Discover Year 420 in History and Philosophy

The 20th day of April today, which means a Happy 420 Day! We’ve pretended to be original, and you judge if we really are. We have approached Year 420 in history and philosophy, which is not directly linked to cannabis, yet they are curious facts however.

Sparta Banned from Olympics in year 420 BC

This is Sparta Year 420 BC Olympics - Happy 420 Day

image source – ZhuZhu

Sparta was banned from 420 BC Olympics for violating a peace treaty. The Olympics was famous for that all wars in Ancient world were to be stopped for the period of games, at least – this is the legend, “as is where is” so to say.

Alexander the Great entered Asia in year 420 AUC

Alexander the Great crossed Dardanelles to enter Asia in year 420 AUC

image source – Kosv01

Year 420 AUC – King Alexander III of Macedonia, better known as Alexander the Great, crossed Dardanelles, by that touching his life-time dream – the Asia. Yes, he was a heavy conqueror,  great strategist, and the brave warrior leading the army always by himself, never hiding behind the troops. Yet he never wished to destroy all but uniting the cultures of East and West, therefore he was kind-a “peaceful conqueror”.

Great Kiss - a proven historical fact - once performed by Alexander the Great to a male dancer

image source – Develv

And we just could not help ourselves from putting here into this blogpost another historical fact, which is curious beyond imaginable – the so-called Great Kiss, which is on the picture. It may disgust someone (and we respect all opinions) but it is a proven historical fact, and many Ancient sources state, that Alexander the Great kissed passionately a Persian male dancer Bagoas while victory buzz party – the troops were chanting to kiss the winner of dance contest and the King did so.

Stoic Philosophy Founder was born in year 420 AUC

Zeno - Stoic Philosophy, year 420 AUC

image source – DT Strain Philosophy Blog

Year 420 AUC – Greek philosopher Zeno of Citium was born to this world, the founder of Stoicism philosophy. Stoics are known for their “virtue is the only good”, while the external things like health, wealth and pleasure are not good or bad in themselves. They also stressed on logic and accepting the moment as it presents itself, by not allowing to be controlled by the desire for pleasure or fear of pain. Quite a 420 Philosophy, I think.

Seneca and Marcus Aurelius are the famous followers of Stoic philosophy:

< BECAUSE a thing seems difficult for you, do not ever think it is impossible for everyone to accomplish > – this is my favourite motivation from Marcus Aurelius, sounds rather four-twentish to me.

< IF one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable > – once said by Seneca, and I wonder if he really baked before saying such yet it is genius.

Flying Croc Simulator – The 420 Weed Game

To support the 420 day we’ve put this game now totally free – no ads, no payment – only pure work of art and a beautiful music soundtrack is also there, and a rather stoner’s gameplay of course. All of it for your pleasure! Hope, you’ll enjoy it in full, and this is our humble tiny contribution into the four-twentish history of cannabis, hahaha.

420 weed game for android - The Flying Croc Simulator - game dev design screenshot for android

The weed game is released for Android smartphones, and it is totally free of charge and contains no ads at all – for a limited time. So, take it now, load into your mighty smartphone a true pixel work of art and all the fantasy creatures shall come alive onto your screen animated in this Weed Led Jungle Saga – [ this link ]

Free 420 Weed Game for Android Smartphones

Deep Space Music – Recorded by NASA’s Hubble Telescope

I just could not help myself from sharing this piece of art created by the Nature itself, or God whatever you prefer better. The deep space music has been recorded by the NASA’s Hubble Telescope! If this is true then it’s far beyond anything I could ever imagine in my mind. How it works: the huge individual stars visible on foreground, along with spiral galaxies housing countless billions of stars, and smaller compact galaxies (or dwarf galaxies) of various density — they all emit very different tones, which have been recorded by Hubble and these tones do form this “music”. If I were you, I would definitely puff before switching the sound ON. Enjoy!

Find full publication at — NASA website

NASA is now emerging the social networks harder than ever, since President Donald Trump cut its budget little bit. Being so short of money the world-famous American space agency even cancelled the Asteroids Redirect mission (WOW! I never knew such thing even existed!)

And my very personal feeling is that I’ve never saw this much amount of entertainment material from NASA before such a hole in the budget has occurred. Yet for sake of truth — they always send it out quite a lot and quite widely, being a very cool Gov’s agency.

Just for comparison – read the below – how romantic:

« By 2025, we expect new spacecraft designed for long journeys to allow us to begin the first-ever crewed missions beyond the Moon into deep space. We’ll start by sending astronauts to an asteroid for the first time in history. By the mid-2030s, I believe we can send humans to orbit Mars and return them safely to Earth. And a landing on Mars will follow. And I expect to be around to see it. So I’m challenging NASA to break through these barriers. »

— From President Barack Obama’s speech (2010)

Hmm… Sounds quite Okay… And following the wave of legalization, for such a space mission they’ll definitely need a load of space cakes! Ha-ha-ha **kidding**