The Cannabis Math Unveiled

Math - Cannabis Curve

This is only for fun, and it does appear funny — the mathematical equation for cannabis leaf is now discovered! Sounds quite ridiculous, but looks so-o-o cool… a true author of this is not much known, or better say “not found”. But then — it is published in Wolfram MathWorld and officially called a CANNABIS CURVE.

Here we go!

Cannabis Math Equation - Cannabis Curve - How to Draw

The thing is that it is a Mathematical Equation. Unbelievable, is it?

Hey! Appears like this is a SATIVA leaf! Can’t wait for INDICA equation 😉

And this is how it looks in a form of equation:

Cannabis Math - Parametric Equation - A.K.A. The Cannabis Curve

And in a more simple form, same thing but for polar coordinates:

Cannabis Math - Polar Equation - A.K.A. The Cannabis Curve

This is not a very hot new thing, nor a breaking discovery, not happened today or even this month, but I think it is a must for the website like this. And it is really quite a match for the week-end feelings…

And this is not the end yet. There are more!


How about this one:

Math Rose Curve Chart

Or this:

Math Cactus Curve Chart

You can find more in Wolfram Alpha by yourself, just play with it. There can be even an apple strudel, a banana or a bonsai tree — all of them in a form of mathematical equations. Those are not that neat, clear and cool as the Cannabis Curve but still they do exist.

Math is fun! Enjoy it!

Heading Photo by: Alexas Fotos and we thank her for this.