Curious Facts About Marijuana and Celebrities, the strains and Lord Shiva

You can call it Marijuana, Cannabis or Tom Cruise, so many different names exist, tens of varieties in every language of the world demonstrate quite well how strong and constant is the influence of cannabis upon the whole world’s culture. The spread and the re-legalization may serve as the acknowledgement of the ultimate benefits which this unique cannabis sativa brings. Once being heavily forbidden for almost a century practically everywhere, the versatile plant is nowadays writing a very new exciting story of our new re-legalization era.

Legal MARIJUANA spreads its influence thanks to the activity of the huge marijuana community who devoted themselves to the freedom. We praise their names in the strain names, they are Jack Herrer and Khalifa and many others. Besides it is the very natural development that the strains being the products in the emerging market (i.e. cannabis market) are named after the celebrities even after those less related to the Marijuana Movement. Whether it is a marketing effort or simply a fun or a funny joke but we spot the famous names in the coffeeshops and dispensaries, shall we take a glance at a couple of beautiful examples?

Jack Herrer

Jack Herrer the cannabis activist. Freedom of Marijuana and Marijuana strains are Jack Herrer's Heritage

This is JACK HERRER on the photo (and the photo credit is here). I like the design of the cartoon cowboy character Jack holds in hands on this photography, he’s a true badass dude! but Jack Herrer is a true Marijuana Man and a Hero for the whole marijuana tribe.

Honestly I smoked Jack Herrer Strain in Amsterdam years before I even realized what the name of the strain really meant and where it came from! Yes, the prohibition was terrible, hiding facts of history and manipulating science, we hope it is over thanks to people like Jack Herrer; or very close to be over.

Cannabis Cup Winner (2021 update)

JACK HERRER the strain is the original one but its derivatives so often win prizes too. No surprise and this is not about marketing, but this is the passion reflected into the quality of marijuana proven over the time, the honor we give to Jack Herrer, the Cannabis Activist.

“Cinderella Jack” is most recent Jack’s relative and the Cannabis CUP WINNER 2021. Just tap on the picture to discover the champion:

Auto Cinderella Jack named after Jack Herrer the Cannabis Cup 2021 WINNER buy marijuana seeds

What are Autoflower and what are Feminized Seeds?

And Then…

The other celebrity fact seems funny to many except to Tom Cruise. While the ‘Tom Cruise’ strain was widely available around California, the Hollywood star was in a strong disagreement about using his name for the cannabis, and he filed a lawsuit against the de-facto trademark. If I were him I’d personally be proud to have a strain bearing my name, I never heard about another famous guy sueing a city for the street name or a monument, but Tom Cruise was obviously not much happy. However the strain is real and exists — one of the strongest among recreational ones in California — as it contains 30% of THC, they say wow that’s too high!

Tom Cruise Marijuana

Tom Cruise Marijuana -

Well now few serious facts about cannabis

Cannabis can be allergic or worse

You read it right, not that many stoners are allergic to smoking cannabis yet some get allergic even to its smell, also cannabis plant’s pollen can cause allergies, pretty rarely but we have it as a fact. The symptoms vary from mild to severe like itching in the eyes, coughing and sneezing. People can get allergic to marijuana by inhaling the pollen spread in the air, also touching it, eating it or smoking it. Not many explanations exist about allergy itself therefore we mostly rely on empiric methods to resist it; or avoiding the possible sources of allergy.

After all the CANNABIS is the plant and we smoke its FLOWERS, where the reaction on flowers is one of the most common within such malfunctioning in the body. Maybe (as a guess; and not advice) one kind of FLOWERS may be better but the other is not. Don’t shoot…

Why not we try another strain giving a different set of chemistry in the flowers? Maybe more “natural” or “original” if possibly possible, or even wild, I spotted such once in Kazakhstan then in Sri Lanka, as my personal experience; or apply to the edibles, concentrates, etc? I fairly don’t know, speak to a professional, I can only imagine what a disaster if a weed lover suffers from the impossibility to enjoy a puff. I can also imagine that cotton is less allergic than an artificial material, basically a logic, yet not a medicine, okay?

Ancient History Record

MARIJUANA became popular among the population not a few decades ago. The use of hemp goes way back into ancient history. Cannabis was once found in the form of hemp cord in pottery in Taiwan around 8,000 BC (10,000 years ago) and there is no doubt that hemp was used in agriculture even before than that. It obviously is among the oldest plants agriculturally farmed by people, used widely around the globe for ‘industrial’ purpose of making ropes and cloth, then even more in ship-building in the Exploration Age, and so on, so forth. It was always used a lot. In India they even say it was used by deities long ago, and there are records that it was used long before even the current human civilization started. I personally prefer taking the mean value: okay, let it be 12,000-20,000 years ago until more information is discovered.

Lord Shiva — the Prometheus of Cannabis

Another history record about another marijuana celebrity (so to say) associated with cannabis consumption. People in India say that it was him, Lord Shiva, who granted cannabis to people. Very alike to Prometheus, the Greek titan god, who granted FIRE to humankind and then got punished for this, got tortured eternally as by a decision of a stronger god; what an arse! For sake of truth that fire’s been stolen then granted, therefore who’s the arse is a serious debate…

Wait, do we light up every time with FIRE once stolen for us?

Oh holy-moly a total mess…

Better we get back to Lord Shiva…

Apparently Lord Shiva, the Indian deity, felt a better fate. He gave weed to us, once he used it as a cure for himself to get rid of poison in his body. The other version suggests (or is it a continuation of the same version?) that he then used weed to calm himself down after family scandals. This or that but since then he is the most loyal supporter and a promoter of marijuana consumption.

Lord Shiva is the Most Loyal Marijuana Supporter in Hindu Religion: Cannabis in India

This is Lord Shiva on the picture above

Pretty everything in the Hindu religion incorporates good and bad at the same exact time, and as the legend says Shiva smoked Bhang (hashish) like mad and especially while being in a disagreement with his wife. Every time he ran away after each quarrel, toking and meditating he eventually discovered the MAGIC of the cannabis sativa plant. He encouraged and encourages people to smoke marijuana, including in a form of a Bhang.

Why they paint their faces white?

The guy on the head image of this article smokes Bhang fyi, and the guy on the below picture has painted his faces to express the idea Lord Shiva promoted for the spirituality to hide the “natural beauty”. WOW.

Hindu followers in Varanassi: Why They Color Faces With White Ash, to remind about Pride as Lord Shiva suggested

VARNASSI, the religious city in India, where there are a lot of followers of Lord Shiva, and the Indian Government allows marijuana consumption in the region freely for the religious purpose (check the actual condition of legislation before applying any action). Except BHANG the followers of Lord Shiva are easily recognized by their faces painted with white ash: doing so they resist to the PRIDE, because they paint faces to hide the natural beauty to remind themselves it’s not the only thing that human needs to be human. They smoke weed to realize that.

Other Celebrity Strains

Not only Tom Cruise (mentioned above in this article) was highly honored, but have a look at KHALIFA KUSH as another beautiful example of naming marijuana after a celebrity, it’s the hybrid strain gaining popularity here and there around USA. Named after Wiz Khalifa obviously.

Check the product list of your next-door coffeeshop or dispensary, who else of them is on the shelf? Reportedly a Charlie SHEEN, a Tiger WOODS or a Barack OBAMA are there altogether… I’m not quite sure how often the use of names is properly copyrighted, but I’m sure this is predictable as MARIJUANA is a relatively new market only recovering slowly back into the legal world after ages spent in the underground.

Sat, 09/Jun/18