Classic Marijuana Brownie Cooking Recipe

Marijuana Brownies — the sweet tasty little chocolate yummies, the marijuana brownies are cannabis infused most popular edibles, at least the most traditional ones. They are like little wicked Gremlins having their own do’nots in the cooking recipe, which you never cross or it’ll be a disaster.

Classic Marijuana Chocolate Brownie Cooking Recipes with Cannabutter

— Do not overbeat the eggs, otherwise they allow too much air inside and the brownies may become more like a cake, less chewy
— Do not heat any edible (chocolate brownie included) higher than 350F (which is 180-200C) or the heat may destroy THC
— Sift all dry ingredients (like flour or cocoa), this will make the whole mix better mixed, making the process going easy, also, will add oxygen into flour and other powers that you sift
— Choose carefully the Chocolate (use pure, 70% and up) will produce more a candy-brownie, while cocoa will result a brownie of another nature.

We use Peruvian 100% cocoa, tastes like chocolate and behaves like chocolate. Chocolate or cocoa is the main ingredient, pay sufficient attention when you choose one for the recipe. Then make your own experiments, keep notes, do all other chef tricks which are always very individual 👍👍


Cannabutter Cannabis butter for edibles recipe

Cannabutter is the main ingredient of edibles as it contains psychoactive THC. Cannabutter and cannabis oil is used also to preserve weed potency, to store weed effectively. You cook it in advance. It takes about 5-7 hours to cook cannabutter (or cannabis oil if veg oil is the preference) that you further use for the whole variety of marijuana cooking recipes. Cannabutter (which is butter per se) can be replaced with vegetable oil, just be sure you use cannabis oil, infused same way with buds as we do for cannabutter

Chocolate 100g (or 1/2 cups if cocoa)

Cannabutter (or mix with regular butter) 100g

Sugar 200g

3 eggs

All-purpose flour 100g

Half a teaspoon baking powder

Half a teaspoon salt


Melt the marijuana butter (cannabutter) at water bath, 90 degrees celsius, into a bowl, then add eggs and vanilla if you want. For any extra flavor, add it on this stage along with peanuts and/or walnut, whatever. Mix all well.

Then go all dry ingredients. Add one by one, continuously mixing at slow pace. Mix the resulting substance well.

Bake at 350F (which is 180-200C) for 20-30 minutes. If all is done properly, you’ll get the crust well visualized. Check the readiness by a toothpick: pin it into the middle of the substance, and it’s not ready until the toothpick goes out clean.

Cool at room temperature before served.

Mind the dosage

If a marijuana butter (cannabutter) infused too strongly, mix it with the regular butter. No “I am stronger than that” here, because it’s a great hint to eat many brownies one by one, also having them a greater amount where each is infused a little. So you eat them, and get high smoothly. Apparently if you infuse them too strong, you get smaller amount of brownie, and you’ll need only one brownie and two of such will overdose and you limit the yum. Make them infused lightly but make them many. The hint.

Classic Brownies, marijuana recipe

Marijuana is more effective when consumed as edible rather than smoked. There is a sort of natural loss when we consume by either way, with edibles (in the idyllic conditions: if properly cooked and THC is well decarboxylated and later cooked well at proper temperature) you get a little bit higher high also a different high.


Decarboxylation you will need to know (important for the THC-matter).

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