Cannabis Butter Recipe. Why we want Cannabutter for edibles

THE CANNABUTTER, sometimes ‘cannabis butter’ or ‘marijuana butter’, is the regular butter infused with marijuana. Used as a component in recipes of edibles, also the other way to preserve weed potency. The Cannabutter is the essential ingredient if you cook marijuana edibles, cannabis sweets, cannabis candies and weed cheesecakes: all marijuana recipes

Cannabutter Recipe

1 lb. of butter (no margarine)
1/2 ounce of marijuana buds
(or 1 ounce of shake, leaf & stems)

How to Decarb weed before doing cannabutter (40-60 minutes, we detect its readyness by color, read more by the link on how to decarb and why).

Melt the butter at low fire, low temperature. Keep it in the condition ‘just about to start boiling’, small bubbles you allow, a whole volcano you avoid.

Add up decarboxylated marijuana buds into the liquid butter.

Continue at slow fire, at ‘bath marie’ (over boiling water), for 6-7 hours.

Then let it cool down at home temperature.

Cooking Marijuana Edibles

Consuming cannabis as edibles may bring an issue and an uncomfortable feel, be careful. It is a pleasant way to consume marijuana, if nicely cooked. Mayke it carefully, as any other recipe to make the best cookies and cakes. There might be a reason why people smoke for 12,000 years.

If you add Rosemarie to a steak it’ll be still a steak made of cow, but not yet a “Rosmacow”.

What Is Cannabutter?

A regular butter infused with marijuana. We decarboxylate marijuana buds, first, heating up till 220 Fahrenheit (105 Celsius) for an hour or even less, more often 40-60 minutes,

Then heat the butter until it gets liquid and add this just decarbed cannabis into the bowl, keep next 6-7 hours at ‘bath marie’, and everything goes on the slow fire.

You heat that 6-7 hours the whole blend in ‘bath marie’ (never allow it reach the vaporization point, at 330 Fahrenheit, about 200 Celsius the THC may disappear very rapidly). When ready let it cool down at room temperature, it will result something like this, on the picture below.

Cannabutter Cannabis butter for edibles recipe

A veg oil can be used for the same purpose and by the same directions, in case you prefer deserts based on oil rather than butter. Both are brilliant to preserve weed, yet oil even longer, as long as oil stands, virtually.

Cannabutter is a butter with a spice in it, infused. Then used in the cooking recipes, potent with THC or CBD or altogether, we’ve collected these recipes into the app how to cook the best cannabis yummies.

Temperatures for cooking cannabis edibles

THC vaporises in a relatively low temperatures, the optimal range is about 180 to 200 Celsius (350-390 Fahrenheit). By cooking you can easily destroy the most of the most desirable element out of your marijuana cookie simply by temperature. Keep it in mind.

Marijuana butter cooking recipe for the Cannabutter

For your reference we have discovered a recipe for cannabis oil here by this link to cannabis oil – but we find it less useful way to cook cannabis, simply because cannabis edibles (many may agree) are widely associated to cookies, candies, brownies, and other deserts. And the cannabis butter is just an effective solution to store your dank and to use it for cooking the cannabis infused sweets and brownies.

The Chef 420’s recommendations for marijuana butter here

Chef 420's cannabis butter recipe - marijuana cannabutter image

Yoo-hoo! CHEF 420!!

The very famous through the social media marijuana chef – The Chef 420 (here is his photo on the above image, HAHAHA!) recommends a very practical way – the cannabis butter recipe – to store your buds effectively for further cooking:

❝ The most convenient way to use and store marijuana for cooking is to make marijuana butter, which can be cut into pieces or poured into molds and ziploc bagged for freezing and later used in cooking of all kinds. Here is the basic recipe:
1 lb. of butter (no margarine)
1/2 ounce of marijuana buds
(or 1 ounce of shake, leaf & stems)..❞

Making Marijuana Butter by Chef 420

Cookbook app is here

Chef420 Cookbook app - Cannabis edibles recipes (Jamaica)

Why we cook cannabis instead of smoking

The butter is not the thing we eat straight away. But this is what we need for bakery, for a variety of weed cookies, weed brownies and other delicious cannabis infused desserts. Therefore this is yet another good way to store your harvest effectively yet gaining another way of consumption, which is tasty and may be entertaining too.

Besides it is easy to imagine plenty of other reasons why people start cooking weed edibles. One may be in having no wish to smoke, it may be hard to smoke for someone, or impossible or simply no wish, — pretty same reason (or reasons) why people go for vaporization.

Another may be in getting bored, or if you’re stock with it by health reasons, looking desperately for another brilliant idea how else to consume medical marijuana. And win some certain benefits from this new way of storing your bud, relatively trouble free, by means of preserving it into canna butter or canna oil.

We can guess that less smell may also be quite a reason if having a marijuana bun in a pocket as an “emergency medicine” while many from your surrounding are still locked by the stereotypes of the past century and not yet ready to accept your fancy healthy way-of-hippie. Have in mind that when you cook it it may smell well beyond your apartment too.

The Cannabis king is happy to have our Chef 420's cannabis butter recipe

Cannabutter King is happy we’ve shared a Cannabis Butter Recipe

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