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Own a cannabis website? Join our fast growing site st’owners community, you will find beautiful faces and a pleasurable personalities, I believe we all love to smoke weed here, and you are sharing the cannabis related posts freely and free of charge too. Everyone is welcome.

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Choose a nice username, many of them are available, do not forget to activate the activation link coming into your inbox and it’s done. Start using our website right away for your noble purpose. Not many of tricky-sticky rules we invented and trying to apply but the genral one is: be gentle, honest and respect other marijuana buddies. Shoot a message to @captcook if anything you have to ask.

Love is the most important and it goes before pain

We’d love to be lazy and let the guestposts appear automatically, yet the cruel world all around makes us stay reasponable by approving the incoming messages, to stay away from botnet and mad marketeers pushing quantity above quality. A simple reminder: Cannabis is about love, it is for fun and funny things we do when baked, and let your posts be such, even if loaded with backlinks the main thing is content, and the content is King. Copy that?

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