Cann’ Automatic Shares FAQ

This FAQ is to help with the automatic sharing functionality, available in your profile once you signup here (passwordless and free). We’ve all heard how an automated website can effectively ease the routine of social networking in a social network, and it can seriously increase the efficiency. This auto shares tool is a beautiful Showcase, working for real as a 100% live demonstration of how to integrate a website into the LinkeIn® business network. Feel free to try it, will take few seconds or a minute.

How to select posts for sharing: on the profile page you can find the sample posts, clicking on “select” button present next to every sample post the system shall save it automatically into the sending schedule. Once you see a “heart” in a post block, it shall mean: this post is marked, scheduled and will fly into social network soon as a share.

Is it official: this website is an officially connected website, registered in LinkedIn® as a website using their Oficial API officialy with the best respect to the guidelines of the network (see “Transparency” below).

automatic posts share - a tool for linkedin, online, php

How to deselect: click upon same “select” button again, the heart shall disappear and this shall mean the post is unselected. Find a screenshot about these hearts below in this page.

Who sends this shares: It’s you who sends this shares, but just you use an automation which uses the official LinkedIn® api. The posts appear in the network within your account, from your name, which is exactly what the guidelines of the network suggest.

I want to share my own posts: yes, you can and for this you approach us and we add your ‘post sample’ and the custom url into that board containing sharable posts; this tool is chasing mainly a demonstration purpose, however it performs and is handy enough and no subscription. In a long term run you’d better own one for your own website, where there are your own rules (contact us).

Published share link: the url with the shared post to the social network’s entry will appear in the same interface, in your profile, once the share is processed successfully. See the screenshot:

Published share link to social network will look like this

What’s the schedule: the script runs automatically few times every hour; for every user (you) it shares your every next share from the scheduled shares once per 2 hours. Read: it will not shoot all within one hour but it will be an ongoing operation.

What is the idea: we make this tool available to show how the whole idea of automation may work once applied to your website. We advocate voluntarily the use of software for sake of saving humans from unnecessary work. Contact us if you want your website be infused with this brilliant feature, we’ed be happy to do it for you.

How to stop the sendings: get to your profile page and uncheck all posts (no “heart” shall be seen on the unselected posts). Or wait untill all of them fly away, each is sent only once unless you checkbox it again. Also check upon “Purpose” below.

May it risk my account: No. Connecting to third party websites (like this one, where we are now) using the user accounts in social networks is a common practice over the internet, same like you use Google account anywhere beyond Google, or Facebook account for the similar purpose, etc.


1 ) This sending software is linked to this company profile while doing the job, and the LinkedIn® network perfectly can see what is going on in every step of communication to your profile over there. On the LinkedIn® website you can find: official guidlines that we follow.

2 ) The shares you can delete or edit if you dislike them any moment. Having this or similar development on your own website shall mean all control is in your hands exclusively, operated under your rules, no association to us, no dependency and no subscription, at all.

3 ) To add to Transparency each such share contains the humble reference that it’s being posted by this website, for extra safety and the unlikely case if anything goes wrong. You can also edit and delete this reference any moment, of course. The content is yours anyway.

4 ) Shared post example as of 6th of June 2021 you can find here published, also you can always check upon the full texts of the shares which are available for scheduling via the control panel.

Purpose: The principal purpose of this showcase is a live demonstration of how useful a social-network automation may appear once applied to your website. You can see it, you can touch it, worth thousand words.

Don’t you forget to try Blackboard for stoners, yet another high-tech toy for the best approach into socials, effectively, for creating sketches, keeping sketchbook, and sharing drawings from one’s head into the professional network. Yay. Believe it or not, but you can see it and try.

Everything is beta-version, folks 😜👍

If anything — contact us

Sat, 12/Jun/21