Cannabis Website strategies?

What type of a webdeveloper do you want for building your website? Why not to consider at the first place that the result of the work, the website itself, shall be the appearance of yourself in the world wide web? Therefore it is important to know what you want, and this knowledge shall form the strategy. The solid strategy makes then your partners and your visitors understanding your character, and your soul, because the website is the clear demonstration of what you love, and who you are.

Strategy —

— Strategy is not merely a plan neither a long term plan, not a timeline and not a set of milestones. The plan is tactics and the strategy is what you want. Alike to wearing a cloth or jewellery: the tactical plan may look impressive in every detail, effective or efficient or both, it may be tiny and may be big, even funny at times, but the strategy is constant and is what you want. The clothing and the jewellery aim to reach the certain business affairs or love affairs, or whatever else: anyone can adjust the appearance even to the opposite and still be keeping to the same strategy.

— A wise man once said:  The goal is not always meant to be reached, and it is not necessarily where you will be, but it may serve as something where you aim at. That wise man was famous for the ultimate control of his body and mind. His movements were fast and accurate. Bruce Lee, the master of personal development, and he definitely knew what he wanted, however the keyword is: “development”

— The website igniting the EMOTION is the thing!! that is why you do it for yourself at the first place because you know your emotion and you can reflect it upon the pages. You are the owner and you love your website with admiration, because your character reflects in its every single page. You love it and everyone shall do. Alike to movie makers who express themselves and we love the outcome.

Simplicity is the key to brilliance!

This is how you choose who builds your website

We do websites to control the situation, and to enjoy it.

The Website is your face, your character and eventually your wallet

— The website must be fast loading. Like you do not enter a room backwards and the audience is wating while you turn around to show your face. Or do you?

Don’t let your style to flake away

— The website must never lose a style. We do not allow the cloth turning rubbish or wrinkled under some conditions, or a tattoo suddenly changing its size, color and location. The website’s style musn’t flake away under no conditions too. Here is the why: Cannabis + WordPress = ♥

Follow the path of freedom

— We play in the field and we know the rules. For example, the free SSL can be the part of the strategy along, because the software (or internet) is free and it originally stands for freedom, this is how the whole tech industry has started. How to align to the idea, here: Babylonic HTTPS

Remember the Versailles lessons

— Unnecessary number of external connections hits upon the independence. No one want to afford such, however many do. Remember the Versailles kings unable to get dressed without a whole army of helpers? This is what your website is going to do now if relying too much on the army of third parties’ tools and plugins. This is how it looks when you want an external video service in your place or of any other cloud idea. The cloud based helpers (and they are huge reputable and reliable companies) are fulfilling their own strategy, and not yours. After all they call it a “cloud” which is beautiful from the far but hazy, cold and wet when one gets inside.

The history and the culture say so. Use the opportunity wisely.

Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not

Even big ones nowadays suffer the misconception, for example, being overloaded with unnecessary number of external cloud-based connections. How far it may go? Oh it may go really far! Cambridge Dictionary does not find the word saying there is no word in the dictionary, it fails another ajax request badly assembled damaging the reputation: like they’ve checked it all using the fast line in the office, never suggesting the readers read the dictionary from anywhere. Such is everywhere, think about the Versailles tragic history again, it seemed brilliant, but some got to be dead in the end.

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Wed, 11/Nov/20