Frenchy Cannoli the master hashish-maker

Master hashish-maker, “Michelin Star” hashishin, educator and activist, cannabis pioneer Frenchy Cannoli died at age 64 on July 18th, 2021 due to complications from surgery.

Frenchy Cannoli Hashish Making

Image: Frenchy Cannoli Brand

In the South of France where Frenchy Cannoli was born and raised he also developed his passion for travel and hashish: then he dedicated his whole life to exclusively both of these two which makes him a happy man. He left home as soon as possible in the late 60s to go around the producing countries of the world, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Mexico, etc, meeting the growers, discovering traditions, collecting into his treasury of knowledge every aspect of traditional hashish making.

— Living in a cave or makeshift shelter at 8,000 feet for months at a time, days away from civilization is not the type of vacation most people would enjoy, but I thrived. I was not only living my childhood dream; I was also living a Hashishin’s dream.

Frenchy at Forbes, 2019.

Frenchy Cannoli says to Forbes in the interview about his long stay in India for 8 growing seasons, in Parvati Valley famous for its hashish production. Frenchy lived in caves and harvested cannabis resin alongside locals, learning from them about hashish production and perfecting his own art in it.

100% Oh La La ! Yellow Hashish Charas

“100% Oh La La” is the branding headline of the Frenchy Cannoli Brand also a clear declaration of the extreme quality of hashish and he was way passionate to educate the world about traditional hashish techniques to save the knowledge of hashish-making as a heritage for the future generations, no less.

In the United States

After the 1996 Passionate Use Act in California, which legalized medical cannabis, allowing legal cultivation, Frenchy moved to the United States with his family. In California Frenchy further developed his passion on hashish production also educating others.

His concentrates were soon heralded as some of the best in the world as he maintained a high standard for the hashish he created, trying to implement as a standard the classification of hashish by the region much like in wine production.

Frenchy has counted about 44 thousand subscribers at his Youtube Channel and his Instagram account has had about 190,000 followers.

Tue, 20/Jul/21