Real weed game plays as the added value for a cannabis website

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This is the value-added product, the ready marijuana game project, to support and to strengthen your shining in the marijuana market, especially if you do it online. Own a cannabis website? Consider having a jewel, a decoration, which will be outstanding and remarkable, like a Flying Croc game (okay?) Why so? Because it’s a WEB2.0 here for a decade already, and in the web2.0, the original conception suggest, that you give more than take, and the otherwise hardly shall work. By a simple funny weed game you certainly extend your marijuana market reach, being unique, touching the hearts of stoners, who are also your buyers-to-be. This is cannabis apps segment, it’s challenging, and promising, because there’s no one is around there in the sub-niche, therefore a lovely welcoming place we discover, why not think about.

weed game choose the flyer The Flying Croc Simulator for android
Characters are dope, enjoy the handcrafted pixel animation

Give more fun to visitors, embed your products into the cannabis game, it is for free of charge for downloading, and this is a permanent reminder about your website, because it is the installed app highlighting the beautiful icon in the smartphone homescreen… Like a bookmark, but better than that. This is everything, by a very simple reason that the mobile internet (hits from the smartphone vrowsers) is a half of all visits, sometimes more, you need such piece for yourself.

The game is listed, try it in the apps page, and feel free to contact us if you want the ready steady cannabis game project exclusively, “one day” delivery, you have it today, and tomorrow your visitors are playing the game already yours, contributing endlessly with joy to the website visibility in the cannabis internet, and also the business visibility in the cannabis market.

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  1. Flappy enough =) I’d better have is as racing croco, like, you know those ancient games when horses run from left to right in rows, ewrr

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