Curious Facts About Marijuana and Celebrities

Hashish Bhang India - Cannabis Religious

You can call it Marijuana, Cannabis or Tom Cruise, so many different names exist, tens of varieties in every language of the world demonstrate quite well how strong and constant is the influence of cannabis onto the whole world’s culture. And maybe this is another acknowledgement of the ultimate benefits which this unique plant brings… Once being forbidden for almost a century in most of the parts of the world, the versatile plant is nowadays getting a very new exciting story in the current re-legalization era.

MARIJUANA spreads its influence. Resulting many strains to be named after celebrities to honour great achievers, or at times simply as a marketing effort of a seller or even merely a joke. Discover a couple of nice examples:

Jack Herrer

Click an image from the below three to find out Jack’s official page or the marijuana seeds of the Jack’s strain, it’s latest modification featuring the autoflowering:

Jack Herrer autofem seeds - buy feminized seeds named after Jack Herrer - remarkable person in cannabis recent history

Jack Herrer official website Jack Herrer in HighTimes magazine buy legal weed seeds - Jack Herrer autoflowering feminized seeds

The cannabis activist, a.k.a. the HEMPEROR he spent years and years of his life in efforts to legalize or decriminalize cannabis and also to extend the industrial use of hemp. JACK HERRER CUP is the annual cannabis cup event in Las Vegas to honour Jack Herrer’s contribution to the cannabis. Read more about autofems in: Autofems Guide


The other fact is a bit more funny, except to Tom Cruise. While the ‘Tom Cruise’ strain is widely available around California, the Holywood star is in a strong disagreement about using his name for cannabis, and he files a lawsuit against the de-facto trademark. I’d personally be proud, but he is obviously not much. However the strain exists — one of the strongest among recreational ones in California — and contains 30% of THC, they say (wow that’s too high!)

Tom Cruise Marijuana

Tom Cruise Marijuana -

Well, now serious facts about cannabis…

Cannabis could be allergic

You read it right, not only a lot of people are allergic to smoking cannabis some could be allergic to its smell as well, even the plant’s pollen can cause allergies in some people. The symptoms of the allergies vary from mild to severe like itching in the eyes, coughing and sneezing. People can get allergic to marijuana by inhaling the pollen in the air, touching, eating or smoking it.

As soon as making own weed out of some random seeds is gaining popularity, the cases related to the allergies have an increase in number too. If one find himself or herself allergic to marijuana (what a disaster I can imagine!), then on the first place it could be more likely sativa, according to some researches… and as there is no treatment for marijuana allergies by far, due to this lack of options one may have trouble with smoking, eating, touching marijuana at times.

Ancient History Record

MARIJUANA became popular amongst the population not a few decades ago. The use of hemp goes way back into ancient history. Cannabis was once found in the form of hemp cord in pottery in Taiwan around 8,000 BC (10,000 years ago) and there is no doubt that hemp was used in agriculture even before than that. It obviously is among the oldest plants agriculturally farmed by people, used widely around the globe for ‘industrial’ purpose of making ropes and cloth, then even more in ship-building in the Exploration Age, and so on, so forth. It was always used a lot. In India they even say it was used by deities long ago, and there are records that it was used long before even the current human civilization started. I personally prefer taking the mean value: okay, let it be 12,000-20,000 years ago until more information is discovered.

Lord Shiva — Cannabis Legends

There’s another history record and another celebrity (so to say) associated with cannabis consumption. People (in India) say that it was him, Lord Shiva, who gave cannabis to people, and… he was most loyal supporter of the pot. Technically speaking he still is. As pretty everything in the Hindu religion Shiva incorporates good and bad at the same exact time, and as the legend says he smoked bhang like mad (see the “device” on the top picture of this article) while being in disagreement with his wife: he ran away once from her after the quarrel and accidentally discovered all the magic of cannabis sativa plant by which he took a sleep. Since then he encourages people to smoke marijuana, in particular — hashish in a form of a bhang. And the Government do not mind such use of marijuana for the religious purpose. Varanassi is a good example for this. Except the bhang the followers of Lord Shiva may be also recognised by their faces painted with white ash (see the pic below). This stands for PRIDE, by the way, they paint faces to hide the natural beauty to remind themselves it’s not the only thing that human needs to be a human, and this is already a totally different legend.

Lord Shiva's loyal follower covers his face with white ash, to remind himself about the pride as Shiva once suggested

Not just CBD and THC, there are 111 cannabinoids

As a lot of people are aware of the fact, that cannabinoids are unique chemicals that are found in the dried resin glands of the female cannabis flower. The most popular compound amongst them are THC (delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the primary psychoactive, which is responsible for the high that you get. Similarly, CBD is the second most popular chemical compound found in the cannabis plant and is not psychoactive, mostly used medically in a form of smoking, vaporising, edibles or CBD-oil. Other less popular though beneficial compounds that are found in cannabis are CB1, CB2, Endocannabinoid, CBDV (Cannabidivarin), CBT (Cannabicitran), etc. etc. Over one hundred. It’s a whole lot of chemistry involved.

Other Celebrity Strains

Not only Tom Cruise (mentioned above in this article) was highly honoured, but have a look at Khalifa Kush strains as another nice example of naming marijuana after a celebrity, it’s the hybrid strain gaining popularity here and there around US. Named after Wiz Khalifa obviously. Check the product list of your next-door medical marijuana dispensary. Who else of them? Maybe a Charlie SHEEN, a Tiger WOODS or a Barack OBAMA are there altogether… right like we’ve just said: a lot of famous names can be easily spotted. I’m not quite sure if any of them is well-copyrighted, but then it’s kind of predictable if the thing is coming back after its time in the underground.

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