)

How to make ur own RSO at home – the Ultimate recipe

Special Thanks to… the whole internet actually, to the First Amdmnt, and also to Chef 420 and other leaflies and numerous maryjanes websites, and to someone’s grandma and to our random visitor, Rick’s uncle Joseph from Kentucky. But may be the most useful reference is, however, the official Rick Simpson’s official website:

Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson Oil

Anyway, thanks to whole world we have this beautiful RSO recipe:

Rick Simpson, RSO - Rick Simpson Oil

Click here for RSO home recipe from Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears

What can be better than the original author, enjoy the link.


1 ounce of Bud (dried/cured marijuana flowers) is often listed as the ingredient, yet you can use anything left from your plant up to stems, yes, they contain the desired thc and cbd and other compounds. Just mean that approximately 1 ounce of Bud equals to 2 ounces of Shake (leaves, brunches, stems, trim).

Rice cooking pan is the best fit because it can steadily give the very accurate temperature range. All thc can be easily destroyed – once your overheat your blend, be careful, it is a thc from 1 ounce, not a cheap price for a mistake, not to mention the efforts.

Alcohol is used for the tincture needs to be 99% pure, and then choose whatever you like the most for the case, or usually use for cannabis tinctures.

Herewego, the other useful link on RSO, quite colourful and illustrated:

And herewego the Stoner’s Cookbook app for your smartphone:

Head image is the property of this website.

Cannabis Butter Recipe: why do I need Cannabutter for weed edibles?

Few moments before the cannabis butter recipe here we have a cannabis butter poem (HAHAHA!) from 19th century:

Excuse me, Your Majesty,
For taking of the Liberty,
But Marmalade is tasty,
If very Thickly Spread.

Nobody could call me a fussy man
But I do like a BUTTER
To Royal Slice of Bread!

(by Alan Alexander Milne, 1882-1956).

Of course the father of Winnie-the-Pooh did not mean the cannabis butter recipe, or perhaps we just do not know everything about him, but we certainly mean it, and we, at 100%, dedicate this message to the very effective way to store weed & the essential if you gonna cook marijuana edibles & the most popular cannabis edible by the reason: it is the ingredient to cannabis sweets, cannabis candies and weed deserts.

Cooking Marijuana Edibles

Jump Straight to Cannabis Butter Recipe (scrolls this page)

— or — Download the bunch of weed edible recipes straight away by hitting this link, and they also include the very basics, canna butter and canna oil, along with candies, brownies, cheesecakes… mm.. tasty!

This blogpost is not an instruction neither a call to action, nor a scientific information, but the very expression of a personal feeling, opinion and experience. Think twice before you step onto the path of cooking marijuana cookies infused with cannabis, because it’s kind-of “dangerous” or may turn to be dangerous if body systems are not strong enough or skills suck or whatever else, yet many of weed-related media call it simply “tricky”.

The Digestion is the slow-pok

When it comes to digestion the effect is not that far immediate comparing to traditional means of marijuana consumption. It can possibly happen too much of weed that you consume. And then it is already too late when you actually feel it, because the thing is already in the system, making way, maybe just half-digested, and the effect keeps growing, and in the next moment you are already a Frodo going down to Mordor and you cannot help it. Keep in mind that it is not a puff with its immediate effect and the immediate stop, but it’s digestion, which is slow by definition. The effects can be surprising and unpredictable, especially for the first time, and the brave idea of embarking for any challenge straight away is just not for everyone.

However, for the sake of bare facts, there are different studies and various arguments that the laboratory mice by far cannot be stoned to death by any reasonable amounts of marijuana infused products delivered by scientists into their small bodies. It’s easy to find and make your own opinion, which is the best one always.

— Is It The Baddest Thing Then?

— Not Exactly So.

For example. Many people try and love to try home-crafted alcohol, and we can spot couple of places on Earth where it is so magical, tasty, magnificent… but it does suggest quite a high risk. Some licensed distilleries in some countries (we heard) even practice to add a very small bit of medicine into strong drinks to make you vomit from “overdose” rather than die. Home-makers however do not normally follow neither this idea nor having proper knowledge in chemistry or technology.

What a Dangerous Wonderful World.

Thimble-effect in the social drinking game

There is a social game that students play and it perfectly explains all the situation around the digestion. They put thimbleful of strong drink (whiskey or wodka) in a form of thimbles on every step of a staircase, and a player steps and drinks every next thimbleful, steps and drink, steps and drink, every step of the staircase. People say that nobody could ever pass a standard staircase to the end (say, a dozen of stairs). And no witness claims if the winner ever existed in this game, but it certainly brings loads of fun, you can imagine.

Behind the scene

The key is the amount, which is too small to be swallowed in full, and it stocks mostly in a mouth and the mucous membrane is more efficiently take it rather than that one in a stomach. Therefore you get the dose more immediately than normal: through the membrane in the mouth, and then the blood running good from the physical exercise (stepping-n-drinking) delivers buzz strait into the brain. The stomach at the same time contains only a miserable amount of alcohol. Eventually and quite quickly you are deadly drunk from smaller-than-normal amounts, and no hangover in the morning! That’s the magic. Simple and economic too. Be careful with the heart if you ever decide to practice the said, there is always a back side of the Moon.

Eating cannabis may bring issues of a similar nature. Think, that there might be a good reason why people smoke for 12,000 years. You can try it yourself for a scientific purpose not inhaling deep while smoking marijuana, and your membrane shall perform that thimble-effect.

Okay, it appears like enough of this and this is the end of the warning. The wrap-up is that we do not encourage the idea of amateur cannabis butter or oil or other edibles and simply recommend stay reasonable. Leaving it to professionals is always a relatively safe solution.

If you add Rosemarie to a steak it’ll be still a steak made of cow, but not yet a “Rosmacow”.

What Is Cannabutter?

Technically speaking it is not exactly a cannabis butter or cannabis oil. It is more like a normal milk-based butter or a random cooking oil but hardly infused with a certain amount of marijuana flowers. If you add Rosemarie to a steak it’ll be still a steak made of cow, but not yet a “Rosmacow”. Cannabutter is more likely a cooking recipe for a butter with a particular spice in it, and yet another beautiful way to store your weed stock effectively, and to discover how to cook the best cannabis yummies.

Temperatures for cooking cannabis edibles

THC vaporises in a relatively low temperatures, the optimal range is about 180 to 200 Celsius (350-390 Fahrenheit). By cooking you can easily destroy the most of the most desirable element out of your marijuana cookie simply by temperature. Keep it in mind.

Marijuana butter cooking recipe – the Cannabutter

For your reference we have discovered a recipe for cannabis oil here by this link to cannabis oil – but we find it less useful way to cook cannabis, simply because cannabis edibles (many may agree) are widely associated to cookies, candies, brownies, and other deserts. And the cannabis butter is just an effective solution to store your dank and to use it for cooking the cannabis infused sweets and brownies.

The Chef 420’s recommendations for marijuana butter here

Chef 420's cannabis butter recipe - marijuana cannabutter image

Yoo-hoo! CHEF 420!!

The very famous through the social media marijuana chef – The Chef 420 (here is his photo on the above image, HAHAHA!) recommends a very practical way – the cannabis butter recipe – to store your buds effectively for further cooking:

❝ The most convenient way to use and store marijuana for cooking is to make marijuana butter, which can be cut into pieces or poured into molds and ziploc bagged for freezing and later used in cooking of all kinds. Here is the basic recipe:
1 lb. of butter (no margarine)
1/2 ounce of marijuana buds
(or 1 ounce of shake, leaf & stems)..❞

The full Chef 420’s Cannabis Butter Recipe & Directions here by the link:

Making Marijuana Butter by Chef 420

— or — Download cookbook apps:

Chef420 Cookbook app - Cannabis edibles recipes (Jamaica)

Why we cook cannabis instead of smoking

The butter is not the thing we eat straight away. But this is what we need for bakery, for a variety of weed cookies, weed brownies and other delicious cannabis infused desserts. Therefore this is yet another good way to store your harvest effectively yet gaining another way of consumption, which is tasty and may be entertaining too.

Besides it is easy to imagine plenty of other reasons why people start cooking weed edibles. One may be in having no wish to smoke, it may be hard to smoke for someone, or impossible or simply no wish, — pretty same reason (or reasons) why people go for vaporization.

Another may be in getting bored, or if you’re stock with it by health reasons, looking desperately for another brilliant idea how else to consume medical marijuana. And win some certain benefits from this new way of storing your bud, relatively trouble free, by means of preserving it into canna butter or canna oil.

We can guess that less smell may also be quite a reason if having a marijuana bun in a pocket as an “emergency medicine” while many from your surrounding are still locked by the stereotypes of the past century and not yet ready to accept your fancy healthy way-of-hippie. Have in mind that when you cook it it may smell well beyond your apartment too.

“The Lesser of Two Weevils”

The Cannabis king is happy to have our Chef 420's cannabis butter recipe

Cannabis King is happy to know our Chef 420’s Cannabis Butter Recipe

The Editorial choice however is smoking, unless the infused food is served by professionals by a proper cannabis butter recipe in the beginning. And of course a self-responsibility is always a good advisor too.

And yet another historical record to your attention:

(from a smoking song by Tex Williams, 1947)

Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That cigarette
Puff! Puff! Puff! And if you smoke yourself to death
Tell Saint Peter at the Golden Gate
That you hate to make him wait
But you got to have another cigarette.

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